Understanding the Authority in May
It's Glory Time!

by Dedric Hubbard
May 20, 2011

~~~Judgmental Disorder to cause Order vs The Chaos Theory (Ex. 1)~~~

“First lady Michelle Obama, who has visited with troops' spouses and children at bases across the USA, today takes her message of support for military families straight to the young men and women who will be leading future troops in battle.”


This speaks to the prophecy that is about to be fulfilled that a woman is about to usher in the new dispensation of the Gospel and in that refusing any woman her rightful foundation or place in God based on religious traditions will be judged harshly by the Lord. These women that are about to be released will be guarded closely by God’s chosen male Elijah prophets who will protect and finance them. These prophets will rebuke any man, denomination, traditions, or theology about women in the Gospel.

Obama will address roughly 1,000 graduating cadets and their families at West Point's annual graduation family banquet held the night before commencement ceremonies.”


In causing judgmental disorder to create order God will use The Chaos Theory to confound the wise as well expose false and fired prophets. In this seemingly honorable but small event the prophets that have been chosen to speak for God should have been all over this for its significance in the Spirit, not for what it means in the natural. When using The Chaos Theory as well as Holy Spirit wisdom we use mathematical wisdom in that 1,000 means divine completeness and the Glory of God, which means as the Elijah prophets who have listened and are in place God are now ready to begin to judge the church. We are in the season of Daniel 7:10 as the books are open in heaven and only those chosen will begin to read.

“Her appearance will break with tradition — those who speak at graduation events generally come from within the military's chain of command — and will mark the first time a first lady has addressed graduating cadets at the prestigious United States Military Academy.”


The appearance of the Elijah prophets will break traditions and rules that have been set in the religious mind. Many will speak, rebuke, and destroy the traditions of licenses to preach, coverings to protect, and pastoral authority that rules in a one-man dictatorship. Their Gospel will be to know God for yourself, equip your spirit, and move forth in the power and authority of God.

“West Point "reflects all of the things that mean so much to me — young people engaged not just in strong academics but a willingness to serve at a time of war," Obama said in an interview with USA TODAY on the eve of her appearance at the academy. "These are the best that we have to offer, and I'm honored and privileged to have the opportunity to speak to them."”


Many Christians have been taught to be strong in the Word in that they fail when it comes to using in the Spirit. The Elijah prophets will teach, preach, and prophesy from the open books of heaven as with the early disciples; no crib notes or 3 points and a poem, just pure resurrection power.

Prophetic Insight - What most prophets are feeling in this hour is a dose of the Glory of God being released from the Throne in that many can't understand it or get the revelation for it. You cannot gather the words to explain what you are feeling unless you are in place and authorized to speak for God in this season. It's an authoritative move by God to make sure the true prophets of Elijah control the rain of revelation that is being released. Those that sense the danger that is coming is because you are called in your season to speak the judgment of the Church. For those who are feeling a burden in their stomachs, this means you are about to abort your ministry. Those who feel a notion to just pray, you are called to intercede and pray for the kingdom of God not against the destruction that you will see, if pray against it that makes you an enemy of the kingdom. Those who appear heartless, emotionless, and distant to all the horror that will happen, you are called to go into these churches and put the leaders and church in order. Those who have been watching and praying as to understand this Kingdom authority shift, do not be confused, acknowledge, and/or respond to the myths of May 21st foolishness; this is an attempt of satan to force the hands of God's chosen and if you operate in spiritual authority praying and trying to figure out that foolishness you have become a target. Satan is trying to find the source of the Elijah prophets power because they are hidden in God's foolishness. In the Jewish tradition May 22 represents Pentecost Sunday but because of man changing the dates and times only the real prophets understand the release of the Holy Spirit. This will be the power to activate the anointing they already have in them. These prophets will come out in an untraditional foundation on a platform of the world in that the platform the Gospel will be released in a manner which will shock the religious mind and yet begin the release of the end-time anointing upon the remnant of God. These prophets spirits will automatically connect with those called to operate in this dispensation. They will be a self-contained group of people whose resources will be self-contained in God. As a result, they will only be controlled by the presence of the Glory of God and their resources will only be limited to their faith, which will be unlimited.

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