Strengthen your walk with God

by Dedric Hubbard
June 22, 2010

Revelation 3:2 "Be watchful, and strengthen the things which remain, that are ready to die: for I have not found thy works perfect before God."

The remnant must find it's passion, purpose, and individuality in God and him alone for in him lies the revelation of who you are, what you are to become, and what plans he has in store for you now and not later. People will come to understand that many of you are eagles ready to leave the nest and learn to fly, but momma and papa have put a protective barrier around you, making some of you feel like you aren't going to make it. This morning I felt a little uneasy and decided to check my spiritual walk so I asked God a question after seeing something in the spirit I didn't like. I said, "Lord, I wonder how many people that I have been in contact with since my stay on earth will make it to heaven and then enter into the kingdom." And I heard the Holy Spirit say, "hold on." After about 2 or 3 mins I had an open heaven vision, a mock rapture experience I will call it, and you would be amazed at our present stage how many of people I know wern't there. And while I was thinking the question because I didn't see myself there either (by this time I wanted to keep my mouth shut), God answered anyway for he knows our thought. He said “you went to sleep with a spiritual thought last night and it turned into a sin” and then he reminded me what I did toward him. I got it right and told him from now on I don't want to sleep until my spirit is clean. All the people we have helped, all the prayers we prayed, don't mean nothing if you are caught on that day with any sin in your heart. Now the sin I had was against God for not correcting something his way I decided I was going to do it the next day and sleep on it. It will be a sad day in this end-times event in the future because what God told me is when he says do something that day he means that day because tomorrow is not promised to us. Many of you think we have plenty of time and you are sadly mistaken. This is why he is moving quickly through so many individuals who have a thirst after saving souls.

The remnant must understand the power they possess in this season but you are allowing the very ones closest to you to stop your progress, abort your mission, and even delay your arrival into destiny. Then you have these so-called leaders and individuals who seem to have mastered their con-game and are trying to use spiritual intimidation and scriptural craftmanship warfare to send out signals to their group when they don't agree with a revelation or a word. Any person who does this shows that the foundation, teaching, and training in which their ministry and/or calling was based on which is deceit. Those are the people and things God are using his end-time prophets to expose which is nothing more than a witchcraft spirit operating in a person. The reason many people are deceived by this spirit and led to it is because these people like to display themselves as superior to other people using fleshy spiritual traits to draw attention to themselves. This is a thing of the past. I am not going to name the things you need to look out for yet, instead I will rely on time to reveal and heal their wounds. People have to realize in order to judge a person's authority, relationship, and dedication to God in this season it is not how long and loud they can hoop, how fast and loud they talk in tongues, nor how much they kiss butt. You judge them from the revelation they receive in this season from God. The church has reached the point that you have to move past preaching about the prodigal son, cursed fig tree, Elijah and the widow woman etc. Is that all you know? There are more than just 66 books, with plenty of revelation. The problem is the person that perhaps doing the teaching is not really as Holy Ghost inspired as you may think. And therefore, we are able to learn all the books and quote the scriptures, but where is the revelations that comes with knowing all this?

People must understand that yes you can trust in the Lord with all your heart, but suppose the person’s heart has evil in it and you trust and don't get. Do you examine yourself to see why it didn't happen? Or do you just wait until you need the trust again? The best revelation I got from asking my question this morning is God doesn't operate in time, we do. If you have a clean heart and are walking in kingdom authority, when you ask for something it should be almost instant. The problem is, we have filthy spirits and semi-clean hearts praying to a Holy God and yet we wonder why he doesn't move as he should. Sad to say it's not the people's fault, it's the people you are allowing to speak in your lives with fault. They transfer it to you and you don't even know why you just don't like a person because the friend you talk/gossip with doesn't care so they slide a bug in your ear until you are contaminated and now you don't care for them either. Contrary to popular belief, God is looking for people who are individuals and not groupies. You must understand that being 'saved' only gets you into heaven when you leave here, as a resting place until the throne room judgment. After that. then where you spend eternity will be decided. You have too many people saving people and they are thinking now just because they are in a church and they die they going to heaven, that's truth. The other truth is have you been delivered from the bondages of sin to be able to get your keys to the mansion Jesus has promised you? The theology of salvation has to change because it has people thinking they can do anything in church, ask for repentance and continue on with their Christian walk, that's truth. The other truth is Jesus died so we can have that grace but when you stand before the throne of God he is going to want to know why you kept falling. Wasn't his son's power in your life enough to keep you from falling? It like a child and their parents: anytime they do something wrong they run to the one that will be gentler with them. Ha, but there will come a day when you have to answer to the one who will beat the brakes off you, and the only words they will say is "I heard them talking to you and you know better, no more excuses."

The church needs to stop letting people do anything especially leaders, and won’t reprimand them saying we are going to "love them where they at," but missing the verse that's in the Bible that says "faithful are the wounds of a friend." The other one is just something somebody made up because they are too scared to stand up and take authority, but yet they will claim that you don't love a person unless you make them realize their faults. Some people have no idea why they do certain things. This is a season you must find yourself and not in the form of a natural man, but in the form of the spirit man God gave you. Find your own anointing and calling and then you will be able to live a stress free life because you will be doing you.

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