Justifiable Homicide in the Kingdom of God

by Dedric Hubbard
October 22, 2010

Laying sound asleep I was awakened by a blowing wind across my body. With eyes half-open I saw my warring angel standing at the foot of my bed blowing a shofar, but there was no sound except wind. He had a smile on his face and laughed and pointed at me and on my chest was a golden horn with blood on the end of the horn. I then remembered the day when I was trying to blow a shofar and no sound except wind came out. The spirit of the Lord spoke to me “that’s not your place to blow into yourself for you can’t become what you are.” It was then I remembered a visitation when I felt lips upon my mouth and the Lord blew into my mouth and the force of the wind lifted me off my bed. It was then that my angel left and as I pondered upon the blood on the horn I drifted back off to sleep and I remember hearing God saying, "go to the office." It was then I was caught up in my spiritual office and understood my situation. I haven’t done my office work and as I walked through the door I saw the requests, petitions, and complaints that many have voiced to God concerning me. My warring angel came in and spoke of the battles he has won, all because of people who have spoken against the prophets saying that Elijah prophets have forked tongues. It was then I saw the hand of God remove the petitions of the saints against me and as they sat in his hand they burned. He then took his hand and wrote on the wall My Enemies and under that he listed the names of our enemies upon the earth from people to ministries to churches. His final sentence was: your Lord God will conquer them all. It was then that I heard the voice of the Lord speak: “I have given you the horn to blow for the voice of the martyred saints. Those who are dead in a state of life, blow blood upon their very lives and those that don’t hear you be not afraid, for I will destroy their minds before I release their graves and to those who hearken unto your cry I command their spirits to justify their cry. And those that weep in ignorance of me let them cry themselves to sleep upon their grave for I will not dwell in rebellious ways. For who at any time shall read the Book of Life if thee who has the Horn to enter into eternity’s life and the words that you speak are pleasing to thee for I reveal myself to those who have revealed themselves to me. For they have listened to the commandments of man and yet refused the commandments that Elijah has in his hands and for those rebellious children who have made flesh their grave, I release justified homicide into my language of choice. It speaks to your mind that I the Lord plan to reveal my kingdom in violence for those who have made my seeds bow down and work for men that breath. Blow my horn and blow it loud for the angels have already separated the clouds and unto Elijah the dreaded one of all I give him the keys to destroy the seeds of Satan as he will and any that deny the power of my living seed I have one word I will release into your soul, it’s called Time. And that is the word I will use to satisfy your defeat for when the prophets shout Time, someone has paid a visit to hell and their soul I will never see.”

Your Place of Confinement is your place of Assignment

2nd Kings 7:3 “And there were four leprous men at the entering in of the gate: and they said one to another, Why sit we here until we die?”

God states there is a harvest sitting at the gates of the church wanting to get help, salvation, and a revelation of who God is, but the church is not equipped to handle this harvest for it in itself is infected with hatred, whoremongers, soothsayers, backbiters, gossipers, etc. God states that he will not send wounded sheep into a battle zone that is not built on God’s foundation for these sheep are unique for they are hidden prophets looking for prophetic words to activate, equip, and acknowledge who they are in God according to the standards of heaven and not the religious standards of men. These sheep will not listen to the knowledge of the Bible without the revelation connected to the Bible. Meaning these sheep are looking for the power and glory of God, not the power and glory of your spiritual leaders. Although I have the plan of God, it comes with a great price to understand the knowledge of God and with that there are only four churches in my state that God has deemed leprous free, and there are only four ministries that are deemed leprous free. Therefore many are assigned to confinement, meaning they can't operate how God tells them because man has them in change. As such, when you leave your place of bondage you will enter into a place of abundance.

Justified Homicide - These sheep are assigned to Elijah ministries and as such they will always be seen by those who God has assigned them too. To speak against, down, or deceive this end-time harvest from their assigned place in God or to raise your number or lift up your leader in your self-proclaimed denominational religion is cause for swift judgment from God in that you trade life for life. The foundation that person will have in that ministry and their importance to the plan of God will be your judgment for God will take a natural life from your family as judgment for winning a soul under deceitful conditions and as such you will know the importance based on the sudden illness, accident, and/or death of the one close to you. You will be warned for God will progress to death. Meaning if you know a person who can help a person no matter what you think of them it’s your job to send them where they belong for it speaks to your integrity and don’t worry about big brother watching because Elijah is looking.

The strength of your offense speaks to your level of need for deliverance

Matthew 15:26-27 “But he answered and said, It is not meet to take the children's bread, and to cast it to dogs. And she said, Truth, Lord: yet the dogs eat of the crumbs which fall from their masters' table.”

God states that many are looking for his move in what they have learned and know. The Elijah prophets are king’s kids as I have stated before in previous revelations, meaning many will do, say and release words, revelations, and do foolish things to some, but it speaks of the wisdom of God. For they will offend many and yet those who feed off the crumbs will live and those who try to digest the whole meal will be sick. Elijah prophets who carry the mantle are cruel, heartless, relentless, and emotionless when it comes to exposing the works of religion, traditions, and bondages. Their allegiance is to no one but God and as such they will be known for offending the mind to reveal the heart and at that point many will understand that can never eat a whole meal from the king’s table if there are entrapped in satan’s claws. Many will be eating crumbs for deliverance when they should be passing out the plates for salvation.

Justified Homicide – Many relationships, marriages, ministries, churches will become divided, for when Elijah speaks to a situation their words are meant to divide and conquer. That which is of God stays and that which is of satan is exposed and dealt with. Many Elijah prophets will operate in speech deliverance where they will speak a thing just to see the reaction for to them it’s a game to those who operate in religion but to those who are connected to religion it’s their life. It is at that point when God instructs the prophet to stop speaking crumbs and those relationships are still built on religious principals Elijah always leaves in victory for they expose the works, but the vessels likes their life and as such what ever happens, happens. …

Watch out for Elijah The Priest who comes from among the sheep

Exodus 28:1 And take thou unto thee Aaron thy brother, and his sons with him, from among the children of Israel, that he may minister unto me in the priest's office, even Aaron, Nadab and Abihu, Eleazar and Ithamar, Aaron's sons.”

God states that many of us have encountered, connected, and built relationships in ministries with people who have grown in the things of the Lord. As such it wouldn't be a fair God if he did not first extend a warning to watch out for those who operate in a priestly anointing. There are certain individuals to whom God has given the responsibilities to come before him, for they are holy and perfect in his sight. Although many will seem distant, confused, and/or moving unto their own agenda, their greatest battle is to keep hidden their relationship with God until the appropriate time that they shall reveal themselves. Their confusion is the veil that keeps them hidden. These prophets constantly walk in an area where their very words are examined word for word waiting on a mistake. Some would like to make known their defects, but this is actually the bait on the hook. The most powerful move and display of God's glory and power on a human is when he removes their veil and the very people you have judged, gossiped, and blackballed from your midst are the ones who will live as many will see the glory cloud follow their life. There must be recompense for the error of judgment upon the individuals which many have made. The sad part is that your judgment will come from the throne for testing his spiritual authority he sent upon the earth while allowing man to run amock unaccountable, all because they say they hear from God.

Justified Homicide - Insulting a prophet is automatic spiritual death, but insulting a prophet with a priestly anointing means some people just will have to throw themselves on the mercy of the court and if you haven't heard what he has been speaking, chances are he won't hear you crying.

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