The Death of a Funeral
a eulogy of a covering....

by Dedric Hubbard
May 11, 2010

In traditional church setting we have been accustomed to what some have been referring to as a covering in which someone of a seemingly greater spiritual maturity guides you and prays for you as regards your ministry. In this respect, they are allowed to speak into your life for enrichment. Thereby as appreciation we have been taught to compensate them monetarily and/or sow into their lives. For some reason this practice has been left unchecked and therefore has been misunderstood, misinformed, and is out of order. In this next dimension of God this practice should be prepared for its last rites. To truly understand what was meant to be a spiritual mentor, we go to the beginning to make an end of a confused tradition called a “covering.” In the book of Genesis in the 4th chapter we see Cain and Abel preparing to give the Lord an offering. For the theologians and self-proclaimed masters of the Bible must realize that after the fall Adam and his family lived in a cave called the cave of treasures in which Adam was taught and comforted by God and in this cave was a book that Adam kept of the words God spoke to him. It is with this thought we must realize a father not wanting his children to make the same mistake as he did, taught them the difference between right and wrong and how to reverence the Lord.

This story can be found in the 1st Book of Adam and Eve.

So we must understand that the seed of the enemy has already been planted and there must be a separation. So when the brothers came before the Lord with their offerings we must look at the fact that both were taught by their father. It is with this fact that we turn from revelation-interpretation and moved to interpretive-revelation which is the spirit behind the motives. We tend to make mention of Cain killing Abel but do we look at the fact that Abel's mishap was because he killed first? Of course the hidden revelation is intended revelation, the mouth speaks what the heart already knows. Did we look at the fact that Abel knew Cain's offering was inferior? Did we look at the fact that Abel didn't offer to help his brother with a worthy sacrifice? So what was Cain’s response when confronted by the Lord, “am I my brother's keeper?” Interesting phrase to say when asked about your brother. “Brother’s keeper” is a phrase which means to care about the well-being of one another, which means there had to have been a teaching given by their father on covering one another or of them being of equal importance. Although there is more revelation I will stop here because we must deal with the spirit behind the issue.

The spirit of inferiority is what caused this mishap, but covetousness was the trap. Many a time when a person has been called into ministry they want to know “how can I get my name there?” “I need a platform to speak?” “God is saying this and people need to hear it.” Being unsure and uninformed we seek help from someone whom we consider to be more spiritual than us and we want to learn the ropes. In this frame of mind a person just entering ministry is vulnerable. Abel could have paused and asked God for directions. Cain could have asked God for directions. But it's something about pride that won’t let you give nothing away for free or yet ask for help and when you do ask you don't seek God for guidance. This has led to carbon copy individuals, ministries, and apostles and bishop who have been elected by worth and numbers and not of God. Causing their accounts to overflow and the time to be so valuable that you must make appointments to see them or come with some kind of gift in hand. In as much that you have made them idols and placed gifts at their feet not of recognition but of obligation. Paul and the early apostles never got as much prestige and honor as some of you demand. So what was the blood crying out to God? Quite simple, “God I had more than enough information, offering, and my not being willing to give has caused me to suffer and be killed at the hands of a brother that I could have covered.”

Covering is not about flexing one spiritual priority for profit, fame and spiritual status or the chief seats. It's about bringing a person to spiritual maturity. This is why the foundations need to be restored and every gift accessible. Some people have developed the mindset that if they don't say it or teach it then God's not in it. So the revelation behind why the blood was shed is that every human’s blood runs red no matter the color or denomination; we all carry the same pints in our body no matter the size. A person who is in this end-time season that tries to operate a church without the proper foundation in place is in a place of judgement. So a covering is really people who have a relationship and an ear for the Lord just as when Paul was warned as well as instructed all free of charge. So you have a covering but is it according to God or who you thought can help you? “So am I covered?” Is the question. Like the corn shucks on a hot tamale, and it doesn't cost a dime. But at the same token I have information that I share with them and it doesn't cost a dime. Instead of putting a cover on it's time to take the covers off. I end the revelation at this point and will continue in time but there is a change coming and you may not like the timing.

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