At The Table
as soon as you line up you can begin to eat

by Dedric Hubbard
July 15, 2010

Behind the throne looking at the doors, got my own keys to the kingdom so I can look at whatever I want when I get ready and there is nothing anyone can do about and I can still say what I want when I want to (or when God tells me he says). We are at the table and we are looking at the name tags so we and/or me cannot call your name for you may just be staring me in the face so with that God says to call you by your name at the table and find yourself in the spirit and whatever he says you do it with no hesitation because some of your spirits are at the table but your soul is missing; that is why it's called “double-minded” until you line up all the way. So I am throwing this warning out there for free because many of you are wondering where you are spiritually so your thought is “show me myself Lord and tell me what to do so I can get in line for my inheritance.” Didn't feel like typing everyone's name so make sure you have a half-way relationship with God.

Son of a Dreamer - You have two trials left. Rebellion, spiritual gossip, and faith are your hinderances because you have failed to honor where honor is due. You have 15 days to line up or I will expose your sins to you by threes.

Send in Arms - You have one trial left that keeps you in a cycle. rebellion, spiritual gossip, lust, leadership and all that can be gone if you find your place.

Robed Inheritance - You are waiting for the spirit of wisdom and knowledge before I open the floodgates. Spiritual judgement is your stronghold and mercy is the flint; it causes you to look too far into the past without addressing the future. So I have you at caution before you proceed.

Knows All - You are waiting on the door. enjoy

Married Evangelist - Seek my heart so you can see his face, know the trials, and no it will not be too late. enjoy

Scattered Insides - Instability, spiritual gossip, lust, double-minded, caused by unnecessary attractions of fleshy things. Honor those who honor you, not those that are misusing you.

Suns of Thunder - You are waiting for your connection that needs to come and release the apostolic anointing so you two can win souls. Strongholds: to many false foxes in the house. Control the flow of what you take in before you give out.

The Restless Angel - Waiting on you to call in the fire. Once you received the rest of the connection of two, your wisdom, knowledge, and anointing will explode. Just rest for now it's coming real soon.

Christian Stand - You are just waiting on the bride so rest as always in the secret place. You are behind the throne; ask for more or just wait until the bride takes shape. Well done, good and faithful servant.

Torah - You have not once completely followed the law of the spirit, and you have to make a choice. We all make mistakes and yours I did not approve of at all. Please come back, the angels miss your voice. Rebellion, lust, double-minded, spiritual gossip, inordinate affection x2 are your stonghold. Lack of spiritual advice is the cause.

Sense I Live - Cut the cords of the mouse and the serpent and die, or breath into the mouse and control the land. The serpent door must be shut in order to posses the land. Rebellion, witchcraft, pride, has you bound. Honor those who honor you.

Tilt open - You have the keys to the kingdom, but you can't open the door until you balance. Restless spirit is your stronghold.

Now these are names as God sees you. Know that you will receive your spiritual name once you make it to the table. Past the table is the tree of life, which is where he passes out blessings; you get a piece of it and you increase in the spirit. If you don't follow directions once you gain the knowledge you won't make it to the storehouse which means your ministry will be short-lived because you will have been disobedient to his instruction. Past the storehouse is where you receive the robe of righteousness. Once you have been tried there you receive the priestly anointing. And that is where we stop because only one has made it there and is being tried after that you go a few more steps and you are behind the throne. And God says if you are playing dress-up in the earth you cannot enter past the table, because of defilement of the flesh which means you will make it to heaven, but cannot go into the gate.

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