State Of The Church Address

by Dedric Hubbard
March 3, 2010

We who call ourselves Christians or followers of Christ have no idea the magnitude of what God wants to do in, around, and through us. We have become comfortable in these churches, websites, and storefront ministries. We have become comfortable in traditions, conditions, and positions. We have become comfortable in seeing a move of God every now and then. We have become comfortable in being saved and not delivered. We have become comfortable with pulpit pimps and prophets who fleece your pockets while telling you the truth encased in lies, because their motive was your money. Some of us veteran Christians have been in church so long we wouldn't see a move of God if he came in the flesh and told you to come on. We have to realize all that is happening in the world to tell the remnant to come on. Everyone is not going to hear and understand the spiritual significance behind these events, the church has been wandering around the mountains for decades trying to find their identity through doctrine, denominations, titles, gifts etc. While the church has been doing this God has been preparing a people to lead without confusion and divisions. The result of this birthing is a people called to unity. Inside this group of people you will witness a group of prophets God has called the Elijah Generation operating under the Elijah mantle. Inside this group you have some with a forerunner spirit like John and other prophetic personnel like Elijah, which means some will tell you what’s coming and some will tell you what is happening. Some will operate in multiple anointings depending on the situation God has entrusted them with.

As I listened to the news report of how the earth’s axis has shifted we must understand only God can do a thing of such magnitude. It shifts (hear this) the “foundation” that it sits on; this accompanied with the season in which we are in is March, which in Biblical times is when the king would send his warriors out to war. God says it time for those who are true end-time prophets operating in this Elijah anointing; you have been activated for war. God has shifted the church from a defensive position to the offensive position if they are in true covenant with God. God will use the prophets to tear down the unbiblical traditions, conditions, and burdens that religion has put on God's people which have prolonged some from reaching their destiny. These prophets must be heard one way or another because they carry the first half of the Blueprint for the Bride. The apostolic movement will have the second half of the blueprint. Therein lies the problem, some pieces to the prophetic blueprint are missing. They are locked inside gifts of religion, denominations, traditions, conditions, and people who are held in bondage by these events. The church in its present form has God's people held captive to these events even though God has them living in a season called instant, a valley called overcome, climbing a hill called destiny. The church with its religious spirit has them in a season called wait, a valley called decision, and climbing a hill to nowhere.

This is a season comparable to Genesis. God says he has given you the power to say God said and it happens right then; matter of fact my church is teaching “Battlefield of the Mind” and “Powertalk” for Bible study which is in line for what God is releasing. Whoever you are, where ever you are, God has a plan for your life and it's more than what you are doing now. I hear the Lord saying he can build a ministry in one day around you and for some he will. These Elijah prophets that God has nicknamed The Beast have been trained outside of the church system. They hate religion and any form of it. God has chosen this mantle because it is prophetic, leadership, and powerful which is needed to uproot the deep-seated traditions of the church. God wants to release some people today through a simple e-mail. We have to understand the principals of darkness and the principals of light are quite simple. The devil says you can't do that, you are still shacking, ain't tithing, cussing, whoremongering etc. God says take up your cross and follow me which means all that you are in if the devil gets you to stop and think on it you get stuck in that season called wait. Keep moving in spite of your problems. The closer you get to God your cross gets lighter because that stuff falls off. The secret is regardless of what you are in, don't quit your call.

The church is in a Joshua season and the prophets have come to take you to the other side. When Moses built the tabernacle there were others who had the plans to assist. Some of you have plans and gifts that you are sitting on for one reason or another. The way God is moving you are going to finally handle yourself. I hear God says some who have prayed “whatever you need to do God do it, where ever you want me to go God I’ll go,” etc. You have given him permission so whatever you are in or whatever you are doing I can see him taking people and just putting them on display, not according to how people see you but how God sees you. And as so call wrecking churches, conferences, ministries etc. with all your stuff you will have no choice but to stop whatever it is. I heard him say he is going to make you lie down in green pastures, the question is what are you going to still let stop you? God is moving, destiny is knocking, and Jesus is coming. Can you handle you when destiny comes or will you forfeit it with excuses? If you never took responsibility for who you are this is truly a season that you have to handle you. The cry of the end-time prophets will start with unity and end with power. The church cannot flow in the true seven-fold spirits of God with power and authority unless there is unity in the body. In unity the power grows, anything less than that may be operating under the spirit of religion.

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