Nothing is Released
until everything is complete
Part 1

by Dedric Hubbard
Feb 20, 2010

The Body of Christ has to realize that God is moving and elevating people into their assigned places, but as everyone is hearing “shift,” you must realize where is God shifting you to. Are you moving in position, or going around the mountain? Some have allowed people, places, and things as well as traditions, customs, and religion to hinder the will of God in their lives; can we say bondage and betrayal? The spirit of deception has been running rampant in the church. Many Christians have been and are being deceived, particularily in this season because it is a destiny year which in turn will never come around again. So the question remains, how do I know I am being deceived? One is through prayer and consecration, another is to survey your surroundings. If you are still taking advice from people that have started before you and you are on the same level as them and haven't progressed toward your destiny, chances are you are out of alignment. When God elevates you he changes your surroundings ie, people, places, and things that resemble where you want to go. Therefore, you can feel a shift and never move because God states nothing is released until everything is complete; God never half-does anything. The people, places and things I have access to increases every year and always changes as I grow closer toward my destiny. The unity that God is bringing to the body is destroying racism, denominations, and spiritual gifts division. The greatest impartations I have received that have released me closer toward my destiny hasn't come from people of color, it has been from the caucasian race. Never in a million years would I have thought I would find myself being ministered to from Jeremy Lopez, Dennis Arnold, and Robin. God is not a God of color and as I help prepare The Gathering for this year, Birmingham will see that until there is unity in the body the church is just an unstable mass of people driven and motivated by fleshy attributes, resulting in having a bastard experience and never coming into the fullness of God. So if you are hearing “shift” make sure you are moving forward and not back. All this came in my life by hearing God for my destiny and sometimes no matter how anyone else feel you may have to stand alone.

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