Gifts, Callings, and Anointings.
Anything short is flesh and destruction
laying the plumbline

by Dedric Hubbard
July 22, 2010 at 6:37am

Summoned into the spirit last night sitting round the tables with the other fathers of faith, God explained the fundamentals of the power of his Son and anything less then what he said was marked for destruction. We must realize that first many don't understand the nature of his name. ‘Jesus’ was his name and ‘Christ’ was his gift, calling, and anointing all in one sentence. The Bible was written in the spirit using spirit language for interpretation and therefore, a God-sent prophet or one who has a real relationship with the Lord can understand the unveiling of the revelations and the authority that person has according to the revelations they revealed. ‘Christ’ is written in the spirit as ‘Character In Standards’ which means when he said follow him it meant watch the standards of life you have to crucify before you will be accepted by God, which means he touched everything without succumbing to everything and he sat and talked with everyone, no appointment necessary or requirement to sow fees for counseling. But pastors have started preaching a gospel of reclusion meaning you have to make an appointment, meaning you don't have an individual relationship with God when you have to wait 2 weeks to talk to a man; wouldn't happen when a prophet/apostle is in the house for they would come to you. Now meaning the gift of eternal life is in you and you determine where you spend eternity, not some man behind a pulpit wanting you to follow, sound, and look like him. Your gift and/or call to eternal life begins when you become a follower of Character In Standards and that is when you acknowledge God (called you), meaning he wants you to begin using your life as a standard for other like you. Because your gift of life why God put you on this earth is when he summoned and/or called you if you follow his instruction you will change someone's life.

When this happens you automatically by the grace of God becomes a minister in the spirit; you are referred to as a ‘mini steering,’ which means you are a work in progress. Now hear the Spirit clearly and accurately; it is during this stage if you had a God sent pastor, or a man of God, or a man after God's on heart and who has a real relationship with God, they would seek God for you to get information on what God is calling you to, and what step does the church need to accommodate the gift that the Holy Spirit (not man) is birthing out of you. The Holy Spirit states that anyone that has given his glory to man for you being the person you are and/or following man and giving them honor instead of him, by the time you finish reading this letter he will lift his gift off of you for not giving honor where honor is due. If that leader does not make accommodation then they are not a God-sent pastor, they are no more than a teacher letting a spirit of deception think they are a pastor. These are the types of pastors that send you all through a ministerial class for their approval and yet God hasn't approved them; a minister class is not biblical nor is it foundational it is a burden designed by man to confuse your gift from God so to save them the trouble of acknowledging you as one of the five foundational gifts they group you all as ‘ministers’ because they think of the foundations of God as a title structure and they feel a pastor controls the church. A church foundation is as follows: apostle, prophet, pastor, teacher, evangelist; but because the watch has changed and we have entered a bridal season an end-time ministry is as follows: Jesus, apostle, prophet, teacher, evangelist. The pastor position never acknowledged the gifts and order in the house even though it is cleary written in scripture. Therefore, because each pastor never sought the Lord for clear instructions, they have left out an important part of the church which is the foundation to heap coverings among themselves to be elevated their position before God.

To the doubters, we are in the fourth watch which means in the bridal season we are only going to have four foundational gifts, for God is moving through the spirit of his anointing. The pastor position, religion, church, and the people in them are being judged as I type and release this revelation. And the people are just as guilty as the pastors they follow because they fail to acknowledge, confront, and/or fear to ask these people because they think they are anointed. What is the anointing? The anointing is the manifest presence of the Holy Spirit that is released from the throne to help you deal with the past hurts of your life so when you interact with others with similar problems the God-head as a person releases the power to heal and deliver only. Signs, miracles, and wonders are common when you live a holy life unto God. The anointing only comes in a humble vessel and then you are anointed, so many of you are not under the anointing nor are you anointed because you know you and thus many of you have been operating in the flesh being used by religion to lift up a man unto God and not yourself which is what God is requiring in the bridal season. So when you in your human wisdom so-called ‘wreck’ a church, that means that you and your church has no foundation because an anointed vessel never teaches, preaches, and/or prophecies for excitement, but to impart a solid foundation in which it leads you as individuals to God to start building your foundation. Wherever there is a loud wagon therein is the flesh at work, but because many of you haven't touched the hem of the throne you can't see behind the veil for you are looking at a man and not the God behind the supposed to be man of God who should be pointing you toward God and not his flesh.

So the next time you holler ‘preach pastor’ (which means ‘past oracles’) I have the authorization by the Holy Spirit himself for you lifting up a foundation more than the others to let their sins find them out. Which means because they have tried to shut the voice of the prophetic foundation God is going to open his mouth wide through various prophets to reveal the foundation on which their ministry and gifts are built. Which means every time I sit behind the throne where the idol of the pastor is burning I will reveal when God says preach prophet the pastor’s transgression for if he had built it on a solid foundation his sins would have been covered, but since they choose not to they are left out in the open. Every secret call, the threesomes, foursomes, illicit sex, stealing money by hands of your deacons who cover up (because they are stealing too), every sexual encounter in your counseling sessions, every argument with your wife is laid open before God, because you were naked and unashamed while you trust to preach the word out of the book of Good and Evil (and that is what the Bible is called in heaven), for is good for you to study it, memorize it, and teach it. But it is evil if you never accessed the Holy Spirit to reveal it and we who have been sent to dot every i and cross every t as we read from the spirit in the new Book of Life every time we expose a sin God states it will take minutes off your life which will add up to the days you have been preaching the gospel, according to the hours you studied with books and not the Holy Spirit, which means some of your favorite pastors will begin to pass away premature according to the nature of their influence. Which means God is releasing his prophets in faith and any faith-based preacher is on the chopping block for the locusts have been released from the throne and this is nothing personal, this is eternity. The clock has started and Moses has said let my people go!

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