Harden not your hearts....

by Dedric Hubbard
May 25, 2010

Ecclesiastes 12:13 “Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter: Fear God, and keep his commandments: for this is the whole duty of man. 14 For God shall bring every work into judgment, with every secret thing, whether it be good, or whether it be evil.”


Well I was late this morning but still showed up, so as I entered the office and went to my room there they were again; all four of them: God, Jesus, Holy Spirit and the Spirit of wisdom. As they all laughed at me it was then that I noticed my step I entered into the office then I went into my room, when I usually go straight into my office. Hmmm, I start to question “have I become common with God?” And usually in heaven before you finish thinking or speaking they have already answered and he said “no son, we have become common with you.” So as I evaluate my surroundings I realize my office is now in the middle, encased with transparent gold glass. The one on the right is transparent silver. The one on the left was much bigger and grander. The door was open but it had a “do not enter” sign on it, but you could see all the magnificent things in it, picture, statues, etc. As I looked in front of my window I see gardens suspended in mid-air I wondered were these the ‘hanging gardens’ that I read about? For they formed a bridge to another door and it said “home.“ Although I understood the nature of everything I let them explain for when authority is in place, everything else line's up. Because we have entered Pentecost when I used to see one or the other now they all come together in the office. God states that many have claimed things they were not given and have turned my sheep toward their falsehoods for “today if they hear my voice.....” Jesus explains that many say they operate in certain offices but yet have never truly entered in. It is for this case that he pours his heart out and tells you to repent and learn from that which has the tongue of the learned.

So now I understand why people say they operate in something but yet can never give you details of how something truly operates. For some they say wait till they are “under the anointing” or “in the spirit.” Meaning they need their circle of flesh around so they can stretch their stories and fill their pockets. Truth is not an anointing, it's a spirit which operates in wisdom regardless of what's in the room. Many wish to get paid for their testimony so they exaggerate the truth, for how can you explain something that you have not seen? If you are called to the office of a gift there is an actual office. Although yours may not be mine, God will take you there when it's time and hand you the keys to earth and heaven's gates just in case you run late.

Holy Spirit says he is judging on the spot throughout everyday and in everything you do which means if you are in a ministry and you have started your ministry, he will judge you in a place where you are out of place. I told my sister weeks ago when Pentecost comes you'd better line up and she understood. But how many of you know the people you are around dull your hearing? So I called and stopped by and the back window was gone; someone shot it out. In the wrong place and so she says I was riding and we got in the car and I just yelled “God I surrender. I can't do this no more.” So I asked for 10 dollars and left for the spirit of prophecy is the testimony.... Holy Spirit says stop saying that's a “good word” or “nice saying” he says ask “is that for me?“ Some of you have become common with what you think is God and it's the spirit of the anti-christ for you listen in a building and in a leadership that's out of order and he is trying to use you to restore order. Am I exempt? Far be it. I noticed my left tire going down, needing oil and a tune up. I say “what have I done God.” “Your prayer life is starting to go down. I am giving you an increase in my anointing so get in shape; you have gotten too fat.”

God says he is trying to bring you out of bondage. Borrow the gold from the taskmaster so you can kick dust; meaning get what you have learned so you can apply to build in order. But yet we trust in chariots of fire and men… “girl he preached today....” “they laid hands today...” “she was in the spirit...” and “God said...” What God is saying is wake up, for “when you ought be teachers....” When is your time? You have let fleshly sermons and attributes dull your hearing. “Ok God I am fixing to leave” “ring, ring,” or “hey you come give us a word.” A religious spirit that is in control of a church knows how to operate because it has set the standard and not God. It will not let you leave because of the power you have to expose it. So your compassion for your own ministry in a particular area is the devils gateway to enter and thus you are trapped for your desire which is God's desire for you. With you being out of place it manipulates you “well let me wait” and the chains have been wrapped around the ankles again.

Wisdom and Holy Spirit say they are warning big time in everything that you do to get yourself in alignment with destiny before they become one and operate in the spirit of judgement for God's son. So as I get ready to start my day because my watch is almost over, the difference is the room to my right are those who have been redeemed and don't see themselves as that, people who have been given permission to go on their own, people who have been given permission to leave relationships and marriages and until they step out in faith and turn that silver into gold they will before every in that cycle. The ones on the left are those who claim they have a relationship with God but are being manipulated by people they think are for them and all they are after is information on certain things in another person's life so they can apply it to boost their ministry. For if anyone truly holds the office they claim and they are in right standing with God and the spirit behind the question is to help and not harm or be distorted he will tell you. So you have entered into covenant with people that have been deceiving you and thus the spirit of familiarity is controlling you. So as I left the veil of darkness off that person's eyes and wipe the blood from them it is for that one who spoke ignorantly of another and therefore, you were punished as such. Although your pride causes you harm and your unbelief has caused you to toss and turn that is the area you need to submit so although you have not the courage to ask what you ought, rest assured God forgives you. So yes, the office of a prophet is real and only accessible through God and you do have an office which is furnished in wisdom and love. Everything is out in the open.

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