I Hear a Whisper

by Dedric Hubbard
May 16, 2010

Hmmm, Hmmm, Hmmm, do you hear that son? There is a whisper in the spirit. I hear them talking about change son. They are plotting up strategies to fight their Maker. It doesn't make sense, only a fool will fight the Creator of Heaven and Earth. They are whispering son, they aren't well. They are having trouble with my selection of warriors that I have at hand. Are they questioning what I am doing? Let it not be so! They are whispering against my people. Shall I call them to arms with my right hand at their side? Or do I give them a chance to repent of their whispering thoughts? Yet if they continue I have no choice but to visit them unexpectedly before their time so they can see the face of the one who is control.

So they are whispering son; I use whom I choose. They have forgotten the order of events. Do I have to explain? Who made the heavens and the stars? Who made the moon and the trees? Who gives wisdom in the face of despair? I the Lord that's who, and here is wisdom for your life. I hear your whispers and the vain thoughts in your head, and who's authority is that when they say what they say? Yes the Lord hears each whisper just as easy as you breath. Do you understand the parable in which I speak as wisdom to reveal the answer from on high? Yes I am in no mood to play games and wipe your nose, I am ready for my people to come home.

So yes, I hear a whisper but it comes from I have reserved these prophets especially for me. Yes, they are whispering. Do you not hear the sound? There is a noise about to echo throughout the land. Yes, they are whispering to each other about the unknowns. They don't understand my plans nor the language I use, but they call themselves prophets sent from on high. I have hid my words from them; they have run astray motivated by money for every word they speak and whisper lies and unwanted truths, all to satisfy the flesh for a moment of joy upon the earth. But the whisper from my prophets I have ordained. My hand is on them and you will see the marks of the trials they have been through just to tell a stiff-necked people I am in control, yet they whisper in a different tongue men have never heard before because they are unlearned. But my prophets I have reserved are apt to teach. They have visited the school in which I and I alone am the master. They have not been tainted by human wisdom which relies on religion and theology and such. Pure Holy Ghost intelligence is what they represent, so why are they whispering among each other many may ask? It is all a part of my plan to see who will take the lead and introduce my plan. Or shall I choose an ass again who is not afraid? He sees the sword about swing for division of power, separating the wheat from the tares in this very hour. Yes, they have tried and will try to muzzle my prophets, but desire the words to build their empire.

The time has come when they will whisper no more. There is a kingdom to be built and a foundation to be destroyed. For this cause I bring the prophets I have hidden in the cave for this very hour. Speak prophets speak, and tell them their errors! Speak prophets speak and right the wrongs! Speak prophets speak, my heart’s deepest desires! Speak prophets speak and tell them I need laborers for hire! Speak prophets speak and tell them I am weary of their lies! Speak prophets speak and tell them let my people go! Loose them from the bondages and tradition of self-made men. Speak prophets speak and tell them freedom has come to enter my kingdom with joy. Speak prophets speak, and tell them it's time I have released the Holy Ghost Fire. After I burn the traditions of men nothing shall be whispering, no witch, soothsayers, no warlock at all; just my people I will hear saying God I Love You so much.

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