Elijah Warning: Beware of the spirit of mimic

by Dedric Hubbard
November 9, 2010


1. To copy or imitate closely, especially in speech, expression, and gesture; ape.

2. To copy or imitate so as to ridicule; mock: always mimicking the boss. 

3. To resemble closely; simulate: an insect that mimics a twig.

4. To take on the appearance of.


As the Glory begins to slowly tip over its cistern Elijah prophets have to beware of those that carry the spirit of mimic. Although we understand the first part of mimic which means "to imitate" in which 99% of the churches in America preach this gospel where you are supposed to look and sound like your spiritual leaders before you are considered strong in your faith or are allowed to preach the Gospel. This is one door that has allowed the spirit of perversion to enter the church. This is a form of doctrinal deception in which the basic common-sense principals of the Gospel are perverted, for Jesus only told the disciples to follow him in which their purpose was birthed out in following him and yet their personalities, actions, and thought were still intact. This form of the spirit of mimic God is referring to is of a subtle, deceitful, and cowardly nature in which they use the word of God and play on words to criticize, judge, or analyze anything they cannot comprehend, believe and/or have not experienced. Elijah vessels will experience unlimited access to the thrones, revelations, and the heavens of God and as such most have already started to experience this knowing of God in his fullness of measure. The people who operate in this manner of mimic have not being healed in the following areas: rejection, pride, unbelief, doubt, rebellion, deception, and self-esteem. The person that operates in this manner is not to be trusted and/or considered a prophet of God. For any prophet of God, the first thing they are stripped of is self-worth. All these are signs that these people have been operating and released premature and must go back into the caves for healing. Many must understand their assignments and who they are connected with for many will find themselves fighting God's chosen vessel in a time when he is stripping the church of its negative self-worth. And to those who like to quote 1st Chronicles 16:22, this is only valid when a vessel has been tried and proven by God in the 16 titles of God names we find in the Bible and once you have passed those tests you have entered into his light for there are 22 bowls to hold oil in the candlestick and 16 represents the love of God. In which you understand why this verse was placed exactly in the 16th chapter and 22nd verse of Chronicles. You can be anointed when you are getting to know God. You are a prophet when you speak and understand God. Just because you claim to be a prophet, until you know him completely as your Creator, Master, Provider, Banner, Healer, Peace, Righteousness, Sanctifier, Lord of hosts, Present, Most High, Shepherd, Maker, God, Thy God, and My God you are in unprotected status. And to speak against vessels that understand this revelation you have just put the sword around your own neck. We are coming to a season when it does no good to know, repeat, and/or speak scripture against vessels who are moving in the power of the scriptures.

Prophetic Warning: Beware of who you mimic, it just maybe your last time I don't know!

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