The Apostolic Struggle
creating disorder to cause order

Subtitle: God Releases The Three Beasts

by Dedric Hubbard
Nov 18, 2010

I write this revelation not out of knowing who I am but out of warning for those to find out who they are. I was escorted by Hamael and Camael for a sight into and information of the spiritual war the church is about to engage in. Many will see churches, ministries, and people give in to the power of darkness God is allowing to release in this coming hour. I saw the mighty fallen in a battle of the spirits for failure to adhere to the basic word of God. God states that the judgment of the church will come from him because man has made their own affairs according to their religious rules and not according to the foundation he has set forth in the Bible. God says he will allow the church and its leaders to enter a Job test in which the magnitude of the demonic forces are so powerful many will rather give up preaching, prophesying, etc., than to deal with these demonic entities. There was a rearranging in the spirit last night as I saw the Lord giving out his seal of apostleship to select individuals and as such it will be used for those who will come to the conclusion they need the order of God in the house. It is here I was shown the three beasts God will allow to bring man's form of church to its knees for the church must understand it has only been by the grace of God that these beasts have not run rampant in the church. Many will learn when God releases a word that he wants something in its correct foundational order he always will release what he has been protecting them from to show his authority. There are three beasts that God will release: Levithan, Ziz, and Behemoth. These three released in union and on one accord are called Sabeans in the spirit realm of God and their job is explained in the natural in the Book of Job. Their job in the spirit will only be detected, explained, and destroyed by the Elijah prophets. Because most churches don't operate in the basic Eph. 2:20 foundation as written in the scripture, God instructed me to release the basics about your adversaries that will come upon you:

Ziz - This spirit is the same that covered the earth in darkness during those hours of Jesus crucifixion allowing the eyes of God not to see the horror which will take place. 

Behemoth - The same spirit that caused the trembling and quake when he touched down to watch what he thought was the death of Jesus.

Leviathan - The same spirit which gave Jesus the false revelation that God had forsaken him on the cross.

The church must realize when God states five foundations that what he means is the world is about to see the pastoral foundation and any who operate in that office for failure to function according to scripture are about to enter a cycle of horror that have never been seen before in the eyes of natural men. The sad part is only through the eyes of an Elijah prophet that the destruction as well as the solution will be seen. Many will pray and prophecy to rebuke this horror but just as Job it won't stop until these pastor's come to their senses and see who really runs the church and it's not until they equip the church, operate in order, and follow the assigned apostle's vision that God will stretch his arms of grace back upon you church, ministries, and individuals. As I have been called to a few churches that have had these spirits I encourage you to know unless you have authority and power from God you can no way remove, preach, teach, declare, or prophesy these spirits out; you will only agitate a spirit to whom God has given permission to operate in which you will only make matters worse. They will only submit to those who have the power and authority in this season, namely God's elite forces of Elijah prophets, which means you can call your Jackson's, Pierce's, Chironna's, Bynum's and/or look on your favorite mammon-filled websites for answers. But only through the eyes of God's chosen prophet's will these beasts submit the purpose for this is that when a pastor preaches the gospel he preaches the Blood, therefore the Blood should have power. When you deny God's five foundational gift you have knowingly denied the Blood which covers the church and only by grace you have made it this far. Only by power will you enter into the next authority in God. You can fast and pray till your stomach touches your back, but the spiritual destruction of these beasts will only be revealed through Elijah prophets and if someone reveals a false revelation to try and bypass the ways of God, let it be known that the watchman of the Elijah company do not mind exposing your plot and motives.

It is therefore I take the pleasure in announcing that for any church that has no Eph. 2:20 in your place of worship operating (and they can't operate until they have been trained in God's ways) it is now open season for torment of these three beasts. And as such any prophet that operates in a church and has an Elijah anointing, you will be considered rebellious and numbered among the transgressors. And as always keeping with my tradition I will probably be the prophet laughing at all this calamity with God as I release the “told you so” revelations. God does not take kindly to his people being manipulated spiritually and there has to be the prophet that brings the bad news with joy in his heart. Therefore, many Elijah prophets will be called up for active duty. These spirits are not to be taken lightly. If they sense any fear and/or sins in your spirit they will not submit. If you feel intimidated spiritually in any atmosphere always look for another prophet to help you no matter where they are. This is real spiritual warfare the church has not witnessed and yet there are prophets already trained in it because God knows the end from the beginning.

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