The Power of the Remnant

by Dedric Hubbard
June 20, 2010

Almost time for God to show off his strength through the manifest presence of the sons of God. The power of any end-time remnant ministry, prophet, people, and harvest is their ability to discern the true from the false and within that choice you must choose ahead of time and right on time. If you are going to be operating with unlimited access to the heavens and to the throne you must turn away from organized religion, traditions, bondages, mindsets, and denominationalism; this is destroying the people and power of God. In a heavenly encounter with the spiritual fathers of my faith it was explained the sensitivity the people of God must possess in this end-time season. They must find God within themselves in order for him to dwell within them. One of the fathers made mention which I reveal earlier that people who are in ministries that consider themselves non-denominational will be among the most deceived people in this end-time hour mainly because they have become a denomination unto themselves and have developed a system and networks of coverings and falsehoods they have adopted and present to the people as the Gospel which has bound them in rules and regulations that the leader has come up with and has stamped them mandatory to operate within their system. As the time comes and the remnant separates they will begin to see the demonic strongholds and false prophets/apostles that operate unchallenged in this system. God already has people operating in limited sonship to expose and uncover this subtle and well-disguised plan that satan intended to work his anti-christ spirit through. Many of these people are operating in limited sonship because they understand the nature of God's work and are actually walking in unison with God. When the indwelling of the Holy Spirit begins to emerge through these sons the world will never be the same.

Those in non-denominational ministries must realize the magnitude and the judgment God is about to bring on this system because it is filled with people who have raised themselves to a status of idolatry, wealth, and authority on people, events, and The Gospel. To understand the nature of these individuals you must understand the nature of the fallen angels that have entered into and are controlling these individuals. That is why God states the very elect could almost be fooled, but because of their relationship with God they are able to identify and destroy these strongholds. People must understand they will attempt to reveal first the name of the practice that has caused the church to sin, then they will reveal the spirit, then they will reveal the name and the churches who are operating in this spirit. What the world must realize when they start hollering “that ain't God” because that ain't love you must keep in mind only God and the person assigned to reveal the practice as well as the individual being exposed will know how many times God has warned the individuals through dreams, words, and other people. Therefore, when they are exposed in specifics it is your job to stay in your place. To interfere with what God is trying to destroy and expose will cause you unnecessary warfare and harm. That is why this is a season that you make your calling and election sure, as well as your ministry and people. To operate and say that you are an end-time ministry, vessel, etc., and can only speak in presumptions about what you think God is doing to make it seem you have a relationship with God that you don't have will now be considered operating in a deceitful spirit. Which will make your punishment worse when you are judged before the throne.

The people in leadership position must now change their gospel about heaven to make the sheep understand that just because you are going to heaven doesn't mean you are going to make it through the gates. This is the gospel that has many Christians thinking that just because they are saved and going to church they are automatically in heaven for the rest of their lives. “Saved” means when you die you don't go straight to hell and receive instant torment, you go to heaven and live in peace until the throne judgement when your eternity is decided. People must live toward deliverance not just being saved. This will cause people to walk toward their destiny and not toward a carbon-copy of a man and his ministry. The remnant must understand they will not harness the fullness of God until they harness the fullness of themselves are who they are based on God in their life, not what some man taught you based on his experience with the Lord. These people have used their experience and their anointing as advice to you to manufacture this complex system they call “coverings.” This should have only been taken as advice for you to build your relationship with God and your ministry. Instead, the devil has used them to build an organized religion based on money, power, titles, positions, etc. In the kingdom of God and the organizing of the bride this will not be established. A ministry or individual cannot be an end-time ministry and participate in these types of falsehoods. Many ministries and people are being short-changed and their anointing limited because of false prophets, leaders, and apostles claiming they are helping them, but instead they are holding them back because they are looking to man for spiritual guidance instead of to God himself. Even when a person says he prays because he has given a man open-access to speak in his life the person you so-called have “covering” you will always have the final say.

You have to understand only God has the final say-so in anybody’s life. If a person's advice is always telling you what you are not ready for and not allowing you to advance, chances are their advice and their presence was sent to keep you in a season longer than you are supposed to and therefore, is nothing more than a demon assigned in a human to keep you in bondage. The remnant must understand that everybody in this season is not qualified to speak into or over your life, ministry, etc. The remnant and end-time ministry must understand they hold the power and it can only be released by true end-time vessels who understand the importance of what God is doing and how he is doing it. I don't care how many years they have been preaching, prophesying, teaching, degrees, alphabets behind their name, etc. God is moving through spiritual authority he has placed in individuals, and what are the qualifications of these people? They should have the knowledge and the answer in which man was created, this is called: The 12 dimensions of creation. They should know the seasons, rivers, and anointing that your ministry as well as those in your congregation operate in. In the end-time season a person who is sent to help you (not “cover” you) will not only speak to the leaders potential, but will have knowledge of the people under the leader because they are spiritually connected. If a connection (watch this) can only speak to the leader and not the individuals and specific ministry in the church, it is not God it's a demon. Why? Because God is able to speak to all situations not some because his power is unlimited. A demon or unlearned individual can only speak to one. So what is the power of the remnant? The ability to realize after reading this revelation that some of you are serving the father of lies. And by this time next year you shouldn't be in the same position if you have found your real spiritual father in heaven and not on earth, if you have found your real covering in heaven and not on earth.
So tell the devil happy father's day, God has shown what you have been teaching me and this is the last time I fall for this trick.

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