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Releasing the Order of Authority

by Dedric Hubbard
May 13, 2011

We are entering a very dangerous season in this dispensation as to those who are called to occupy and take the church to the next level if the people in it are willing, if not the assignment is to begin building the Bride. In this season of the no-names, many are being held to the confines of religious traditions, man-made bondages, and man's interpretation of the Bible. God is not looking for nor does he approve of showing himself mighty in buildings but he plans to show himself mighty to and through a people who are willing to go all the way. Although there are many who are operating in divination, racially motivated, and are church-bought name-brand prophets, Jesus is not coming until he shows his power mighty upon this earth for if he does not then the Bible lies where he states that greater works will we do. The only thing man has done and considers great is the mega-church mentality in which they build their Nimrod castles of worship and manipulate the scriptures to command the sheep. In that same mindset do not look for God to release this end-time anointing in a building. When you see the desolate build their bridge only then you will know that the Lord has begun to judge the majority against the minority. Look for the laborers of this dispensation to be released in this particular level of authority:

Governmental Authority - The major prophets of this Elijah generation will begin to emerge this year they will lay the foundation for what God plans and wants to ensure the integrity of the Bride. In this release will be the sons of God that have been highly written about in scripture. They will begin to release a number of prophetic utterances concerning the economy in that they will begin to enter into different arenas of the economy as they begin to transfer wealth to the kingdom. In their arena many must listen to their messages with spiritual ears for they will be calling the remnant out of the bondage of the church as well as directing the end-time harvest in an area of repentance. These prophets will generate income and will go underground and begin building bridal churches. Their Gospel will be one of equipping, stripping, and maintaining and individual relationship with God. The gospel of the tithes will not be preached for they will build a tithe-free church crippling those who have built ministries on prosperity, sowing, reaping, and giving. These Elijah prophets will show the prosperity of God through the equipping you of your own personal gift, calling, and anointing that you have in God, in that because of the nature and incomplete revelation of the tithes they will invade the world's economy to support the ministry while training the church for end-time warfare. Begin to look for them in the areas of theater, movies, stage plays, and music in that prophets know a prophetic move in the making their message will put the Elijah prophets on one accord as they will begin to speak with one voice.

Level of Authority - As the income is being built by the major Elijah prophets the minor Elijah prophets will begin to emerge and connect because the major prophets will control the cash flow of this Elijah kingdom's economy. They will use the minor prophets to set-up bridal churches in certain states in that the major prophets job is to establish the income to supply all the other prophets needs, thus taking away the need to go to the world's economy for financing their ministries as they build the wealth of the kingdom for the famine that will occur. This will create levels of authority in the Elijah prophets dispensation as they will be governed by whoever the Holy Spirit speaks to who is capable of spiritual authority for the season that they will be in. Therefore, it will be possible for a person to establish a ministry overnight Elijah prophets operate outside of religion and/or anything that man has his name on ie, years preaching, theology, seminary schools, licenses, coverings, self-named ministries, will not be allowed in an Elijah prophets ministry. For these things speak to the works of man qualifying themselves before a man to preach. These Elijah prophets do not keep paper trails. As for the major prophets, they will release everything they need to know about an individual before they bring that person into ministry.

Power of Authority - The Elijah prophets ministry is totally operated in the Holy Spirit. As such, there will be no man's picture and/or likeness that will be accompanied by their ministry it keeps the integrity of the Holy Spirit in that if one that gets puffed up and wants more recognition than the other they will be ejected from the ministry before they cause division. In this, the ministries will not house nor operate all the gifts in one building to keep conflict away from those who just desire to spy out the Elijah prophets liberty in the spirit. The major prophets will divide the gifts into separate gifts and callings and will develop a special ministry for healing, deliverance, and prophetic warfare they will be staffed by the major prophets. As such, many will see they do not have to pay and/or sow into anyone's life for healing, deliverance, miracles, or financial breakthroughs. The major prophets will dispense and provide monetary relief as the Holy Spirit gives utterance, which means each ministry connected with this season's dispensation of the Spirit of Elijah must visit the major prophets home-base once each month for instructions on monetary disbursements as well as what God is calling the Bride to do in that particular season. This will ensure that everyone operating in an Elijah anointing with Elijah ministries speaks the same thing and are operating according to the nature that God has called them to.

Vision of Authority - The vision of each Elijah ministry will be given to the prophet assigned to that state, region, or territory, after the prophet has preached the sins, rebuke, exhortation, and whatever else may be hindering that ministry or whatever God is congratulating them for. The prophet will select the Apostle who God states will be responsible for carrying out this vision. The ministry will then shift positions to match the gift that’s in charge. Those who don’t voluntarily submit will be disregarded from the assembly of these Elijah prophets. The Elijah prophets operate in order and authority as released from the Throne to the major prophets and to the minor prophets. This well-organized group will then do one last final sweep to begin to bring people into the mind of Christ. When they become quiet they will leave and be secluded in plain sight under constant angelic protection until Jesus return in which they will be not raptured, but will be taken by the chariots of God. Their place of seclusion will be considered Holy Ground and everything connected with them will rise.

In this level of authority, God will speak when this revelation has begun in that the next major disaster God will use to speak to the prophets will begin on the Earth which will be a contamination which will affect the water and the earth. This will contain a message of promise which will be specifically for the remnant. In that look for this to happen instantly!  

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