Stop Thief!
Let your intentions be known!

by Dedric Hubbard
June 2, 2010

Matthew 10:41 “He who receives a prophet in the name of a prophet shall receive a prophet's reward; and he who receives a righteous man in the name of a righteous man shall receive a righteous man's reward.”

After reviewing a ministry service in action from God tv as we sat in the spirit and watched it the Holy Spirit came and spoke this revelation on the above scripture for end-time Elijah prophets. The scripture is broken in three pieces for it speaks of three people:

1. The one giving the revelation. 100-fold/ 30

2. The one receiving the revelation. 100-fold/60

3. The one getting the increase. 300-fold/100

It means that if a prophet speaks a new revelation it is fresh for they are operating in faith meaning they know it as truth which means it will speak against current knowledge, this is the 30. If it pricks another prophet's spirit by speaking clarity to the prophet's spirit it brings that prophet to a sense of comfort and raises their faith. So they should seek the prophet delivering information for clarity and spiritual connection (this is the 60). If the prophet then hears and senses the other prophet's spirit as truth they may ask the prophet to come share the information in its entirety to their ministry, group, or whatever. The prophet releases the information and it unlocks the appropriate anointing for that season's work, this is the 100. A prophet speaks in confidence and faith and their mantle carries a prosperity anointing among other things. End time prophets must know and recognize a move in the Spirit for God has graced that prophet with that work according to God's grace and mercy. For a prophet to see another revelation and build on it is considered stealing in God's eyesight. Which results in a false prophet because you will have the words but there is no anointing in it, because that prophet's trials are what releases his revelation which carries the anointing to cause change and spiritual growth in the hearers and doers of the word.

If the prophet tells the revelation and the person wants recognition, the anointing’s return is based on the receiver’s motive for wanting to know the revelation which means they will release doubt instead of faith. So they receive a return based on their own righteousness not God's righteousness because he allows the truth to be known. When a prophet releases a revelation especially in the end-time God will not reveal all of the revelation, not even to the vessel being used because it is God's holy voice and he protects the vessel integrity for as to not spill the wine. Meaning a person will judge the word given in the flesh because they don't get the revelation being spoken. End-time anointing works only one or two ways if it hits the spirit first it's God's word and needs to be released. If the vessel reading and/or judging the word to be released is convicted they consider it not God and fail to release an accurate word because that vessel was taught incorrectly and it would cause them to change their way of thinking. This is a pride spirit that was not fully healed by God so to protect their integrity they shun the word, but it sticks in their mind until a word of conviction is released through the Holy Spirit. The Elijah anointing is a protective anointing and anytime a word is released in a public setting God tells the prophet and the anointing of the prophet who is speaking the word is deducted according to their intentions. Which means some prophets will be working and will not know God has fired them in the spirit because of their pride. If you practice this your only source of repentance is to contact that prophet from which you first heard revelations and make it right with them, for it is their mantle you are imitating in falsehood.

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