What is the shift?
Should Heaven Intercede For Truths?

by Dedric Hubbard
May 21, 2010

As I sat earlier this morning an angel of the Lord appeared and handed me three letters. As I reached out my hand to accept them he instructed me to turn around and it was then that he said “I was instructed to place these on your back, for the Lord says his burden is light.” It was then I felt a touch around my neck and my spirit reacted with joy as I turned after the encounter. I saw the hand of the Lord reach down and touch my lips it is with that experience the Holy Ghost begin to speak. We who are called to reveal truths to this end-time generation must be on one-accord we must realize that we are not in a shift but a new dimension and level in God. But for those that came before us to not discredit their voice for lack of understanding we understand “shift” as moving from one place to another, but to bring them understanding we have shifted a leg up spiritually to another level in God. It is for this cause that regardless of what we may hear, see, or say God still requires order and with that being said God requires spiritual authority in his order. Although many may be excited and feel the presence of the Lord in a more weighty manner, do not become careless lest you destroy what God is trying to do. The church is out of order and not built on the foundations of Apostles and Prophets so many of you will receive a word and you will ask those in authority at this present time. If that authority doesn't recognize spiritual authority than how can you be out of order if the foundation is not set?

You begin to build on a new foundation that is biblically sound, meaning many of you will start your own ministries and they will bloom overnight, not on your word but his word. God has to intervene because those who have been sent have went and now the baton has been passed to you. You will encounter a season in which people will see God and begin to leave churches to find who God really is. These are not churches that God is building but kingdom checkpoints and will be operated by kingdom people. These new people must find and recognize the leadership God has available to grow and advise your ministry not in power or deed but in spirit. Failure to connect with the right power source will short-circuit your ministry. You must understand accountability in God's eyesight; the five gifts must be in operation to start a church. Once the church is established then as God leads, you will appoint your Apostle and prophet over the ministry. This process is also very vital to the building of other kingdom centers.

These are foundational gifts, not titles. Therefore, there is no competition if everyone stays in their lane. As God builds your church there will be room for you to become established in another one of the five foundations if needed. There are no chiefs, masters, and fathers in this new kingdom establishment; they will all be considered equal in the kingdom. Although some may seem more advanced they will understand their job is to bring you up to your level of authority in God and not in them. This will eliminate the covering aspect in the sense that many are reproducing men and not God, reproducing ministries and not kingdom. If a person is teaching you that you have to look, sound, and act like them this is idolatry; you should look sound and act like Jesus. Their job is to make sure you have an understanding of God and once you reach that level God will develop you in everything else.

For people who are s.i.n.g.l.e.

(Successful In Not Getting Low Expectations)

Matt. 6:22 "The eye is the lamp of the body, if you eyes are good your whole body is full of light"

This is a three-in-one for singles, future leaders, and maybe past so you have to read this one with one eye closed.

God wants to express that in a move of the spirit those in the office of a Prophet are the eye of the body and therefore, as many can tell they are warning, watching, waiting, exhorting and encouraging etc, everything that is required of a prophet of God. So as I write this revelation, even though I was invited to watch this from a high place I speak from a low place of humility with our Lord. The prophets are functioning as a body without knowing they are in unity which proves to God since they function in unity in the spirit there is no reason why they cannot also function in unison upon the earth. From a high place there is no distance from a low place, they are miles apart; so how much more effective it would be if they actual communicated on earth? What God also wants to express is that people have to recognize the different temperaments of a prophet and believe all are not the same. Some specialize in humorous sarcasm, some are loving, some are cutthroat/rebukers, whereas some are informational. But in their own way they hear God if their speech matches the spirit of what's being said as a whole, and whichever way God wishes to express his word he does.

As he said “everything is out in the open.” I remembered the song and never paid attention to the lyrics; to my surprise he was talking about Adam and Eve. Many are paying attention and contributing to this move of God.

As God spoke this is a season that as the kingdom comes into a covenant with God through his spirit there will be many divorces and marriages and remarriages. It will be God putting you in place for your destiny if you have been successful in not getting low expectations. Which means as God moves some of us in reverse to take us forward because of test we failed to passed out of ignorance as I speak out of experience not of highmindedness, but for comfort that God is real, Jesus is real, Holy spirit is real, the thrones are real, the crowns are real. For the shame and ridicule that I have received on this earth couldn't compare to the treasure that awaits me as well as the one I have access to. For it is a sin before the throne to say the glory has fallen and you have no evidence. Did not Moses face glow upon his return? For if no evidence of God then how would the believers believe? For the patience of my faith produced a reward for that I didn't see I now see, and that I couldn't access I now have access to. It is not me that has access but the spirit in me receives and the flesh makes it manifest.

For how can flesh visit a Holy God without being burned in the process? For it be not the flesh but the spirit of the flesh that is allowed. So would I trade the experience of this world for unlimited access to the throne? For the trials were as but steps and the peoples backs were footstools built unto the Lord. For everyone who ridicules you is a step but if you respond back you missed a step and must return from where you came. For what is a man who has witnessed authority to respond to the help. Has that man lost his authority and become as one of them? That and lower, for now you have made that which questions authority your judge and you are now at the mercy of the court. As you see you in God's eyes there are no more eyes to see, your spirit is aligned and authority is upon that what you have learned will allow others to see. (Part 2 of 3)

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