I Look Forward To That Day

by Dedric Hubbard
Sept 8, 2010

I look forward to that day son, when my glory will be revealed as I destroy those who have made religion their heels, for they walk among the heathens and feed as beast causing those that seek me to feel incomplete. For I the Lord neither sleep nor slumber for their days are numbered and their hearts have been revealed and I will remove their breath on that certain day when I enter in and sit still. I look forward to that day son when the masters of their souls drop lifeless as they preach satan's goals, for who are they who say they run my house. Was it not grace that I sat you in place? Was it not mercy that I turned your life around? And now you despise that which I choose to bring my remnant into my Bride. Are they mistaken and full of wrath? For what man wishes to fight the Lord for his kingdom work? I will destroy anyone who opposes the work of my chosen who operate in the field. Do you not hear them? For they whisper not, shouting warnings from among the rooftops. I look forward to that day son, when I destroy the ignorant sheep that I have told to leave and yet they fasten themselves to their seats for they worship man more than me. I will visit them upon their slumber and remove their minds and allow them to wander with their pastors of choice as they feed in the fields of hell's devine for they have touched that of holiness and yet they still love the swine.

I look forward to that day when I destroy the mouth of religion as many claim to fame, deceiving the people to earn worldly gain. Their false honor is a stench before my throne and their filthy gospel from theology-driven minds curses my son intelligence and insults the Holy Spirits mind, for what manner of man can teach a spirit of abundance that lies in The Book and what patterns do they use to teach? All of these are doctrines of devils for they teach with a slight of speech. For the Bible is an never-ending book unto that day in which I close its pages and everyone must look to me, for those of the world have made even The Bible a god and use it's words to steal and rob. As for the witchcraft tongue in which they speak, I will cut it off with the very words they speak. I look forward to that day when I destroy the buildings of clay and brick and everyone inside, for they have built themselves up for cities to look and behold you are prideful bastards for your secrets will be exposed. For what man builds a bigger barn and dedicates it to the Lord? I have no need for bigger buildings, just a harvest of souls my son rarely entered buildings so what have you built unto me I speak through my son I never visited your house for I care not for venues and glamor in your name and my people are starving for spiritual gifts and yet you puff yourself up and say I will teach this here. Woe to a man who has settled in pride and teaches a gift they know nothing about. I the Lord will destroy you in your arrogance and pride for teaching with unclean hands and limited faith. And for your disrespect for that which you try I will give your bride to that very same guy, for I look forward to that day when all the pastors of pride I remove your breath upon your sleep and then they will know that the master speaks.

For I look forward to that day soon, that those that think I the Lord  come in peace for in this season will see I come with a sword and the fury of my judgement has reached its peak. I will destroy them worse than Sodom and Gomorrah and twice the shame. To interfere with my prophets is death upon all the land, for there are those who walk with me. I keep the rebellious leaders spirits constantly asleep for I will surprise them one at a time and slay their voices with my bare hands. For there are those who secretly created falsehoods and think the earth is doesn’t speak and groan for my prophets in their own unique sound. To try and teach a prophet's spiritual training is death upon holy ground for you don't study in books to teach the anointing of Elijah souls, but through his spirit is the only way to open up the gates. I warn those who try to sneak in through the backdoor your life is on the line for you know not the power that connects the vessels to the throne. Die at your own wish but leave my fathers teaching alone.  For I hate to take your life at a young age of 41 but to operate in falsehoods, lies, deceit, and pride and then try to teach an Elijah anointing is death inside and out and that is what it means by minus three for you are under a test. Three years you have to live when you lie upon a prophet's spirit to ease your own frame of mind. I wouldn't do that if I was you for it was learned in spirit form.

I look forward to that day son when everyone let's go of their pride. Until then I the Lord will destroy anyone who tries to bypass my prophet's I have sent to destroy everything that religion has built and slay those who try to build another door. 

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