Destiny Checklist

by Dedric Hubbard
May 1, 2010

Sitting in my favorite chair this morning around 2am, nothing fancy, just sitting; my room lit up like morning and I was taken somewhere sitting on the grass and a man walked up and handed me a piece of paper. I looked, read, and as soon as I finished was back in my living room. It is with this perspective that we who call ourselves Christians must realize the magnitude of what God is about to do. As we take in to our spiritual eyes the oil spill and the damage it may cause, we have to refer to Genesis when darkness covered the face of the deep. Many of us are blind to the fact of what God is about to do, who God is about to use, And where some of us are about to go. But one thing that everyone is certain of a change is coming and a separation is taking place. Just like in the natural ignorance of the law is no excuse, ignorance of what God is about to do is no excuse. Whether you believe what you may start to hear, whether you disagree with what you hear, whether your leader or whoever teaches that, if you heard it you are responsible for it. Whenever you meet Jesus and he says didn't you read that email? See that blog? Take notice of that Facebook post? It will be a tad bit late I believe for you to say “I didn't know” or “I never heard of him/her or them.” All he will be concerned about is did you hear some Christians have put too much stock in people, places and ministry? Even as God begins to change this scene, many of you still have itchy ears and hard hearts combined with the cares of this world. Many are suffering with restless spirits, soul ties, and demonic word curses that causes you not to sleep at night, but for fear of your reputation you are being tormented beyond measure.

With that being said, those who understand that God is about to use them in a greater measure than ever before, as the man handed me the letter you must be able to check off your checklist or as quick as you rise you will fall.

1. Are you anointed but have no anointing? In times past many of us can tell that a person is anointed but, they have no anointing which is means they were born with the grace and power of God, but not the mercy and knowledge of him they are careless and reckless knowing they are anointed, but unable to change lives because they are unable to listen and be taught by God to exercise the full mantle in which they have been given; they are mostly prideful and materialistic.

2. Do you have an anointing but you are not anointed? In this case most people since they have an anointing to do something but are not quite sure, run to books and materials to somehow relate to what they are experiencing. But they are vulnerable in a sense that whoever operates in what they have they tend to bond with them and it is not really God-ordained. Therefore, they are prime candidates for manipulation, witchcraft, and humiliation.

3. Have you followed your marks in the spirit? Just as Jesus must needs to go through Samaria you had some place that you must go through. The problem is some have built a city where it should have been a campsite. By now they are on a spiritual roller-coaster ride with ups and downs, only really experiencing God at his fullest outside of their city walls. These are the ones who must realize when the walls of Jericho have been brought down, do not go back and build them up; each time you do they are fortified. This means you are a prime target for spiritual deception and the devil will tell you it will be alright. Let no man think highly of himself lest he fall.

4. You know you are called, but have you accepted your call? As God calls a person and you recognize what you are called to but have you accepted the call of God on your life? God kept calling Samuel, but only when Samuel answered did the training begin. No matter what prophet, pastor, people, and/or friends tell you only until you answer God will your training begin. And this is where most of the problem lies: many are operating in gifts, callings, and anointings and no one has accepted some prophet told you that you were a prophet. You went under their wings and now you are prophesying that is not the order of God, before you are put under a prophet you must go through the training by the Lord himself. He then places you where you need to be. So what we have in the body of Christ are spiritists operating in spiritism and calling it prophecy. It is at this point in your life if you now accept the call your life will get worse instead of better because God always makes the person before the gift.

5. Prophets are for more than confirmation. Because of the lack of proper prophetic training most people only think of prophets for confirmation, exhortation, and the such. God states because of the order of the church he is instituting the Old Testament order of the prophetic which calls for rebuke, restoration, activation, impartation, and ordination.

6. Do you still struggle with people? If your ministry depends on people liking you then, you are doomed from the start with the new order that has to be restored in the church. A true leader will not be a favorite among the religious spirits.

Now I could go on but because of obedience I must stop here because this will be my last post on Facebook till after Pentecost, it is time for fasting and praying.

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