It's all in religion
It's Legion

by Dedric Hubbard
May 31, 2010

As Jesus visited me late this night, for I was pondering on a matter. It was then Jesus said “don't eat the food of the pig, for their blood is numbered.” Even being one with a spirit of wisdom and understanding (for it never puffs you up, it humbles you because when it comes straight from the realm of the spirit) you still have to seek wisdom and knowledge from the one who gives it. God is not a man that he should lie nor the son of man that he should repent, for the letter killeth but the spirit gives life. Howbeit that a man/woman that speaks from the heart of God to the heart of his people be accursed? Paraphrase: so when Jesus spoke, I asked “what does this mean?” It was then he opened the vision of clarity and said “son look. Where are my prophets? For every prophet of God has his seal upon their shoulders” and I saw few as he pointed them out and then he said “son where are my apostles for his seal is upon their waist” and I saw few as he showed me their ways. And then he said “but look behind me” and I saw the multitudes of his apostles/prophets following the true light. “Son all that came before us were crooks, cowards, liars, and thieves but yet they are mine. Now look again.” And some of the ones behind him had changed to the ones in the vision of the latter.

“Be careful son of the false angels of light for they are dismayed in their work, logic, and revelations for I have confused their thoughts and revelation like in the days of babel, for they work together not separate for the cause. Each has their own work but they focus on others words, revelations, and experiences for if they humble themselves would I not give unto them? But yet they judge in the end-time through emotions and experiences for do I not call each for different work and yet they fulfill the same cause? But they mix with the swine and their work becomes lost. For I have given them grace to speak and see what they wish. Reminds of a woman I touched as a child and she was doing great but she has gone astray. She judges not on her own merit and revelations, now she asks the swine for information unknowingly. If I tell you her name will you give her a message for me? Tell her that what I told her about him is true. Do not consult with anyone with what I tell you, for they have gone astray in arrogance and deeds. My child, what I am doing is between you and me. Each time I speak of him to you, just do what is required in faith. That is why he does what he does. There is no Beelzebub, for my child sits far to the right next to me. It's all in his ring. Tell her that he has finished his course in record time and did not abort the mission; that is why he gets what he has. Most of them quit school when they heard my voice. If they would have finished then they would have experienced so much more than a ‘God said’ or two. So stop feeding pearls to swine who do not understand, because in this end-time army I have real men. Tell my daughter to just ask me. I answer all questions with ease.”

“So son, all organized religion is the kingdom of the devils’ in bit and parts separated into denominations until they breed their best; then they become non-denominational which is when they are made whole. These are the anti-christ spirits of the end-time and most of my best apostles/prophets are trapped in the swine. I am calling them forth but remember the non-denominational is the stronghold of the devil's nest, for they talk of the spirit and they live in the flesh. They release false blessings into people's lives, for they are scared to come out from which they seek. They don't want to sell all and follow me, for I am waiting for them to come unto themselves and use the key of David to open the door. If they do not come out then I will count them lost until the time of tribulation and then they will flee, for I have destroyed their nest with apostolic authority. For when I called you answered with no hesitation in your heart and for that the standards have been raised unto my throne. True holiness that brings you to my father's face is all he wants. So tell my daughter also it's not her time yet but she knows who holds the key. So son don't eat from the swine of contempt or shame, for I alone have already borne those marks. Remember the whipping post here; let me show you the stripes, and for that we are on a mission. Let the chips fall where they may, as long as I see no flesh in you let them have what they say, for they are of the feast of pigs in which I will destroy unless they clean themselves for the fitting of my gown. Come out and separate before it's too late.

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