Hell Bound Heaven Sent

Is that your final answer?

by Dedric Hubbard
July 16, 2010

Well having to work in heaven and hell today the installation of the officers was just as we thought two made it behind the throne in the secret place your eyes will open and you will realize it when you start your destiny in behind the throne you saw what you see before you see even though you see it. You are in the omega position which means God favors you behind the throne he will see something on the earth turn to you in the spirt and say speak. Meaning what you say comes through God and then manifest in the earth, behind the throne, in the secret place, and the altar of sacrifice are three different position depend on where God moves your spirit you speak as he says as he says cursing included. Because in certain situations you reverse a curse that was spoken over you, this is the place of honor where only those who are God's elect see you as you are blameless and powerful God says congratulations to our two new women remnants, you may not see what I see but what I say I see it's there until you start your destiny then it will emerge, but one thing you have is unlimited power, after you have been tested we will show you the war-room where all the gifts, mantles, words, knowledge, eagles, stealth ravens, etc are stored. When you hear a spirit speak it may not be the devil it may be one of the witnesses that will speak with you and reveal more hidden secrets such as Daniel, Moses, Adam, Eve, Elijah, peter etc. They will speak and you need to discern the spirit before you take it captive or you may lose a revelation that has been hidden, i had to learn that. With that said me and Judas are walking over to the table one spirit is black and the others are red people have to understand Judas is the watcher over the treasures of heaven and his test is the spirit of your giving and honoring.

When Jesus went to hell his objective was to rescue Judas for the devil had possessed him and that is why he spoke to Judas in that why he was speaking to the devil go ahead sell me out, but that man souls is still mine. Judas stated around the table this afternoon is that he had secretly went around one day and asked a soothsayer how does Jesus power work. the soothsayer charged Judas 30 pieces of silver for the information he didn't know it was Satan posing as jezebel. Judas paid her out of the disciple’s treasury and he had to put the money back for he knew Jesus had the power to count the treasury at any time because he understood who Jesus was. Judas states also in the book of life that he knew who was looking for Jesus so he sold him to the high priest... end of story because God informs his true prophet anytime a person needs monetary assistance and we may continue the story to the end. But not know false prophets read Elijah revelations and go around the nations trying to preach them in the flesh. Now what has happened is that people hear and see a move of God, but yet run to the soothsayers, false prophets, and apostles/pastors for answers. And they are quick to write checks, hand money, etc because the answers they get make sense to the flesh and does not challenge the spirit. And so many called the wrong people and got different answers to a simple question what’s my color, so you run to your familiar spirit for a fresh move of God which causes you to raise your spirit above your flesh. The soothsayers you called and relayed the information to the others is the one that we have marked for destruction of the flesh and you all know who she is and the spirit in her knows that it has been exposed but she want let go because the spirit of pride, bitterness, and hurt is buried deep inside of her. The one who soul is black listened to the false prophets when she spoke he is going to hell for saying... I want finish just to let you know that we are behind the throne, your response to this jezebel prophet led you to relay message to the others which cause all them to agree with you and thus their spirit is red and red shouldn't be anyone color who are behind the veil because you receive a robe of righteousness before you go behind the veil.

So you have been lied to and the information you released is spiritual gossip the bible states if you have an ought meaning, question, concern, problem you and two more go to that person you neither wrong my phone, email, or nothing you can't pour new wine in religious, familiar vessels, and/or vessels of pride. Your information will never be true from your source because they are not true to themselves. And because the others have no individual relationships with God because it is based on their relationship with a man you have sent everyone souls to hell. Now we must show you were your souls are in hell's waiting room when someone releases a curse on a person behind the throne it goes to God's heart and he weighs the heart of the person receiving and giving information against a person behind the throne. Because her soul is already in hell for speaking against other prophets and yet let them preach in her church, wounding sheep across the pulpit, and revealing a intercessors secrets when she was covered by God, and releasing her filth in the life of my sister, she is already dead and we are just waiting on her flesh to rot to meet her soul. How do you tell a prophet with an end-time anointing they know, understand, and communicate with the powers of heaven and earth, because she lust for information and it is the cause of her soul in hell we will let you in on the secrets of the pattern of heaven, but yet let's see if your soothsayers go in the spirit and get this answer.

There are 6 levels in heaven not including the one of this world that makes seven it takes 10 steps to tries to get of hell and into the world there are then 10 steps to a heavenly place and five to make it to their throne. There are then 10 steps to the priest and five to his throne. the heavenly places of gifts and to some there only home. There are then 10 steps to the kingdom and 7 seven steps to die, and yet 5 to his heavenly place in what level of the heavens are we. There are 10 careful walks to Jesus face and five where sits at your side, watch where you sit it may take you straight up to the face of God and yet you will still be just a man. There are 10 steps to the throne room and 24 places to sit, 24 steps to each ones heavenly place do you go up or down left or right quick where do you go. You are a jezebel prophet and you will never be in the kingdom or even make it to heaven's gate unless you fall on your face and repent you will see the sun reigning in his fullness while releasing hot wax down your back. Burning you into the center of your forehead because you are the beast that lays on her back. Ok we will let you in and warn you before we go far you spiritual father sits around the throne in the kingdom not the one laying on his back in hell. So here they never knew you so you couldn't possibly come into this heaven or spirit of it because just like this tour you never know what's going on. passed the elders are 10 steps four are in the clear meaning they are spiritual so please watch your step. There are exactly 66 steps to the knees of God and seventy if you are elect meaning you are a chosen one of Israel and pretty soon we will all go home. Now you had a free pass into heaven something you will never see just like your revelations and miracles all done in the name of baal you have built a temple unto your high priestess so you can rob God's sheep with your falsehoods to fame. Do they know you are sleeping with a married man way down south. Do they know you pay bills with their tithes and offerings at your house, I get it that is what the last intercessor told you and that is why you drained her spirit dry. I got news for you behind the table is your mother jezebel and even though you dress like a whore, if you can see in the spirit picture this I am going behind the throne you are one of the false apostle and I mark your spirit for death I can't kill your spirit yet because although connected to you are few. I will wait till Judas takes you in your sleep for stealing all the tithes in the house and guess what we have a surprise for you God says he will release a spirit of confusion upon your bed and send you into a frenzy because he is about to reveal your secrets for who you really are.

We are now on the 21 level of hell and there are 24 elders around the throne we warned you about predicting death and now we show you how is done. Supposed you had a daughter that is the age of the elders around the throne and one is in the level of the depths of hell and that is 21, supposed that one reaches age three, and yet one is missing is that the one I the Lord mark just for me? Strange rhyme and righting I know i am making mistake since you are so sure you are in the spirit and the kingdom Judas will like to make a bet because me and my servant can't do it because we are Christians and we can't take lives. But Judas is the gatekeeper around everything that is valuable in the heart of God and when money is an issue Judas gets involved, because it almost took his life and Jesus came and saved him and now that is his honor in heaven for bringing him on home. When the son of destiny hits his mark count your days because he will mentioned the mark since you say you are so anointed try to stop the elders of time. His spiritual father still says it's some good in you but I count you as waste because you are not a prophet to me you are the devil first-born. Now what does a loving God do you talk about my first-born to death and jealousy has enter you throne did i not tell you to do good and death was at your door. Now the bet is which one of your first-born want make it to see my kingdom reign let it me know God has visited your house. Everyone connected you better grab hands because when sunshine reads this she has to shut the door as God for the revelation and then you sunshine will be given the key to raise the dead. For I have made you a path and now I must go behind the throne the stench of a false prophet and her children’s remains. All right sunshine, work your magic and give me a revelation.

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