Calling My Bride

by Dedric Hubbard
July 21, 2010

Oh, Son of God where have they gone? Where are those who asked for my face? For I see them in spirit and yet when I come they run and leave. Am I that frightening to them that they won’t come close to me? For their taskmasters speak and they run to hear all their fleshy lies. They move with all swiftness and I their creator they call me a lie. Where are thou fair maiden? My heart pants so deep. Must I remove your taskmaster so you can see me call? Have I not called you into me and when I come near you hide? Where is my bride? Where is my love? Tell me son, please explain. Do they not hear my voice when I speak? Bride of my son's heart, I extend my hand. Come unto us quick for we are destroying the land. Your foundations are gone and you still won't come home. What must a father do? I will try for my son's sake and then I will expose your taskmaster's soul, for they have stolen my son's choice bridesmaids and placed them in a box. So I the father will destroy their heart and maybe my bride will hear my scream. I am coming for you and there is nowhere to hide! And you will have to choose where you want to live, heaven or hell. Choose my bride, for I am calling you this day.

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Dedric Hubbard

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