Go to sleep anointed
wake-up disappointed

by Dedric Hubbard
Dec 30, 2010

Matthew 25:28, 'Take therefore the talent from him, and give [it] unto him which hath ten talents."


Some of you pastors are going to wake up on New Year's and lose the desire. This means God has removed you for not equipping his sheep according to Eph. 4:11 and after you continue and you know that the anointing has lifted, to stand behind a pulpit is like standing upright in a coffin. When you drop dead remember you were warned. I am not saying what I heard, I am telling you what I know.

Some of you prophets are going to wake up on New Year's and your anointing will be gone. To continue to operate and fleece the sheep, when you touch that bucket that will be the last time you fleece instead of protect the sheep. When you drop dead remember you were warned.

Some of you apostles are going to wake up on New Year's and lose your authority and if you continue to operate when you get up to speak those things... you will drop dead and remember you were warned.

God is about elevation in this season, which means if you can't elevate people properly he will eliminate the problem. Some of you were not called to be a pastor for 20 years and since many have started ministries with no purpose, assignment, burden, and destiny from God, you will be removed for people who do have these qualifications. As to get the church moving toward kingdom there is no power, presence, and/or Glory of God in the church. Continue to go if you want, but the power, glory, and presence of God is being held in certain individuals in certain states and when the tents arise there the Glory will sit. There are people sitting in houses as I speak that are holding information that can shake a nation. Not telling what I hear, telling you what I know and as such here's your thought: even David realized it was more to him then guarding the sheep. Carry on public service message!

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