And I Will Slay Those According To The Law Of Moses

by Dedric Hubbard
Aug 6, 2010

Earlier this week there has been some major atmospheric changes that have been set up over the southeastern states. God has setup a throne over the entire southeast; it's the judgement seat he has in the judgment hall. Elijah and Moses are sitting over Birmingham, they are wearing the breastplate of the High Priest. Elijah's breastplate is glowing and Moses breastplate is flickering on and off. There are 11 states in the southeast, and there are six stones in the breastplate of Elijah that are glowing. The 11 states have been numbered 1-6 and are color-coded according to the stones in Elijah's chest, but two of those six are black and have colors under them, alternating colors like a time clock. The interesting thing about this vision is that Jesus comes down in his priestly garments and he has his breastplate and touches Moses and Elijah and Moses breastplates lights up to the other five states but they have no number, and when he removes his hands Moses breastplate loses light. However, Elijah holds a list in his hand with six tribes numbered 1-6 in this order Issachar, Judah, Asher, Gad, Dan, and Naphtaill. The tribes each have names directly across from them:


Issachar -- Elijah

Judah -- David

Asher -- Cannan

Gad -- Jacob

Dan -- Daniel

Napthali -- Rachel and Leah


Now I still have some studying to do to reveal the whole revelation, but my prophetic knowledge and spiritual eyesight tell me that two of the tribes will not make tribulation, which will leave four. I think this is the picture: Jesus is showing how he comes down 42 generations going to the tribe of Naphtali where the struggle between Rachel, Leah, and Bilhah's children is still alive spiritually. He comes down to bring people back up. Jesus will have access to the south if he uses this ladder and if two generations of the wives children get along then rapture time, but religion has seperated the children and must be identified through their tribal heritage. Those who have a priestly anointing who God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit will be able to look behind the veil and see which tribe they belong too. God has set up the judgment to destroy any gift that interferes with his servants work. He is instituting his Old Testament foundation for his prophets and the New Testament foundation for his apostles. This means God will make sure his voices that he is using will be the only ones speaking; the others will serve God's prophets. The Elijah anointing is self-contained and with that being said, those who have already been warning you about the Elijah anointing are the true sons of the Mantle. Anyone else who just gets on the bandwagon afterwards is an imposter. God is bring order to his gifts so he can judge the church and the world. Right now he is judging the South, gifts, and the church all at the same time. Anyone who God calls his holy prophets and apostles are just that 'his' because they understand the nature and the heart of God. Anyone that man has put into these positions is rendered null and void unless an Elijah prophet tells them of their tribal anointing and releases them to operate.

Now here is the foolproof plan to catch anyone claiming false spiritual authority and who says the belong to a tribe and the number is whatever. Just to hold on to a ministry if you continue to operate falsly God will give you a warning, then he will visit your house, then he will send the dreaded one into your ministry at your time of worship and if they say "state your tribe number, stone color, and your tribe name." If you lie just keep this in mind everytime you go to that place make sure your natural house in order because you wont be back. For the indwelling of the Holy Spirit will take your life where you stand in front of the congregation. He will then look for the prophet of that house for the Holy Spirit will speak and release every gift of God into an apostle and prophetic vessel and will watch over that house and will graft them into their tribe for being under a witchcraft spirit. If you can not see in the spirit and have no knowledge of what happening in heaven from your perspective and do not have a reliable end-time Elijah vessel that can reveal the words and plans of the Lord in detail, then the vessel you receive end-time revelation is using a spirit guide, spiritist, or an antichrist spirit. After studying the links betweens the tribes for hidden information I will release the whole revelation. My advice is: if you don't have the weight stay out of the spirit, because there are so new heavyweights carrying God weight's in town.

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