Nothing Is Released Until Everything Is Complete
state of shock

by Dedric Hubbard
May 24, 2010

Ecc. 12:13 -14 “Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter: Fear God, and keep his commandments: for this is the whole duty of man. For God shall bring every work into judgment, with every secret thing, whether it be good, or whether it be evil.”

So Pentecost is gone no one is noising abroad, no miracles, no deliverance, no healing, no supernatural doings, no nothing (but flesh). Tell me a bunch of Christians are excited off the hype and not the fight that's inside the light. So what are you to do? Well when I entered my spiritual office today I had the whole crew and when you are God's will he speaks it before you say it and they say together “no son you are not fired.” I told God “don't let me be working and I have been fired you know like Saul,” well to finish I have seen them separate but never together God the Father, Son, The Holy Ghost, and of course my friend the spirit of Wisdom. Well God handed me a solid gold piece of paper which I laid on the desk, no words. Jesus touched it the inside turned red and the trim turned silver, the Holy Ghost touched it and words appeared as quick as I picked up to read it Wisdom took it and tore it in half an even cube, I felt him touch my back and the other piece I felt touch my head. So in a state of shock the comfort came when they spoke in unison “it's time” and we all sat down at meat as they talked I listened.

Well now it's time for the conclusion of the matter, God says he is not begging, pleading or coercing you to serve him, “choose this day” was the phrase he used. So sense some of you were sleep I was told to try to wake you up one last time before you flat line. The alignment of Israel with America was crucial this year, some of you didn't know because you were asleep. Therefore, Pentecost was on the 23rd of May. What is the spiritual significance? People usually celebrate Jesus birthday on the 25th of December. If Israel and America's lined up on the 23rd common sense suggest Jesus actual birthday was on what day? Bible scholars, the wise men followed them by the alignment of what? Wake up!! Although the actual month was not revealed for a reason for no man knows the day nor the hour. Chief prophets/apostles what time frame did Jesus cry out? Wake up!! What month was it in? Wake up!!

This means if you are going to take communion and honor Jesus correctly make sure in this season you at least do it on the 23rd of each month between the 6-9 hour. Wake up!!! The reason most of you didn't get the full dose required for Pentecost is you failed to access the spirit for the significance of Pentecost and you did not have the full understanding of what the blood means! So again one must teach you for the last time so we can move on to perfection. Do not partake of the blood as a sign of weakness but strength. When you examine yourself you have to see yourself as God sees you, perfect. To be reminded of something that you have done prior to taking communion is a disgrace to the work of the cross, not a benefit. It weakens the power of the blood because it puts you in a depressive state not a joyful one. Adam where are you? Hiding behind this stronghold because I can't let it go and everyone will know that we are whores. You come boldly before the throne of grace!! Adam where are you? Here I am Lord drinking this Budweiser until you give me the power to stop I can't do it on my own!! Well son how about you drink half and when you go to bed I'll strengthen the other half with my spirit. Adam where are you? Well God, whatever you did worked but I still bought one. All right son, take a tablespoon full and ill fill the rest with my spirit. 10% to 90% God doesn’t want your money he wants your soul. Wake up!!! After this season no more grace and mercy, read your Bible.

Revelation 13:18 “This calls for wisdom. If anyone has insight, let him calculate the number of the beast, for it is man's number. His number is 666.”

Now sit, look, listen, pay attention. This one is for the master teachers and self-made Bible experts, for if we share not the answer and the solution to the problem how can we fix that which is broken before it returns from which it came.

Stop letting these people fool you, the beast is the church operating as one according to the devil’s will. It is symbolic of God the Father, Son and the Holy Ghost each time they sent a messenger the church destroyed them because they have the nature of a beast, out of order. God-sent Prophets were and are being destroyed. Jesus was sent and you know what they did to him. Jesus sent the Holy Spirit and everybody’s in the spirit but it's not the Holy Spirit. This time they are coming as one, but before they arrive the spirit of wisdom and the Holy Spirit will dwell amongst us to separate the wheat from the tare, fire and ice, spirit and truth, baptizing with pure Holy Ghost fire. Therefore, in the coming months anyone who does not support the unity of the church, installation of God's foundational gifts, failure to support and protect those that do, and have not made their callings and election sure in this season, and who fail to become part of a body and/or assembly of believers who move according to the Holy Spirit (remnant) will be marked with the seed of the serpent for destruction. When a church operates according to God's principals the cycle of killing God's chosen people will stop once these remnants of people have demonstrated God's power on the earth, especially in America among those who believe. God will then remove the Holy Spirit and place it upon Israel. This remnant will follow the Holy Spirit to Israel where they will help protect Israel because they will walk in the supernatural indwelling as the first apostles. Wake up!!!

Keep on following a leader that's not led by the real Holy Spirit and watch where it leads you. Once this remnant leaves America then and only then will America be judged. The angels are not going to every city in America and finding the righteous (remnant) just as in Lot's time. You are in a time of provocation, the harder your heart is to let something go the deeper God will cut to release you, because some of you have promises on the Book from your generations and now you have the choice to receive it or leave it.

Do not!! Do Not!! Try to all of a sudden raise your voice and say you are an end-time nothing and you haven't been marked by God. They have grace to do and say things you don't. They are the builders of the kingdom and they will not argue, debate, or try too hard to understand. That is what God is for this season and please as mad as he is do not let him visit you for the wrong reason.

But then again what do I know I am just a nobody sitting next to somebodies who know everbody. And you can too if you line up for transport.

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