God's Perfect Plan

by Dedric Hubbard
March 17, 2010

As I received my midday daily bread God keeps emphasizing his perfect plan which some of the world's professional Christians don't understand what God is revealing, for this present end-time move won't be revealed by the Jakes, Longs, Bynums and so on although they are still effective and good in their own right. It will not be in your mega-ministries and well-established churches and venues. What God is revealing is coming through home meetings, store-front churches, and web-based ministries. People have to understand and discern what God is doing. We must now know or at least hope that the Bible repeats itself and whenever God does something he comes to the least, not the greatest. So while most people are flocking to seminaries and bible college, one can only guess what they hope to learn that God can't teach them. I find nothing wrong with people who attend these types of institutions but you must understand that is all based on theology; another man's interpretations and revelation of what God is saying and or meaning through scripture and in my opinion you have just put God in a box. If God gave you a new revelation of the scripture and it doesn't fit into their revelation, will it be accepted and taught? Or would you be dismissed with the phrase “that's a good point.” You can't possibly learn everything through learned principles; this is what Jesus was trying to show the people at age 12 when he taught at the temple - it was by inspiration of the Master Teacher himself, the Holy spirit. For instance if I told people there are 22 levels of scripture revelation you must master to fully understand that scripture what would they say? If I told you there are 22 ways to read the Bible in scripture, symbols, numbers, patterns what would they say? If I told you there were 22 ways to move the scriptures in sequence to reveal God's plans for the next 22 years what would they say?

Simple, they wouldn't receive it because it doesn’t fit into man's wisdom and therefore we have been taught that if it doesn’t make sense it's not of God. That's why he's calling a remnant who believe in spite of. So if what I mentioned is true, who would know the Holy Ghost the Master Teacher and if the statement is true is what you are wondering I'll never tell. Because herein lies the problem of the end-time harvest, waiting for a brand name to speak to you instead of a no-name. God designs it this way for everyone to get the chance to show God’s strength and wisdom in so many ways and for us a Christians to decide who God is or is not using as a person is heresy at its best. So those whom God is calling forth at this hour don't sit at the gate and die; your enemies have already been defeated. Go get your inheritance! Don't let no one say “it's too soon, you need to wait,” etc. If God said it that's enough for me if God be for you who can be against you. Some of you have to separate anyway so no one will claim hold to your success but God. Do not be intimidated by any pastor, prophet, bishop, or what have you. Speak what God says with respect but don't be intimidated by no means. You carry the crossover anointing this time to get people to the other side.

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