A Chilean Affair

by Dedric Hubbard
March 1, 2010

My spirit man leaps in anticipation of what God is going to do next as he starts to prepare his bride for his coming. We prophets as well as children of God must realize everything that is going on is part of a well-calculated plan the Lord has had since the beginning of time. I don’t know how the atheist's feel …but only a fool will say there’s no God (paraphrase) in this season. So as God pieced together the Chilean affair in my spirit a few days ago, he gave the title as well as the final piece this morning. He wanted it released because of what March symbolizes which is military strength, pride, and morale of the troops. Interesting isn’t it? With that I release the information God has provided along with the words he wants to speak.

1. Shaped like a ribbon – a symbol of reminder of God’s laws. Num. 15:38, John 14:26 usually blue this state is located on the outside coastal region near the water.

2. Main resource is copper – symbol of judgment against sin of disobedience, strength, and endurance. Job 40:18, Dan. 7:19, Rev. 1:15

3. In Chile marriage has no effect on either birth names people keep there name for life; children will always bear the surname of their father, then mother. If no known father and mother is single the children can bear either.

Revelation: God states there are those whom he has called from birth for this season and no matter what people call you or say about you, you are a child of the King of kings and Lord of Lords. There also are those who don’t know who they are. God says follow his spirit and you won't go wrong.

4. The Incas of Peru were said to call the valley of Aconcagua (Chili) by corruption of the name of a Picunche tribal chief (carcique). Interesting fact he was called “Tili,” the name of the whale which killed the trainer was Tilikum.

Revelation: God states in this prophetic movement there will be false prophets and apostles this season but you have been given authority to tear down, root up, build up, and plant (paraphrase) tilikum (till I come).

5. Earthquake was 8.8 – Eight meaning New Birth, New Creation, or New Beginning Gen.17:12, Rom. 2:28-29, 1st Sam. 16:1-12, Levi. 9:1-2.

Revelation: God is saying that during this end-time move there must, has to be, and will be a separation. The question is will you follow God or follow people, traditions, and customs? God states with what he is about to do you cannot deny his presence, only imitate. The majority of the false prophets will come out of what you decide this year. To stay in a situation, place, or around people when you know God is calling you higher is spiritual death because this is rebellion against him. There has to be a deciding factor this year to either live for Jesus or for religion, traditions, and people. Therefore, there is a new birth happening. The question is will you be birthed in the spirit or in the flesh?

6. Hawaii – means homeland

Revelation: Anyone who has ever been to Hawaii is instantly taken away by the beauty of the island. The choices we make this year determine the blessings we receive. To make the right choice and follow the spirit equates blessings. The wrong choice equates….. this is why the water couldn’t touch Hawaii. There are a few more stumbling blocks that come when we make the right choice but, in the end there is peace. Don’t give up now you have come too far.

As I read Apostle Williams post about he’s preparing your table I could only wonder where would I be if I hadn’t obeyed God at every level. There are those who started before me and with me that are stuck in a place called “Wait.” So as I listened to my pastor yesterday preaching about the mind, I got the revelation that some of our minds are really renewed toward God and we have a feel for him but not the revelation of him. So as I lay and sometimes listen to the conversations and criticism and I hope most prophets can testify to this; when we are in sync with God we hear your conversations, but we are taught not to respond. He allows us sometimes to hear the haters and naysayers to push us onward so if God is calling you this season to a higher level in him, don’t worry bout church folks get where you need to be, because nothing is released until everything is completed. So to all my haters, gossipers, and the like I got mine, do you have yours? Some of us have big serving dishes and there is going to come a day when you have to see the one you have ridiculed, because they may have the key to unlock your blessings. Those who can’t swallow the spirit of pride will be stuck in a place called 'wait.'

For I am speaking son and now is the time for they have broken my covenant with falsehoods and lies, speaking with deceit to enhance their pride. I will shake all that is mines I am after my people to them it’s time. For I am separating what is mine and will destroy the rest for they have taken my Word and put me to the test I the Lord will destroy the evil in their foundation and build what is upon mine. For yes I am rebuilding according to my seed I have a planted the seed of unity and watch as it grows I am gathering my fragments because it is time the remnant I seek I will find. I call my prophetic army forth to move forward with force for it’s time to gain ground my kingdom awaits. We are on the offensive and now it’s time to strike tear down the secret place in which the devil hides every person, every lie, speak the truth and do not be ashamed. Prepare the bride for my son and Jesus is his name. Separate the wheat from the tares how dare they worship me and call my name when they are burning strange fires in my house. Oh watchman, where were you how did the enemy get in my house you left your post and was bribe out of your house. Therefore, let it be unto you the desires of your heart Jezebel has corrupted you and you dare to entertain my guest. Come out from among them and recognize your faults and I the Lord will show mercy upon your house. Oh watchman, your heart is hidden from me I will deal with you according to your iniquities divination has been your gift of choice. I the Lord have one last word. Peace be unto you.


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