The Bastard Experience

(If God is not your father,
don't worry about a whipping
you are going to get a killing!)

by Dedric Hubbard
Sept 18, 2010

I love when God speaks unexpectedly and assuredly in the realm of the prophetic, it gets your blood rushing because to really have a relationship with God there is never a dull moment. Sitting in my office soaking in God's presence I heard him say “let's go.” Immediately I was caught up in a vision over Birmingham. As we went from church to church I noticed a dog collar around every minister's neck in place of the preacher collar they usually wear. We visited the so-called mega as well as the small ministries until the Lord said “let's watch.” So as we watched a service in a church I shall not name I noticed that during the worship service dog collars started to appear around the people and those that didn't get a collar in worship during the altar call as the minister laid hands on the individuals the collars appeared. As I sat and watched it was as if the minister saw me looking. He stared and smiled then his face transfigured and the demon laughed and then an angel appeared in front of me and handed me a piece of paper entitled My Bride and stuck to it was a gold key so as I took it to place in my pocket, the angel said no eat. So as I placed the document in my mouth it dissolved as soon as it touched my tongue and immediately I was back in my office.

So as I sat meditating on the encounter the Holy Spirit took me back to the first time I ever looked behind the veils of the spirit. I was in a church service and I remember seeing a minister laying hands on people trying to deliver them when I was shown the minister was not delivered himself, so as the demon engaged the minister and they fell to the floor with people thinking they were slain in the spirit when really they had been attacked by demons. It was the same spirit I saw in the vision then the Holy Spirit began to speak “98% of the churches really don't have a worship experience, they have a bastard experience.” Inside of the bastard experience you have traditions, pride, religion, and attitudes you have ministers and leaders trying to father someone in the spirit when they haven't been fathered themselves. You have people operating in areas of ministry that they have no business in. My people have been misled by people not following the word and allowing the watchman to watch the door. Therefore, their foundation is unstable and must be destroyed. God states that the church was built on two important components that have been looked over but now must be established in order to be stable. Eph. 2:20 states that the church is built on apostles and prophets, however by neglecting these two components and their position in ministry the church is overrun in perversion, traditions, stagnant churches and people etc. By not allowing the apostles there is disorganization, incorrect doctrine, and spiritual principalities that actually run churches according to my encounter.

Not to mention the children of God who are either behind or do not know what their destiny is, let alone know that they had one. Because of the misuse of the prophetic gifts and the other offices of the church God states he will whip the bastard spirit into submission with love. The end-time people, especially the prophets that God has ordained in this season to start preparing the church for his return, are operating under the Elijah anointing which is a prophetic leadership mantle. They are very knowledgeable in their gifts and callings and were birthed out in submission, honesty, and authority. They are the ones you want really have to worry about because their fruit is evident from the time they appear in your presence. Any person in leadership should understand submission to authority; that is why Jesus was so affected. In this season there has been a change in spiritual authority to allow the apostle and prophet back into their rightful position among the ascension gifts given by Jesus. These next few lines might not be for everyone but it will be a good judge of character if you are a product of a bastard father. God states that the way he will whip the bastard spirit into submission is with love and the Bible is the rod. For your foundation, organization, church, ministry or whatever it is, if Jesus is the head you must have the apostle and prophet or access to them for spiritual purposes as stated in the Bible. There will be a season in this year where the first shall be last and the last shall be first.

When spiritual authority changes, leadership changes. If you are in a position of authority and your foundation is unstable the God in you should see the needs of the people over title, position, and honor and say “help show me how God wants me to run this ministry and if you can teach us do it; if you need to deliver us do it.” The end-time mantles have the anointing to move the church into their assigned destiny in God. Therefore, a more seasoned minister may have to ask a younger one without a big name or 3 locations and such under their belt. I being a prophet of God have to inform you this year the church will move according to the spirit and not according to your mere words. This being a year of the prophets God has entrusted them with the key guidelines to getting the bride of Christ ready for Jesus return, which was evident by the angel handing me the paper and the key. Every prophet should flow from the same spirit this year which means this is a sign that our work has been assigned to us. And if you are in place you have already begun, if not you should pray for your part in this move of God. Each prophet is placed in a church for a specific reason and specific instructions. They already know what you need? How far you are behind? And what you need to get there? The real end-time prophets are not concerned with money, they are concerned with kingdom. Be aware of one that is concerned about monetary offering. The fruit of their lips will tell you the intent of their heart.

Although if God speaks to you to honor them by all means do so, but you have to beware of the power of a prophetic spirit and the means they will and can use to seduce the people and the leaders. For many are operating in charismatic witchcraft because of the bastard spirit in them also. There will be a group of prophets that God will begin to show ministers and leaders to allow them to come and align their church with the movement of God. This is also a season where the devil has released his counterfeits. Therefore, every prophet should be accountable to someone, not running loose on the ministry circuit with a “God-said,” this is a bastard spirit who doesn’t want to be fathered. The last part of the vision God showed me a church with the word Bride across the top in what I guess was transparent gold. The door never opened but the people passed through it to get in and out the church. God states that there is going to come a season when the only way to access him is in submission. The bride church which operates according biblical principles and foundations will be allowed to enter into their rest. Failing to allow the foundational gifts to operate is what has led to the church being overtaken by demonic spirits and one thing I know about a God-chosen prophet you cannot put anything in front of them and tell them it's God. Worshipping before God is what gives a prophet longevity. If you take an inventory of your next service make sure you are having a worship experience and not a bastard experience.

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