The Spirit of Homosexuality
uncovering homosexuals in the pulpit

by Dedric Hubbard
Sept 23, 2010

Although many have their views about this latest homosexual scandal and many men have their own personal opinion, especially those of his faith Christianity, I feel more humble and less obligated every time God reveals the hidden truths behind these wiles of the devil. Many are fooled and are participating in homosexual acts unknowingly but willingly. “Did he just say unknowingly yet willingly?” of course I did, those are hidden conjunctions to let the end-time prophets know when a revelation will ascend above the wisdom of men and pour from the fountain of God and in doing so it changes the sound of the prophetic atmosphere to those watchmen on duty and they shout “charge!”

We as humans have always view the act of homosexual behaviour as people of the same sex engaging in sexual tryst (or “relations” for those who still blush when this subject is discussed). But today we transcend and expose all the homosexuals of the Gospel and those that stand behind the pulpit. We as Christians should in this season beg God for a true relationship in him, even if it takes us being alone to understand what he really intends for us to know in this season of our life. The effects of religion, theology, and man-made traditions have crippled the church to such a degree that the church has not had a God out-pouring since Azusa street. One of the hinderances to preaching the gospel is the failure to read it in all five dimensions: height, width, length, depth, and breadth. We have allowed men to say the Bible contradicts itself (pay attention theology professors before God shuts down your school of satanic studies). The Bible never contradicts it convicts, meaning if you come to a point when you feel the scripture is not open that is the Holy Spirit telling you that satan has entered your studies and/or you have reached a wrong revelation but due to the fact you want to be the show you make scripture fit to please you. And thus everyone thinks you are right because they look at the gift of the man and not the spirit in which the man with the gift teaches. If any comes to the fullness of God and understand just how independently they operate as well as together you will understand that each God-head has a pattern in which they allowed men of the spirit to write what many of you call the ‘Bible.’ In the Secret Place on the right side of the throne three doors on the right each contains the structure in which the Bible was written and the patterns in which the vessels wrote; the fourth door contains the mistake that each one made in writing the Bible because of their hidden weakness that was covered by God. The fifth door access leads to 10 doors, five on each side, and in each door are 10 angels that are assigned to release end-time revelation according to the level of understanding a vessel has to release to prove that God is God and all wisdom is of him. In this manner of order and authority not only do we speak in tongues, but the Bible is written in tongues and only interpreted by individuals who have obtained a certain level of respect not only to just God himself, but the Holy Spirit and Jesus as well.

In this we realize how far the church is behind but now the Bride as well as these Elijah prophets will pull Christianity into perfection. Homosexuals are mostly perfectionists, and for those who have not obtained the desired look most have, this is because they are considered an outcast by other spirits. The church has instituted what it calls a ‘covering’ meaning a person that you considered a higher spiritual authority than you come to an agreement in which you sow into a man's life for spiritual enrichment (you do understand that you are homosexuals when you do this?). Now in the Hall of Wisdom it is written just as it says: cover-ring; which means an established group of peers that have spiritual knowledge that will enable you to operate your ministry as God intended for you to operate it. In a ring of this type all are considered equal and some are more knowledgeable than others. hmmm So if this man is over this man over this man, is not that a tower structure and not a ring? Because somebody wants to be chief. There are no chiefs and masters anywhere in the Bride for they will all be followers with Christian connection. Spiritual homosexuality is the act of a person that has not been established by God seeking the protection, advice, and counsel of another for their ministry counsel. Now in the natural in jail you would be somebody's wife, in the world you will be someone else's lover, in the spirit you are considered an abomination to God. When a person in ministry man/woman submits their ministry to a similar and/or different gender you are considered a spiritual whore. When a married couple submits their ministry to another you are committing spiritual adultery if the man leads the ministry to this he is a child, if a woman does it she is also. The weakest vessel that is allowed to lead the ministry will be considered the one God judges for they know their weakness before they even attempt to minister. If a couple submits their ministry to another and that spouse has some communication with God then the whole ministry is judged for you should submit your thoughts to the spouse that operates the ministry with you.

The religious spirit is a bisexual spirit in that it looks for the weakest vessels with the strongest influence and in that when a person married and/or single submits their ministry to another you have just become stripped of your ministry for it is then that you have put a man on the platform instead of God. And as you listen to them everyone that comes into your ministry that has that spirit feeds into your spirit the filth of their life and thereby they become familiar spirits and thus they control you through lust. I remember attending a church and this pastor was always reinforcing to the sheep how they must drop everything for this man when he calls as if like a dog in heat; even then I knew that was an inferior spirit at work. If a person can't trust God to make the right decision and information regarding your ministry then he is not God. What the church will see is that no one was called to be leaders of others but leaders of ourselves and in doing so you become a voice for God to lead them to Christ, not leading them down through Christ and up to a man. Jesus never went with the disciples when he sent them out he waited for the report which means he didn't lead them to their battles, God did with all their flaws and mishaps. So how can you allow one man to tell you how to run your ministry? Paul didn't let the other apostles tell him about his call and ministry so how can you allow a man tell you what you are called to and when you are ready? That's holy information reserved for holy gifts to reveal.

If you have a ministry and you have your traditions of covering number one (and I don't care how you take it) you all are engaging in spiritual homosexuality and you are an abomination to God. Number two, God will never call a man to a ministry and allow another man to have authority in it and they run behind them like puppies (bunch of queers) in the flesh or in the spirit I don't know but I said it. If your ministry is not covered with Eph. 2:20 then you are out of order in this season and in doing such the man that you allowed to take the place of God's foundation God states that his blood is on your hands all the way until he gets to the head, so as long as you stay stuck like dogs (catch it) then he will continue to pour hot fire on you until you relax and remove yourself from these practices or he destroys everyone involved. And again the choice is yours but the fire is rising in heat. If you love your pastors many will need to let go of them because their blood is on your hands as well as yours is on theirs and with this revelation for all you gay pastors, the blood is off mine. So whatever the Bishop may have done in the natural every one of you who he is covering and/or him you all spiritual homosexuals. The only difference God is using him and he will be saved by grace, the rest of you will be saved by fire. 

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