Inside The Enemy's Camp (Part 1)
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by Dedric Hubbard
July 31, 2010

As I sat looking at the Bible letting it teach me, an angel appeared with a message. All it said was “inheritance” written in small letters and he placed it on the floor and told me to step on it. My mind went to Hollywood and when they place the stars hand in the cement so I stepped and my foot appeared not as a man's but a child. I didn't question the angel for my spirit understood what it was for and then the Holy Spirit spoke “you have offended those that offend us and for that well done my son.” So I thought back everyone doesn't know the will of God because they never understand the mind of God and you can never understand the mind of God until you have his heart. So many Christians are standing behind pulpits and in pews offending God and actually spitting in his face. It offends God when he states in scripture there are five foundations in the church and people read them and manipulate people into making it say what they want for the sake of a position. It offends God that one man can control and influence a nation of people with just words of encouragement and no power and build mega-ministries. It offends God when a prophet stands before the people and refuse to equip, impart, or speak healing in a person life because of their own personal issues. It offends God when people sit by and watch leaders teach worldly principals and those with the revelation are scared to reveal it. It offends God when people experience freedom outside the walls of their established so-called “church homes” and yet go back into the bondage. It offends God when people sit on pews and don't seek him for their gifts, callings, and inheritance in him. It offends God when people say they hear him but, yet when he speaks through the voice of his servant to tell you that it's not him they get offended.

In an encounter talking with the elders around the throne they came to the agreement (and God seconded it because he approves), that if you have ever experienced it, for a spirit of a man to come before the throne of elders and debate the scripture in spirit for in heaven there is no bible. That's when you know that you are in the presence of the Lord, we stated that only 10% percent of any religion in America hears God and only 1% percent have a relationship that he talks to them constantly and that's in Africa and only 0.5% of Americans have a direct connection to Africa. So how do we know when a person doesn't have a true understanding of God's heart and his purpose for their life? You check their heart, words, and deeds; notice I didn't say gifts, callings, and anointing, for many a people and ministries hide behind them and are no more holy or righteous then a pig playing in mud, they are all confused in religion.

See the church has to realize why God saved the Elijah anointing for last, because it's confrontational. If you want to expose a deep hidden spirit in a person and they don't know it's there and you see it you confront it and then you taunt it to make it reveal itself out in the open. See religious folks like mess, spiritual gossip, and the like to see people fail so they can call each other on the phone and spiritualize their gossip. With their “if it was God,” and “God wouldn't say that,” and their “that isn’t God,” because they are basing it on their limited knowledge of God, heaven, and their sins that are still on the earth. The Elijah anointing is violent. It doesn't wait for a fight, it goes to it to expose, tear down, and bring out the good and leave the bad.

See, when a person is held hostage overseas they don't send in weekend warriors, they call for the best: the navy seals, the weapons they have been testing, that cost millions of dollars and you didn't know they were there. Same in God's kingdom, it's under attack by the religious spirit in the church by religious leaders and they are holding with a strong subtle spirit of manipulate witchcraft, fear, and spiritual abuse. So what does God do? He sends in his best. I don't care if you have a generation of people preaching in your family for years and you been at it for 40 years, you can't even begin to top what God has instilled in me and we will have you so lost with words in the spirit that you would leave here wondering where it came from. When God speaks through a person to those that have deemed themselves holy and saved and they are not, the first thing it does is shock them, yet in the spirit it is piercing the heart; the next thing it does is offends them, yet in the spirit the sword is cutting; then it hits the bone, yet in the spirit it's the structure of what they have built their whole foundation and relationship of God on this; then their soul feels the pain and their flesh starts to bleed; yet in the spirit they then either received the word gladly or the flesh takes over and judges. Which means they accept that they have learned wrong, go back to God and get it right, or they become defensive and make excuses with their “that isn’t God.” Which proves my point. If you are wrong and built your foundation in God on hearsay of man and don't know him for yourself, an end-time Elijah prophet goes straight for the bone to reveal your shortcomings before Jesus comes.

The church has become comfortable with their “love them where they are at and regardless of their sin” gospel and it sends that person straight to hell for covering a massive bleed with a see-through band-aid. Anyone who flows in the actual spirit of Elijah can attest to this the most powerful thing about this anointing is that you can type a letter, revelation, or thought, and go sit down and see who gets offended, who accepts it, and who accepts it but disagrees with the part that cuts them, or who takes the revelation and sits back and twists it to make it like it's their own revelation they have gotten from God. Some even say it straight but yet add on to it so they can still look big in the eyes of the people and then try to push fault on the one who released it. So we put a pen here to say just because you join a ministry and have sat under a person(s) you have not partaken, stolen, nor are you operating in their so-called anointing. Because everyone has their own identity in God and you can't have someone else's anointing. I don't care how much you sow in their lives, all you are doing is keeping up their lifestyle. For a prophet who really flows in the spirit of Elijah because everything they release comes straight from the throne, when they release a word the word it has to be watched over to perform and it flows back through the prophet eyes straight to the eyes of God. And however you take our words that's how you will be judged because we know our jobs, what we possess, and are past people trying to like us. One thing you will learn in the coming months is that you have to respect us. Because of the crumbling churches and mega-ministries that are about to happen you anointing, information, etc has to flow through us.

See many of you are not getting the full knowledge of your end-time assignments because you have been so dependent on other's prophecies that you have corrupted your spirit and thus your anointing is unbalanced and your prophecies are not going to come forth until you have established yourself as an end-time vessel fit for end-time wine. God told me in April to stop looking at other websites with prophetic words and only pay attention to those that do not have mammon on them, for if a website has mammon before the word then that person operates in the spirit of Balaam and anything associated with it no matter how true is tainted with that spirit. Then you have those that call themselves “living holy” and have reached what they think is high title status and are intimidated by end-time prophets words. I remember this website I use to submit so much revelation to I could feel the increase in her spirit, then one day God said to spank her. Then we released revelations about what an apostle should know in the spirit and they wouldn't post them because then the position that she holds she will be accountable to know those things when people ask when they send her emails. So we sat in the spirit and watched her become offended and intimidated with end-time prophecy because when she called the other prophet friend and said call him and ask, she was too fearful to pick up the phone. That speaks to the integrity of any gift. If you would rather deny, ask, or seek teaching for end-time revelation and lean to your own understanding, you are not fit for this kingdom move anyway because your pride is too high. You would rather run to religion for answers then come to the king's kids for help.

So what is the basis of this revelation? So some of us can take a trip inside the enemy's camp and since I have already been there this means I will lead the way, but in this trip no pride, jealousy, intimidation, fear, religion, self-promotion or stealing is allowed. Because we will see every one of you from the spirit because many will be able to access the upper room if you have faith and will be allowed to see yourself as God sees you at. Any point at which your faith wavers that's where we will leave you and you will have to find your own way out. But before you are even allowed to enter, this trip is built on my solid foundation as a prophet so before you can even comprehend the language and/or have glimpse of the heavenly places you have to know what your foundation is. Once God has revealed your foundation it must be acknowledged by your spiritual authority in the midst of the congregation. Now if you are afraid to ask and/or your spiritual authority does not comply then you have permission to use my name and/or my foundation and say these words “God told this prophet that he is about to release a Moses anointing and if leaders can't confirm my foundation in God or get somebody who can, then I will have to leave this church and/or go somewhere that can speak to my future of who I am in God or start my home ministry until I get directions from God.” Now if you are under a prophet/apostle they’re slick but I have their number too. You go to them and tell them “I need to know what's in the spirit realm; teach me how to fight with vision not with words.” Now if they are seeing from the eyes of God they have to see what level of heaven the spirit is attacking you on. If they can't, tell them to pray and ask God to send us someone who can, and most likely God will send a king's kid and/or direct you to an Elijah prophet.

Now for the stowaways, false prophets, apostles, or anyone who thinks they can fool God's anointed, when I say we going on a roller coaster ride it means I will shake some flesh. If I say we going “full tilt” I am shaking the false apostle/prophets. Now all it takes is an Eph. 1:18 prayers and faith. If the pastor/leaders don't comply, just say God says to let his people go and if they don't just direct to them to my website where I will put up Moses watch and they will find their fate according to their ignorance of God's voice. God is bringing the Elijah prophets in for 3 months and in October if you have paid attention to spiritual movements God will align the season in the natural according to the spirit. This means as the leaves changes color it will symbolize that any person who has a gift in God it shall be revealed to them in the fall season for mantles will fall from heaven. But you would have to go inside the enemy’s camp to get it. Once you recognize your foundation (if you have one) you then must count the cost for accepting the call upon your life. Now with that being said you must first know where to begin in the camp. The Bible teaches that the devil counterfeits everything God has so since your leaders didn't teach you what they are or where they are located many are trapped in sin like a sandwich; but thank God for a prophet. If God operates in heaven and earth, then the devil has a heaven and earth. Your first assignment is asking your pastor. If he doesn't know he needs to take this trip to the school of the spirit.

The devil is limited in his power, he has 10 levels on earth and only one level in heaven. Find your level and destroy your weakness and then we will be inside the enemy's camp. This means you have to ask the Holy Spirit to reveal what I am saying because there is no Bible in heaven, you have to rely on the Holy Spirit because in the upper room is where he will seal you. Now this isn't about religion, pride, knowledge, rebellion, hurt, etc. When you are able to ask, beyond the throne of God is where the choice seats are and you have to be invited by God to occupy them. So when a person prays and God shows the prayer in my language and it says “I want to see what he sees, I want to know what he knows,” then you have to go the path that I went. If you can't access your spiritual sight you won't get the view, but you will have the revelation. Paul didn't see Jesus in the flesh but he saw him in the spirit and if you are able to see him in the flesh, the spirit of your revelations paints a vivid picture of heaven. Now if you are scared of leadership you are not a follower of Christ for he never told anyone to lead but he said “follow me;” which means “lead your own life until you see me come to you in the flesh.” In the bridal structure there are no leaders just spiritual authority given by the Holy Ghost. Good luck

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