It's A Disaster To Be A Pastor In The End-Times!

by Dedric Hubbard
July 20, 2010

Shout my son to the top of your sky, for many have reached sonship and I the Lord the I Am is on an all-time high. For it's a disaster to be a pastor when I the Lord God stands in the room; and who am I? The prophet’s throat you tried to cut when they came in the power of me. It's a disaster to be a pastor in this bridal explosion. For I the Lord God will hammer you to pieces with revelation, power and knowledge that will break you to pieces, for your pastors want to control a holy position in my heart. I dare you to say a word against my Elijah speech. I will reach in your soul and kill you with your last speech. How dare you tell me when I can speak. It's a disaster to be a pastor when Elijah's in the room, we see your spirit and you are to us but a cartoon. You fill your head with rehearsed speeches, I fill my children with unlimited oil and it never leaks. You run to your libraries of falsehoods and lies, we run to our library of the origin of the world how dare you speak according to limited verses. They have risen you up like the lucifer of the night but we have been watching from afar and now I send Elijah like the thief in the night to topple your pastoral idols of worship and praise. I the Lord no longer know their name for I am no respecter of persons and I don't see the good, all we see is a position that has raised themselves over my prophetic voice and now you fall with the same voice you overlook. I the Lord speak to all the pastors far and wide, sit down and be taught by Elijah or die in the sky of the heaven you created through falsehoods and lies.

For I the Lord will take everything you own in the form of disguise and though your heart be troubled there will be no rest, for you disobey a direct order from the son of the prophet who reads through the moon and sees where the earth was formed from the dust of his head. Now I release Elijah to spread the gospel of homecoming that Bride cries for and everything else is just cymbals, drums, and noise. It's a disaster to be a pastor and have no visible proof that you entered my room. You are perverted in your thinking and speech for I the Lord have not spoken to a prophet in any house. That is why there is no sound of judgement coming through the voices you choose through man, because the chosen ones stand outside ready in the midst of my land. I call for renewal of the latter house. We are standing outside the door for the Lord God is afraid for your churches are too perfect for me to enter so I have taken my glory and ran outside into the streets, for we don't want to interfere with your programs and times. The bride is moving at light speed and in the nick of time. It's a disaster to be a pastor, run hirelings run. Either humble yourself and be taught or feel the wrath and fire of Elijah in pure demonstration of Holy Ghost power. Tell me pastor have you ever seen a prophet call my Glory down when time stands still and we leave you in your place of worship frozen in time like the beast of old, that are in your midst. Then we padlock your door and use you as a sign that says an Elijah prophet was here look inside and see the power of the almighty God and people will see you just as Lot's wife. We have taken your form and made you a sign that the I am is real and I don't waste time. Elijah has a secret weapon just like the son of old and yet they are new and improved for they can call me when they get ready for I know each one face to face.

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