The Anatomy Of A Sinner
building your faith to fail

by Dedric Hubbard
May 28, 2011

Many will come into a simple understanding as the new generation of prophets reach their platforms my mid-summer. The sheep will be amazed at how fast they can grow when listening to the right people that are not hustling for dollars, donations, and fame. Thereby I release this revelation not out of worship, intense prayers, crying, yelling and snoting asking God for more of him. One simple request in that I only said “Father what's next?” As I lay watching TV. After drifting off to sleep my spirit was awakened by a spiritual transport. Many will have to come to a level of understanding of spiritual authority: Angels come get you and protect when you have limited authority more flesh than spirit. Seraphim come and get and protect you when you have risen in authority and your place is among the Throne. Ophanim come and get and protect you when you are seated on the Throne. Thereby your authority is confirmed and ordained in heaven not Earth. Now if you didn’t know that it speaks to the ignorance of your understanding, meaning if you are preaching and all you got is angels, sit down. None of your business which was my transport, just know I fear no man in that I was placed in a position that shall remain nameless so those that breed corruption won’t add my state of favor to their limited spiritual experience. In this place you choose what revelation you want to release based on the mindsets of those who consider themselves masters of the Bible in which they have dedicated much of their lives to understanding traditions and languages of the past which has crippled the future of the church. Thereby Spiritual Authority is always governed by revelation and not performances of prophecy, healing, and deliverance; those can be mimicked and learned but revelation has to be revealed.

Behind my Secret Place guarded by Uriel in which I was given (not prayed for) 3 revelations that I had a choice to release, I chose The Anatomy of a Sinner in that you have to come to a level of authority that you don’t sit and pray for revelation, it's given to you. Thereby strengthening your authority on earth. It's a fool who sits down and writes sermons for years they may never see. When you take no thought for tomorrow you release revelation sufficient for that day. So what's the anatomy of a sinner:

Knowledge - Any person that sits and types up sermons and saves them and says God will tell them when to preach them is a sinner, believing they will actually be around to preach them. They are in control of their own destiny and not God for they are speaking life's words while doing the devils deed; these are reprobates in the faith. Saving prophecies, sermons, revelations, and writings these are the minds of heathens. You harbor man's thoughts with human wisdom thereby you become a whore over words. Thereby missing the message that was meant for you because you are too busy worshipping gifts, talents, and words that you miss the spirit released in those words, making you a heady bastard priding yourself for knowledge to cover-up your limited spiritual authority. In that the church has mistaken leaders who use Greek/Hebrew or Jewish lifestyles to make you think it's a message from God because they have no spiritual relationship with him. Thereby whatever pastor says goes because they have frightened you with pre-planned sermons of words and display no power in their words so they have to sweat, hoop, yall ain’t talking to me, slap somebody and tell them, run around the church people. To take the attention off of them and use your excitement of the flesh to make you think you are delivered and hearing a word from the Throne. You can’t fool a prophet who understands and sees with double vision, you people have been deceived.

Mistaken Identity - In dealing with the anatomy of a sinner mistaken identity is common among thieves who want to steal your identity. They are jealous of your understanding and what you possess, so they capitalize on trying to discredit you. To read your Bible word-for-word and not understand the spirit behind the words means you have mistaken your identity. Thinking you are powerful because you quote the Book of Romans and think you did something you are sadly mistaken. In this season God has released a group of prophets that know nothing about the Bible and yet can tell you all the mistakes in the Bible and give you a revelation of what needs to be done. The heathens like to quote David saying he was a man after God's own heart. In this season many of you have mistaken David's identity in that he was after the heart of God not that he was the image of God's heart. Thereby your license to stay in sin is exposed because God hated David to the core, yet he had to protect him because of the Heritage. Blasphemy prophet! That ain't God! And yet the subtle ignorance of man always forgets God is detailed and you missed the detail and you miss God's actions sitting snug in one passage of scripture never revealed in which it throws off the revelation of David's life. “And he sent by the hand of Nathan the prophet; and he called his name Jedidiah, because of the LORD” (2 Samuel 12:15-25) which means “blessed of the Lord.” Isn't it funny how David named his son before God told him what to name him? Isn't it funny how he had made a mistake and God sent a prophet to correct him on his son's name? Isn't it funny how you go to a prophetic ministry and the prophet identifies you as an apostle, and yet your leader still calls you minister? Isn't it funny how everyone and everywhere you go they recognize the prophetic anointing on your life, but the pastor who is supposed to watch over your soul doesn't recognize it? When dealing with detail listen to God not man or you will become less than what God expected of you. Man does not control your destiny God does, and even in a case of mistaken identity if you don't acknowledge who you are you will be a slave to those who have mislabeled you.

Servant - So where do we go from here? David's failures crippled the destiny of another man's wife and his own child. Thereby not accessing or examining his past behavior his son although wise in the world is dumb in spiritual understanding, thereby living the same whorish life as his father women become his downfall. Isn't it funny how the wisest man in the world mates with the richest woman in the world? Yep, devil knows what attracts you and uses it to get to you. Thereby spiritual whoredom is worse than sexual whoredom because once they have your mind they have already controlled your body, so the heathens like church homes, Jakes, Bynum, Pierce, Joyner, Creflo, Steve, Olsteen, Long, Jones, King etc. Because they have your mind you serve them with your body. Taking your spiritual riches while you pay them in your natural riches. Cars, clothes, and whores are really what you are to them making them kings and queens on everything God and no one can compare. BUT GOD HAS A PROPHET WITH THE SPIRIT OF NATHAN AND THE ANOINTING OF ELIJAH, AND THE AUTHORITY OF JESUS TO EXPOSE, REBUKED, CONDEMN, AND DESTROY THEIR EMPIRE OF FILTHY LUCRE. Yep, yall serving idols using the foundation of God as a means to create wealth unto themselves and not building the kingdom. Yep Uriel you sure know how to pick them. See can I ask God if you can go on an exposure spree to get rid of these charlatans? You have to come to mindset that David and Solomon and all their wives represent the church in this day. Yall are married to everything that is not of God. The church and the world are whores in bed with one another. God didn't approve it, somebody just needed to get the revelation of it. Isn't it funny the wife that exposed David's true nature is the one he put away! Isn't it funny the prophets in this season that are really exposing sin are the ones they say operate in witchcraft, false, etc.., isn't it funny when you really understand the call on your life the pastor stops talking to you? Isn't it funny when you really realized your man has been spending more time at the church than with you the divorce comes? Isn't it funny you realize that many of you have been giving the wrong revelation of David's life because you're just repeating what you heard and haven't been to the Throne for the truth?

Oh well, I would finish but can't feed too much meat to nipple-mouth sinners, don't want Pastor getting mad at you. Thereby I cut this revelation short not because of fear, need, or pride but because the church has been deceived so instead of reproducing Christ you are reproducing sinners. Thereby being many are headed to hell not because they don't believe God, but because they are being deceived by spirits that are in idols they have made as gods and everyone is doing what is right in their own eyes. Thereby they are building your faith to fail and not in God because they are teaching God's word of the Bible, but not teaching the spiritual revelation needed to go past scripture and into perfection in which when you encounter a real relationship with God. The angelic hosts will allow you to pick the revelations of spiritual interest, not in the Bible with demonic wisdom.

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