Open Heaven Portals
Is your life a vapor?

by Dedric Hubbard
May 26, 2011

Released into a vision in which the Holy Spirit told me to look up thereby staring up at the sky I saw a hand fall from the sky in which it hit the Earth so hard the impact left the five fingers imprinted upon the Earth. After a few seconds or so the Earth split open. As I walk to the end of the edge of the split I look down and the Holy Spirit spoke “it’s done” and with that I turned and walked away. We live in a time in which spiritual revelation will outdo human wisdom and knowledge. In this dispensation the Holy Spirit revealed through that scene that there are to be five earthquakes 3 small and 2 big ones. Each representing the dissatisfaction that each gift in authority for more than 5 years has failed in bringing the “church” into maturity in God, relying on past and present human wisdom and not seeking God for new wisdom.

Understanding last night's idol winner is part of the Chaos that God is releasing upon the Earth, those who operate in the Spirit will understand everything that God is doing and many will receive new revelations on how to interpret what God is doing. Those in religion will have to understand The Chaos Theory but will never get a complete understanding and will instead come into agreement with whatever the name-brand prophets say. The Chaos Theory is built upon watching all events until you see a pattern arise. The problem when using this method is by the time you figure it out and/or see the pattern it has already passed or is upon you, thus the thief has visited your house and gone. Last night's idol winner completed a pattern that God has been building since last year. Every major event was prophetic and every move calculated and only those who understood God’s heart echoed back what Heaven was saying to the earth. As the world, heathens, and carnal Christians watched American idol the Elijah prophets watched the spirit. Scott winning signified the open portal over North Carolina has shifted to being over Atlanta instead and is now being watched by the most aggressive prophet known to man. Scott (17, with '17' representing victory) is the start of a chaos of unknown magnitude on the Earth. The portal that was stationed over a plot of land that was instituted and worshipped by people of the Moravian faith which is nothing more than perverted land that prophets have used to pervert the true voice of God. This perversion was allowed by the 24/7 worship that has become an idol in the eyes of God. This pancake praise and/or flat praise is considered to be a cake that is unturned and is scheduled to be demolished in a future storm, thereby signifying God's reign on Earth.

The open heaven portal as I watched from the balcony opened in 3 phases being guarded and released by angelic knowledge in only 3 areas: authority, judgment, and power which is the back-bone of the spirit of Elijah anointing. This strategic move by God will allow these prophets to control revelation from the Throne. The three open portals are positioned over places of sin and the city of sin in which it signifies and symbolizes the perversion of the church and the world. Thereby God's power will be shown in the most perverted state of America, where the most perverted sin was shown in America, and where the most perverted person was allowed to stay in position because he had become an American idol and a god unto men. The moving of this portal now will allow the Elijah prophets to break the demonic torture that has placed idol winner Fantasia in bondage. Her voice is vital in this dispensation as the 24/7 pancake worship is full of familiar demonic spirits and soothsayers. The prophets that were assigned to North Carolina because of racism did not create nor speak the protection needed to combat this attack. In this season if you are assigned to operate do not be surprised if you get calls from strangers, telling you how to align with the destiny over your life. The prophets have failed at protecting the next generation to carry out the next move of God because they were too busy hunting money.

Look for these prophets to speak out of a realm of the spirit that has never been seen before and will cripple any prophet's ministry that has operated before them. We stand watch for the most violent storms, earthquakes, and mass deaths that have every been witnessed before. The prophets are already releasing new prophecies in which God will come into communities and destroy every church but one church and that’s the one that has the glory; every house but one house and that’s the one that has the glory. These will be pinpoint precision directed storms to bring the fear of God back and allow those in authority for this season to speak to the winds and control the storms. Many pastors are preaching a gospel of “the devil is doing the storms.” These Pastors are reprobates in the faith for teaching nonsense and thereby are targets for God’s wrath. We have entered into a summer of being afraid, very afraid. We have entered a space of time in judgment called the ‘Vapor Zone’ in which to teach, preach, and do anything in the house of God filthy or out of season with what God is saying, your life becomes a vapor in a blink of the eye. In that the Holy Spirit says that there are 3 human clocks on the Earth representing and symbolizing the 3 open portals. One is considered the hour hand in which this person’s work ethic and time operates outside of human wisdom. The other person represents the minute hand in which constant knowledge of human insight to what God is doing moves this person’s life. Then you have the second hand; this person moves in the heartbeat of authority with God’s heart thereby constantly releasing, teaching, and delivering that which is unseen into the seen. Holy Spirit says it’s the 3rd hour and the second hand is moving in which every time they line up God releases a wave of understanding through these portals. Is your life a vapor?

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