Death to the Gulf of Presuming Prophets
Elijah Emerging

by Dedric Hubbard
July 7, 2010

Deut. 18:20 "But the prophet, which shall presume to speak a word in my name, which I have not commanded him to speak, or that shall speak in the name of other gods, even that prophet shall die."

God states that he has looked from the heavens and declared all prophets who has released a word concerning the gulf is not helping the problem but prolonging the problem. For you all have been judged and been found guilty of impersonating an officer of the Living God. The case that I have against you is as follows:

  1. Not knowing the Language of God
  2. Not knowing the Spirit of God
  3. Not knowing the Person of God

Inside of these sealed letters are 12-count indictments against any and all who have spoken in a position that they occupy in the name of God. My language speaks volumes: height, weight, breadth, and depth but you have looked on the surface and have skimmed for information in an attempt prove yourself to man and not God. When I speak a word I build foundations and then say it is good. If I had spoken it I would have given at least 3 words because the fourth I would have spoken to you. If you would have moved by my spirit you would have known that I would have covered all volumes before releasing any word. Therefore, you were moved by another spirit and not by the Spirit of the Lord. If you would have known me as a person you would have stood back and watched before you spoke anything for did I not step back and say it is good when I finished my work? And because I have stood back and a true servant asked the question when I prepared me a vessel fit for me to speak and said it is now Good which means ‘God order’ in the heavens. The crisis should have lasted 36 months representing the redemption of my gift and my voice for I am not judging the world but the church and I cannot judge the church honestly without judging the voice that states it represents me for the spill is for the prophets and the prophetic office and any of you that have spoken without authority have been tested, tried, and found guilty before my throne. And therefore, if you don't stop spiritual death will proceed. The oil is representative of you who call yourself prophets and are spewing filth and dark sayings all for the sake of fame and fortune and for this deed consider your riches cursed for not protecting my name. The water is the anointing that you have heaped upon yourselves in an attempt to further your filth among my land. Consider your anointing cursed that comes from the depth of your soul. The fouled beach represents the spirit of Leviathan that you have brought upon my shores and cursed the land with your writings, assemblies, and ministries considered your possessions that you have made cursed from the length of the span of your cross for you have represented yourself. For I have never knew you, but I being a God of mercy you shall humble yourself and then I will heal your land. For the word you released, you now must go out into the deep and retract it back from the depths of the abyss in which you released it from. Deut. 18:20 18 is for bondage representing the souls that you control releasing prophecy from the spirit of Leviathan himself, the spirit of pride. 20 speaks of the redemption that I have caused to come before your eyes to toss the devil back the lies he has hidden inside your pride. There are 36 words in the verse I just released, representing the enemy that has you bound in his own secret way.

So who has the power that can determine where the plumbline falls? The one that has number, the verse from beginning to end. There are 39 words total in the verse I released, not counting the punctuation marks, and here's the release: the 39 stripes that my son received one was for the healing of the nations and the lands of my house. If you have partaken of this, don't repent. I will pour gas on your spirit in my treasure room and for 39 hours the filth that you have released will burn like oil with brimstone fire. For in hell there is no water to put out the Holy Ghost fire. And to the flock who believe these filthy words, consider Gabriel your champion and send the glory to me for I do have one Prophet who hasn't fallen asleep. I release my Elijah mantle upon those that are next in line. Let this be a warning concerning gifts and pride, you speak what I say and how I say release or I will still allow you to work until your spirit comes before me asleep. Selah. So therefore, prophets fill my fire all those who survived we go inside to wake the dead prepare my bride because the spirit of religion is declared dead. To the non-denominational structure: my wrath is upon you. Ask your covering which one will take the first wave of my fire. Either be my son's bride or prepare for brimstone fire!

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