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Prophetic Storm Report Part 2

by Dedric Hubbard
April 18, 2011

DUNN, N.C. (AP) — “At least 21 people were killed when tornadoes hit North Carolina over the weekend. The state was hardest hit by a storm system that spawned dozens of tornadoes from Oklahoma to Virginia. Here are a few stories of survival.”

Location - Dunn, N. C. There are lot of prophetic reasons why God sent the tornado to this city but he wanted this to be mentioned specifically: “The name Dunn was in honor of Mr. Bennett R. Dunn, the civil engineer who laid out the roadbed and personally supervised the construction of the railroad between Wilson and Fayetteville…”

Insight - God sent his son with specific instructions laid out how he wanted his church built in that he established five foundations and personally distributed these gifts to men.

Warning of Destruction - Any church that is not operating, acknowledging, and submitting to these gifts in order of authority will be destroyed (i.e. pastors will become suicidal, get sudden illness, and in some cases drop dead in church).

Numerical Insight (21) - Meaning the church has hit 2nd Timothy 3:2-5 status and there are 21 sins in the church in Matthew 23 it will also reveal the 21 characteristics of the hypocrite church without the prophetic voice in place which has allowed this to happen.

"Twenty-one-year-old Jonathan Robinson saw the tornado moving toward his mobile home in Dunn, grabbed his cousin's 3-month-old son and dashed for a closet in his bedroom. But as he dove for safety, the twister took his home apart around him and swept the baby into the dark, swirling afternoon sky.”

Personal Name - there are 21 major Elijah prophets that are speaking now and exposing, revealing, and condemning the practice of the church and those who have been fired by God. They are showing the way God wants the church ran in this dispensation. Many of them are mobile and will come to whoever calls them, yet they are virtually unknown to many. They have full throne backing (3), anointing and information. God is about to become personally involved with these prophets as they reveal the secrets many pastors, leaders and churches have hidden in the closet.

“As soon as I jumped in the closet, it came down and that little baby flew out of my hand," he said.” “I seen him leave my arms. That's how strong the wind was.”

Immediately after digging himself out, Robinson joined family members at the Cedar Creek Mobile Home Park frantically digging through the rubble all around them for little Ayden.”

Phrase - When God releases a word in this season it will manifest instantly and you will see the hand of God move according to the words of his new prophetic voices. They will be releasing judgment, destruction, and confirmation of his words being performed. As the prophets begin to emerge out of the wilderness and begin to speak, the people thought true prophetic voices was lost... “I thought he was lost,” Robinson said.

“Several long minutes later, someone found the boy under a wooden board, unconscious. He was rushed to the hospital, where miraculously emergency room workers found only minor injuries.”

Time insight - The cycle of time allotted for the church to operate in kingdom authority is short, and thus the pastoral foundation must repent and submit according to biblical scripture. Failure to do so will cause the Lord to pour his wrath upon any ministry led by pastors. God will send an Elijah prophet to break up the foundation of that person's ministry by speaking the wrath of God. If they turn they will suffer loss but yet escape the fire.

“He's really blessed to be here right now,” said Ayden's mom, 21-year-old Ciera Robinson, as the boy's grandmother sat nearby giving the baby a bottle. “He's good now. He ended up with a lump on his head.”

Conversation Insight - Even though a ministry seems blessed they are a hypocrite church and it’s leaders (i.e. pastors who teach submission and yet do not submit). They are in sin and yet they have exposed a little leaven that has leavened the foundation of the church. As of Palm Sunday any pastor in the pulpit will feel the resurrection power of Jesus for failure to build according to Eph. 2:20 standards and will be cursed within a curse.

Prophetic/Apostolic Overview - God is using nature to speak its message in that the nature of 3 tornadoes being aligned together exactly 100 feet apart is that he has given the grace for Elijah prophets to operate in the fullness of The Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. 100 meaning God’s Election of Grace to the Children of Promise. This means there are 3 Elijah prophets who operate as manifesting sons or the priesthood in which Jesus operated in while on earth. They are aligned with the heavenly chariots of the throne and are protected by Seraphim as Elijah’s prophet, bypassing the regular angelic assistance. As a result their words, prophecies, and other nature of anointing operates instantly. A church that doesn’t have God’s chosen (not your chosen) prophet in place to set the house in order for an Apostolic invasion in the next 5 years will be utterly destroyed as a result of rebellion and not submitting to the Gospel you preach. Any and all pastors who do not conform to this move of God will be charged with high treason to the kingdom, meaning not to move to the Spirit will be considered blasphemy of the Holy Spirit and your eternal place will not be a guess. Move with the spirit of God or get crushed by the spirit of God. Get these churches in order!

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