Does The Church Resemble God Or The World?

by Dedric Hubbard
May 11, 2010

Having a conversation with a few pastors on today as a gesture and a favor for a friend, as we discussed a visitation one of them had concerning the status of the church and where the body is headed I can only shake my head at the answers and the disregard of a specific warning from God. As in the days of Noah so it will be at the coming of the son of man. God is making a statement loud and clear. He is building a body of safety instead of an ark as people laugh, ponder, and let meaningful prophetic words and voices just fly past there head and ears as if they don't care. I assure you not because of the experiences that I have had the pleasure to partake it is because of God’s word that I believe heaven is real and hell is real the word based with heavenly encounters I know without a shadow of a doubt they are real. So why is it then that people are trapped in bondage and sin, some without care in the world where they are headed? The answer is quite simple, the church in its present state is the world. We talk their “that's what's up” language, do their rock and lean, two, three, and four step or whatever it is, and we expect that to change people. Who are we kidding? And we wonder that most Christians are called hypocrites what is the difference between the church and the world? Very slim if any. The men run through the women in the church as well as in the world, then the world comes in the church and do the same thing except they might stop coming for a while until the lust wears out and they come back to walk through the aisle for repentance until the next time. Where are the ones who are set free indeed?

All this is being done in the open as people are free to flaunt there out of control habits while serving as pastor’s aides, leaders, pastors, prophets etc. There is no difference between the leadership and the congregation in some churches; they share the same dirty jokes as the world, the same thoughts, dreams, and ideas. I remember God taking me into a vision in which I was told to call The Bastard Experience which is a bunch of bastards running without restraints. As I have heard pastor protect their flock’s immoral behavior and theirs by teaching the congregation to “love them where they are at” and thus they are allowed to run their escapades unchecked. We know love covers a multitude of sins, but where does the verse “faithful are the wounds of a friend” play the part until a matter is addressed? In my opinion there is no love, to see a fellow Christian suffering in a sin and it's not addressed there is no love knowing where the end of that lifestyle will end. Most Christians may have experienced the same but because we have been taught to “love them where they are at” many are walking in error. Because of a pastor's heart for the flock some have difficulty addressing certain issues so what does a pastor do? (And this where the conversation got interesting today.) They get advice from other pastors and then decided to find a prophet (and I use the term loosely at this time) to talk and see what issues need to be addressed. So all they want is to receive an encouraging word and sow; prophetic words and we will give you this much and then you can raise whatever you can. Pastors are not looking for prophets they are looking for Balaams.

People have to realize that prophets who are prideful and money-motivated can walk in a room and count the money in a church before they ever release a word. Their spirits are not right especially those who are spiritists posing as prophets. Until the sin is addressed in a person, no prophetic word given will benefit the person. I didn't say it wouldn't come true I said it won’t benefit them because of the lifestyle they are allowed to live while you “love them where they are at.” Not saying being saved is not a process (and I of all people understand that) but to love a person where they are at for five years or more while they move their spirits and sin through the church. Everything Jesus seen that wasn't right he addressed and dealt with it because he loved them. Now whoever started that saying and made it into a tradition needs to rethink it as we back it up with “don't worry they just set in their ways.” How foolish can we be they aren't ways they are spirits. If a man who was set for 38 years can be changed, why can't you? Sure people say they aren't afraid and intimidated by others but their actions dictate otherwise. In this next dimension of God there will be a difference between the church and the world. Sinners will not be able to sit comfortable in the front row while texting the other woman “I’ll be there in a minute the keys are under the door. I have to count the money with the rest of the deacons.”

Who cares if they storm out and get mad. It is not them you are after, it's the spirit inside them that's mad because it has been exposed. One thing I learned about God, if his hands are on you there is no way you will stay away. It is with these practices and examples that God is making sure that sin has to be preached, not the user-friendly gospel we have become accustomed to with their three points and a hoop. The nerve every word that Jesus spoke is understood and not infused with heavy in and out breaths and hollering reminds me when I was up delivering a word one time and my instructor told me “I need to show you how to ‘work the people.’” Needless to say, “I heard God” as clear then as I do now that that's fleshly. When you really are anointed and flowing in the anointing you don't need gimmicks, the anointing does it all. So the question has to be answered, who you resemble God or man? There is a difference and it depends who you are and the words you speak. If you want to work the word you have to resemble God. As I was taught in an encounter when you reach a certain place in God as you speak the word you actually can see it start to work. When working the word it has to agree with the plan God has for your life. The spirit of agreement in wisdom may speak on this wise. If you ask God for something and your sinful life is more powerful than your spiritual life then the word won’t work according to God's standards, but the devil hears it and gives it to you prematurely and after you have stood in front of the church and call it a blessing, 1 year later it has become a curse. Why? Because you can't afford it, all the blessings of God are.... you get the picture. By now everyone is uncomfortable but me of course. Prophets have to learn you don’t speak people’s heart, you speak God’s heart. I heard God say the rules for some churches to allow a prophet to speak you must say what the leader and/or deacons want to hear. After all you do want to call your money line up at the end (I tried to find this in scripture but I don’t see it! Sorry another trick exposed perhaps?).

By this time I was asked a question, who was my mentor? and I said “God.” As God was giving me the download I was dealing with intellects and earthly wisdom I remember saying “this is going to get good” as God responded “yes it is” he said “take them to school.” So as I asked the question who were their mentors the names went to singing and schools went to being thrown out and how they study, so as my friend looked at me in amazement and put his head down when they asked the question “what has God taught you” in an arrogant tone. God has taught me you always have testimonies that he has given to you according to the situations you are exposed to, so I explained in 2007 that for 7 days a week at 7 p.m. that my spirit left and traveled to heaven for a period of 30 days where I was taught by the best. Meaning a cycle had to be broken which is represented by seven and thus adding a cycle that must be started which adds up to fourteen which brings about a deliverance from an old foundation or order to a new foundation or order meaning I was consecrated or set aside to do and say what God says.

A prophet of God should and will not be intimidated by nothing and no one, in this season especially you who have been equipped to stand must not waver because of the pressure of ministry. A prophet and/or apostle must have full governmental authority upon them and in them in order to operate in the fullness of the mantle they have been given. Wisdom speaks on this wise, a prophet/apostle must understand the 12 dimensions of creation in heaven and on earth in order to operate effectively and with ease. Man was made to operate in 12 areas of thought and actions in heaven which explains the Holy Spirit becoming upon you in the Old Testament. In the New Testament after Christ left the Spirit came within you but in order to see it in action Jesus had to pick 12 disciples with each one representing a dimension of creation that you must master on earth before you are able to access heaven in its fullest. Now as I cut this short and sum it up in one sentence because strong meat is not healthy for babies. In order to operate in heaven an in earth and bring heaven down to earth you must have the spirit own you and in you. This requires you to have knowledge of what’s happening in heaven and earth which is 24 the number of the priesthood. You have to understand how heaven operates and the earth operates through you by God. Now who are you resembling? Don't say “that's what's up,” look up for your redeemer lives. Now that's what's up.

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