The Apostles Guilty as Charged

by Dedric Hubbard
Sept 23, 2010

As we come to a close we save the best for last and that is God's judgment of the apostles. In it we find that for today's apostle, apart from giving a prophetic word and trained prayers with intense human efforts, we see no difference in them from prophets. In the spirit the word apostle derives from God's throne in which it means A post sent to learn which was shortened to Apostle for interpretations in this end-time. A true apostle of God has spent time in the presence and around his heavenly throne in which the mere appearance of a true apostle changes and rearranges the structure of any atmosphere for the angels that control these workings have been introduced and/or seen these vessels in the presence of God. A true apostle of God does not travel around the world preaching and speaking in different regions, for then he/she is out of order. The coming Elijah apostles will be assigned to 4 regions. Each then will be assigned sectors, cities, etc. In that region the glory of these apostles will be noticed for when you enter into their region of protection if you are in the flow of God they will know who you are and as such you should have a spiritual encounter in which the Holy Spirit tells you of the apostle in which region you enter. This will be confirmed and/or noticed also by the prophets in that region. The apostles of today have no order, structure, and or visible presence that they have spent time in the presence of God, for many were raised in a religious spirit and as such they are controlled by the same religious spirit as the other foundations that are being judged for the church is out of order. Every gift falls under the spiritual authority of the apostles and prophets, every gift. For these are ordained holy of God if they show the necessary requirements other than just prophesying. These offices carry at least 30 duties which must be done daily for these are true offices of death. A prophet/apostle has no business submitting to leadership of bishops, pastors, etc., for they are the foundational gift.

A true apostle/ prophet should not only be able to shift the atmosphere but in doing so tell you the river they are shifting, the level in which they shift you, the workings on that level, the forefathers you will encounter, and the warfare that you will witness at that level. This will be possible because they have spent time in the presence of God's throne. End-time Elijah prophets/apostles are being equipped with the knowledge of this as I type. Gone are the days where some man hands you a paper because you passed a class; you will have to know what exists in the arena God has called you to. This will transform the people who are hungry for the power of God. Quit allowing every pastor to throw all of you in a group called ministers-in-training. The sheep have to understand that when you are referred to as a minister that is the trial period in which God is training you in your assigned gift from god and it is not a life-time position. Because of misrepresentation and incorrect and often overlooked revelations and scriptures many of you are deceived sheep and ignorance before the throne of God on judgment day will not be overlooked. For it clearly states study to show your own selves approved... it is in that regard that the apostles who claim this position are deemed guilty.

Failure to establish spiritual outpost - Guilty

Failure to establish guidelines concerning equipping the people of God - Guilty

Failure to demonstrate the power of God to establish his presence on earth - Guilty

Submitting yourselves under incorrect foundation - Guilty

The apostles of the Elijah mantle do not and will not need the approval of man to establish what God considers his words, rules, and guidelines. Failure to submit to these vessels will cause the judgment of God upon that ministry. They will never force the revelation but will offer it to that vessel not willing to submit. They will warn and show the power of God in word and/or deed. This world is about to be turned upside down but not until the prophets destroy the man-made foundations. No matter who they are and what they say there are no end-time apostles in operation until the prophets say the foundations are clear. In doing so they have found 12 men/people/women and or 12 ministries that have accepted the end-time revelation of God and when that happens then they will lead you to the end-time apostles and with that heaven help this world. Follow who you want and hear who you will, this move is not worldwide as of yet but controlled to certain parts to protect the integrity, knowledge, and anointing that God is releasing. To claim something that you are not to be something you wish is a quick case of death.  

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