There is a pain in God's heart

by Dedric Hubbard
May 14, 2010

Leaving the house this morning to start my day early I felt a sharp yet gentle pain in my heart as it stopped my movement as I sat on the garage floor. The Holy Spirit begin to say:

There is a pain in God's heart for the sake of this world. The people are destroying everything he created because they don't care it was made for them, a paradise suspended in midair. They killed each other without a clue, all in the name of “I am better than you.” They molest my children without a cause then kill them with no remorse. God states his people have no shame. They rob and steal for they cannot see he has always provided; the world has become corrupted and it is time for a cleansing again.

There is a pain in God's heart for the sake of his church. Many have not separated and there has been no release. His people do not know who to believe. They have stiffened their necks for fortune and fame and led many astray, all for the sake of the filthy lucre as in the days of Paul. There is a debate of scriptures instead of Holy Ghost guidance. Many have spoken in error and care not to change, all because of pride. They have dug their nails in and refuse to change. It is unity in this season God will operate and that will never change, start inspecting my fruit before you complain. Your statements are immoral just as your life. Be careful who you speak on, what you think or what you say. How can you tell when you are kicking against the pricks? I will visit you in the midnight hour and we will settle this.

There is a pain in God's heart for his son that he has sent from above who walked the earth to save his people from a life of death. They have failed to understand the meaning of holiness as shown by Jesus his son. So what is a father to do in a situation like this? Simple, he comes for his children who understand his wish: there is a remnant of the bride who are about to come forth. Be careful who you rebuke, for now it will be His tongue. Be careful what you say, for now it will be His words in which they speak. Be careful what you think, for it will be his thoughts they bring forth. For as in the beginning as the Lord thought it He made it manifest so as the Lord answers your prayers it is time to answer his. I will be introduced in people you may have never seen, and be made manifested in people you have never thought would be the one who was sent to help you in your time of need. I will heal the hurt in the father's heart in ways you have never seen. So prepare for my arrival, the outpouring of me has arrived. I am The Holy Ghost, it is time you witness me.

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