Elijah Eyes Weapons of Mass Destruction
Why everyone can’t hear Elijah’s Voice

by Dedric Hubbard (October 25, 2010)

As with any war there are hidden sights that must be destroyed and as such many have come to a level of comfort in these hidden house’s. The church as many have ran it, has become a weapon of mass destruction. As such they must be destroyed before God allows his end-time harvest to step foot in man’s co-habitation that have forms of godliness from the outside and yet no power within. And as such the first target among the list is man’s church which preaches a biased and compromised Gospel based on the wisdomatic revelations of men coupled with the theological degrees of man’s religion in which they teach man knowledge of God from religious views. Many people, churches, and ministries have been exposed to religion’s bite and yet those who have come from the caves watching, waiting, and preparing for the day in which they can release God’s glory the Elijah’s mantle. And as many prophecies have been written in the past concerning this day and age no one can tell, enter, or explain the full impact this will have on Christian belief in God; he will be revealed in details, levels, and glory. Only those who have truly been in his presence can explain there will be seven levels of warfare that must be brought against the church in order to clean the worldly views and tradition out of God’s house. The church should have the biggest effect on the world and its surroundings. It’s only accomplishment is one: economy. They have risen to billionaire status while the cities and nations around them are crumbling. Well-established leaders suck in millions of year while their congregation struggles from paycheck to paycheck and yet they have mouthed their gospel of faith to be servants among all and yet they fail to serve those in their midst. It is with that atitude God will launch his Elijah prophets like stealth bombers and all of a sudden your place of worship may become your place of death. It is with that sudden impact and destruction that many will learn of the weapons of mass destruction and be careful, for even friendly fire is able to maim and/or kill.

Self-Named Ministries – God states that anyone who operates in this type of ministry is operating under a spirit of pride for it echo’s to God that you are calling people to yourself while you pretend to be teaching God. Any ministry that is taught by an individual should be an extension of God himself and/or the church they are a part of. Many pastors have taken upon themselves to separate themselves from the ministry that God called them to and to operate a ministry within a ministry. This has shifted the focal point to man and not God. That person of spiritual authority has become the center piece of attraction in that church. This is no more evident than in the mega-church in which a man has replaced the voice of God because of pew numbers. When God gives a vision for a man to separate into a ministry it must be completely separate and resemble the church and/or God from all standpoints. It must have at least two (not including husband and wife), for this will speak of balance. They must prove themselves in their ministry by taking care of ministry functions. The church (if connected) from which they have separated, is responsible for their affairs for a period of one year.

Acts 13:2 in this scripture we see the separation of ministry. If a vessel is Holy Ghost led for a special ministry you are to move in the manner directed. A leader cannot have an independent ministry of their surname and still be one in authority over a local church. You are then operating in a spirit of coveting. Many pastor, prophets etc will have to choose between their individual ministries and the local church if individual ministry is their choice, a flesh and blood name is not accepted before the throne of God and for this practice destruction is imminent.

Elijah Army – By many people, prophets, apostles and others who have been manipulated into thinking that pastors, bishops etc run the church. This target will be carried out against by those who operate under the mantle of Elijah, for many are fearful to speak against the destructions of today’s idolized spiritual leaders and their places of influence. As such it takes a pure glory of God to reveal the demonic structures that have set themselves up in these mega-churches.

Elijah Revelation – Each set of people who follow Jesus by the time the tribulation comes there must be no single man’s name on God’s building just the name of that ministry. God is not coming for individuals but a group and if your ministry is defined by one man as spiritual leader then consider yourself rapture wrong.

Dual spiritual roles – Another target is the order of spiritual authority in God’s house a spiritual leader cannot hold dual roles ie., you cannot be the pastor and the prophet, the pastor and the apostle etc. This speaks of confusion and disorder, for many have different gifts in the house of God and as such in God’s bridal church you will have to submit to foundational order according to the spiritual authority in your gift (not how many years you have been preaching, degrees you may have, or who voted you in). Every gift must be accounted for and operating in God’s house. Not in the form of a group of people in a corner who you have called "ministers," but their assigned, inherited gift given by God.

Elijah Army –God will release an anointing in the coming months in which many will hunger to operate in the power of God in them. As such, many churches will find members leaving to be equipped and taught in their area of callings.

Elijah Revelation – Beginning in 2011 any church that is not seeking information, building their ministry and/or trying to develop it to look like the Eph. 2:20 standards is considered unclean in the eyes of God. Especially those who read end-time revelations and ignore them because it doesn’t fit their religious state of mind. These will be dealt with by the wrath of God.

Although there are many more, these are the first points of impact for Elijah prophets. The weapons of mass destruction have wounded the foundation of God’s church and as such the war is not Elijah’s it’s God's so many will speak to the flesh and be answered by God for soldiers only go where their leaders tell them. Many will not receive, agree, and/or hear God's voice through Elijah, because the very thing Elijah has come to destroy most of you are in. Elijah is anti religion, denominations, spiritisim, mega-ism, and any other thing that causes a schism in God's house. If it's divided then they are excited for they operate in harmony not confusion.

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