Elijah Fire
burning the spirit of false prophets

by Dedric Hubbard
July 27, 2010

Well I was summoned in the spirit for another assignment and he led me to a door down a dirt path and when he opened the door it was filled with spiders, tentacles, rats, and every creeping, slithering thing that I could see. God smiled and said “son clean it up and clear it out so I may walk through and release my word” so I am thinking “why do I have to clean it up” and before I finished my thought, God touched a spider and it disappeared instantly and in its place was a house incased in a yellow glow. God states “if I become involved, I kill instantly but with you they have a chance of repentance, and thus I must destroy the previous foundation in which prophets were built.” God states that in order to know the difference between his Elijah prophets and those of the world of religion, traditions, and man there will be distinct noticeable differences. To be consider among the elite of the best God has to offer you must see what you say or know what you say: Meaning in time past many have said they are in the spirit and proceed to release a word they say is from God. An Elijah prophet will have to tell you exactly what they are doing and where they are getting their information from; some may be able to tell and explain in detail where they are seeing and get their information from. For God states that he created the earth and heavens in detail and specifics.

In time past prophets have said they are releasing or imparting an anointing into your life and thus you feel obligated to sow into that minister's life. God states a prophet never imparts anything into your life because it doesn't belong to a prophet to give away; they only equip, activate, and instruct you in your anointing. The prophet only imparts knowledge of what you have in the end-time season. Never allow a prophet to stand before people to ask for money; this not of God for most already have counted your pockets before they even finish. Do not allow a prophet to stand before the people and ask for them to sow into a prophet's anointing; this should be done by the spiritual authority in the house and then it should not be a dollar amount stated at all!! Now if they end up robbing you, remember you have been warned. In time past a prophet releases a word in your life and you never see them again; Elijah prophets are required if you ask to give contact information, they are responsible for warring over your word because they have introduced spiritual warfare in your life when they release a prophecy. You are responsible to contact them with updates and information on your status. They are responsible to contact you if they see anything that is hindering your walk toward your destiny, meaning if you sow in an end-time prophet’s life and they are called to the office, they have to work.

Elijah prophets know there are 4 prophetic spirits that come from the throne of God; God's prophetic spirit which calls you by name this speaks to the foundations of your life. Jesus prophetic spirit which speaks to the matters of your heart. The Holy Spirit prophetic spirit which speaks wisdom to the affairs of your life. The Godhead priestly prophetic spirit which speaks to you from past, present, and future of your life. A prophet must know which of these spirit settles on them for they speak differently; if not they are fleshly and not under the spirit of God, for they move back and forth. A prophet in times past just spoke blessings and words. An Elijah prophet will be able to tell you what river you anointing is flowing out of, what is holding you back; and what month and season as well as day God will release your provision. What does all this mean the standards of prophets has been risen by God; for how can you speak for him and you don't know what dwells around him? If you don't that means you have not the permission of God to speak for him. And God blew into the room the words I spoke and it burned that which was naught. Which means if a prophet can't instruct you on the new standards you are partaking of the old nature.

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