God tells Elijah to tell a son to tell the church:
your work has been in vain

Reformation vs Demonstration

by Dedric Hubbard
Dec 6, 2010

I pen this revelation of which God spoke in my spirit quick and short for it symbolizes the quickness of the destruction that is about to come upon the church. As I pad my seat in my bulldozer I enjoy destroying and exposing the things that once tried to have me bound. Moving to the flow of the spirit keeps you fresh and not stagnant. God says his Word was written in Order, Authority, and Obedience to equip the saints with the knowledge of who he is to them as well as who we are to him, what we possess in him, and what foundation we should receive him in. God says anything the church has taught has been covered under grace in faith and thus he allowed things to happen to get people into the knowledge of who he is; and just because he allowed it to happen does not mean it was right.

God states the foundation of a church order, authority, and obedience is found in Eph. 2:20. This will be the only foundation that he will begin to honor in 2012 because it speaks of governmental authority in his Word. Therefore, if your church is operating inconsistent with the Word it is in rebellion with God and Elijah prophets have been given the authority to administer corporal punishment greater than what many will understand. If your church is national there are Elijah prophets already standing at doors ready to open them and expose you on national levels. If your church is local there are Elijah prophets position to expose you locally, if you are regional there are Elijah Prophets assigned to travel and expose your rebellion to that region. While many of you were sleeping in doctrine, tradition, man-made laws, push-button worship, and egotistical sermons, the Elijah spirit has now surrounded everything you have and is about to push your tower of demonic coverings over. The Church is surrounded and is about to be stormed by God's Swat team of Elijah's finest dress in the color of royalty in which your pastoral foundation has held the church hostage long enough and now it's time to free them. If you fail to comprehend and understand, there are Elijah prophets prepared to point you in the right direction. Many people will begin to move to states where they see the fire of god in known Elijah prophets for wherever they are it's not church, but the power of God moving. Either reform to biblical standards or be prepared for a demonstration of a bulldozer in religion!! Beep Beep Beep backing up to tear it down religion must go!! Hebrews 10:26 is the sword of choice, there is no more sacrifice for sin after the truth has been revealed. (paraphrase) Which means judgment time!! 

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