Old wine, New wine
....and strange wine

by Dedric Hubbard
April 15, 2010

As we embrace this new level of God this is the time to notice what is in our cups. I have never been a drinker and don't know the routine of how you take notice of different types of wine but from a spiritual standpoint I know what God is saying concerning the three types of wine that are being offered at this time.

Old Wine - Gone are the days of religious traditions and the boxed-in mindset where a person says “it's my way or no way.” Gone are one-man dictatorships in the church. Gone are advisory boards that have taken the place of Holy Spirit led individuals. Gone are the yes-men that agree with the powers that be for the sake of a title in the church. No more nurse’s guild 123 and so own. No more anniversary’s, and all that other garbage that people have considered part of the church. No more unnecessary bondages and quotas, and to do lists to be considered a minister of the gospel. Gone are the one-man band shows that travel the world preaching the gospel and have become idols to themselves. No more denominational splits “my sheep and your sheep” lingo. No more doctrine of devils which consist of using human intelligence to relay spiritual freedom using overly intellectual words to feel superior among your peers. No more dictionary solving sermons. No more high level motivational speeches and calling it The Gospel. No more mega-church structure that consist of subtle spiritual manipulation. Old wine is gone!

New Wine - A group of individuals God-sent, not hand-picked specializing in clean-up and just like Jesus they will show up with powerful testimonies, powerful results, and unlimited anointing because they realize they serve an unlimited God. They will show up at the party with invitations in hand which reads “God's way or no way.” They don't argue, fuss, or become intimidated by anything or anyone; their humble voice is the key to the power they possess inside. They have been called of God and not of man. Their interlocking group of associates all fit like a complex jigsaw puzzle; they don't understand each other but they know they fit. Free from the bondages of sin and carnal mindsets they are able to move and exercise their anointing with ease and consistency just as Jesus received the dove which represents the peace of the Holy Spirit and his Father's voice is all they need to get the job done. Called to dismantle this world-structured church system for God's system is a pleasure for now it is time to actually see someone move in the true fullness of Holy Ghost power.

Strange Wine - These are leeches. They don't understand what God is doing but want a piece of the action so they connect with a person they see has grown to get the information they need, all the while playing the harlot. They want the things of God but don't want to pay the price of God so they pretend to be in tune with the spirit by peeking at another's revelation and experience and go to their friends and/or congregation and add to it (this season nothing gets past a true sent one of God). So we feed them crumbs in which they try to make a meal allowing their own greed to consume them while they try to fit in while knowing in their heart their time is up; there are new sheriffs in town and it's just not you. But this is the season where God will expose and burn the leeches according to the desire of their hearts. Be careful what you pray for you just might get it sons of Eli.

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