How to Judge an Elijah Prophet's Words

by Dedric Hubbard
July 21, 2010

Sitting among the elders of the throne behind the throne near the pastoral idol as it now burns in destruction, for many have been known to judge a prophet words, but yet they do not understand a prophet. For the spirit of the prophet is subject to the prophet meaning any words that flow from the throne of God the only person that can judge the word and accurately is a prophet if they are flowing from the same stream and many have dealt deceitfully with their anointing and have contaminated the flow of prophecy. And yet Elijah has purified the waters of prophecy that it's foolproof to imitate the anointing of God this season. It is with that we release how to judge a prophetic word from a prophet in the end-times. A true prophet of God never gets lost in emotions (fleshly) when a prophetic word is released for they have to remain in their intercessor position and should be praying their bro/sis through for they be of the same faith and foundation and should understand the pressure when releasing a word from the throne. Therefore, God's words always speak his intentions and his dimension height, width, depth, and breadth of his love and person.

Height - Meaning if a word that a prophet speaks hits your spirit, grab your confirming word. If it doesn't it means you have not learned God at his fullness, your spirit needs to grow.

Depth - If the confirming word hits the deep part of your spirit, God is trying to grow you up. If you consider the word ‘deep’ it means you have no foundation or limited foundation in God.

Width - If the confirming word is to far out there it means either God is trying to enlarge your territory or trying to get you to evaluate your surroundings.

Breadth - If the confirming word is something you have not heard before, that means you need to research or seek the face of God for clarity. If you understand the topic but didn't get an increase in your spirit your job was to study the atmosphere and judge accordingly.

A true prophet's word should have something in it for everyone who comes looking for God and not for man. It is then you judge yourself according to the twelve dimensions of creation in which you were created:

1. Obedience - Why am I at this conference/church/house/ministry?

2. Character - How do I know this person?

3. Integrity - Did I come for the right reason?

4.Humility - Will I be able to recieve?

5. Honesty - Am I honest with my self?

6. Judgement - How do I know if it's God?

7. Relationship - What is my relationship with God?

8. Sin - Am I in spiritual sin?

9. Cost - What are the consequences of hearing this word to completion and not doing it?

10. Generation - What generation of prophet does he/she come from?

11. Holy Spirit - What does my spirit say about this person?

12. Blessings - What do I bless them with?


This is the mindframe of God in his spirit and his likeness. If you have no knowledge of prophecy during the first 12 mins when a prophet hits the floor you should know if they are moving fleshy and or according to the spirit. Because during the first 12 mins they are checking you out spiritually. For example, if a prophet puts on a powerful display of their anointing during the first 5 mins they have failed the first five questions. For they are trying to prove themselves to man and have already been proven by God and therefore, have entered into an agreement of the flesh and their anointing, prophecies, and speech will have wrinkles of flesh and it's not the word of the Lord. The first five was the grace test and the last six equates sin so you end up being taken for your money because you failed to check the spirit before the gift. A prophet has to remain calm and bold at the same time if they are God-sent. The people receiving the word must be observant, calm, and watchful while seeing if they pass the 12 min rule. A prophet of God never “asks do I know you?” For then they are looking for a spirit of agreement to enter the atmosphere of the room, and they do this by asking the weakest person spiritually in the room, but with the strongest gift; they then transfer your anointing in the spirit and leave you spiritually dead. Know the spirit and you won't have to worry about the fruit, for a prophet of the house not to see in the spirit leaves everyone at risk for the anti-christ is loose feeding on your souls. But follow your own rules, I know mine come from the throne.

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