Remnant In Bondage
waiting on a release

by Dedric Hubbard
June 15, 2010

I like hand-delivered messages from messengers of the Lord. For one it gives you comfort to know that you are protected and two it always brightens your spirit to know you are still on track. God says we have a hostage situation on earth. The church is holding the remnant and the remnant is holding the power while religion, obedience, mindsets, and tradition have them surrounded or shall we say boxed-in and the leaders that be are pulling the strings. With key phrases such as “if you leave here you are going to miss God,” watch out for those people you are close to, which sometimes maybe true but in my cases if I had been listening to that bull I would have missed my date with destiny. Many are getting confused because they know God is up to something and they hear all these words from their pastors, prophets, friends etc., in so much they cling to the familiar and let go of the unfamiliar. People will have to understand the nature of God and then they will embrace the move of God. We must understand God is a loving God but in this season we must understand how God will show his love. Some are going to have to be rebuked, ridiculed, called out etc., to get their attention that God loves you and the things you are in and doing have to change. In other words stop, look, and listen to what's being said, your time is over, rest and then I will put you back in the war, but to some they have turned a deaf ear and the longer they ignore the deeper he will cut until he loves you enough to let you have whatever that you can't let go. Your ministry, conferences, friends, gossip etc. So what does a loving God do when the ones he wants to warn and see the error of their ways don't respond and keep going? He will call this one an ass. A person who says and does what the Lord asks, but the people that be stick their heels in and fall to their defensive position. They talk about how long they spend in God's presence, how long they been preaching, when they started, how accurate they are, where they went to school, how many degrees etc. When a person resorts to this kind of behavior they are hiding insecurity issues and this is how they puff themselves back up.

Instead of humbling themselves down the remnant is just that, a remnant. Everyone is not going to understand you but you have to make your move. God states that many people are being manipulated spiritually by pastors, prophets, and other leaders for they now have enough information to know that in order to operate as God wants them they would have to lose the total control they now have and accept more accountability. Secrets will be exposed and revealed and all this has to be done because God loves you. The remnant has to understand that if God tells them to do certain things the devil may make you feel like you are out of order, but God is trying to position to bring order because the church has been out of order since the apostle and prophet hasn't been the foundation of the church. If we are going to teach and live by the word we cannot do this by missing two vital ministry gifts. This is how the church has gathered false doctrine and incorrect revelations, because they have refused the voice of the Lord through his prophets. God is looking for individuals that no matter what will move and go as he dictates. Not pray about because we are trained enough we know his voice but we choose to pray to allow the devil time to change our mind then we say God doesn't want me to leave yet. Fear is what is gripping the remnant. Many have never seen a real God-trained prophet that has been birthed out by the spirit of God and not man, so the thought of God-sent apostles is not heard of because most of them have been ordained and sent by men.

The fire falling from heaven upon the remnant is unlimited and unseen meaning many may have no clue how much spiritual authority they have, because you have prophets who have insecurity issues prophesying inaccurate words, half a word, or no word at all with the excuse “God won't me let me release it, you ain't ready for this yet,” which may be true to a point. The remnant must go back to their foundation, their own personal and intimate relationship with God and move according to his directions. Then and only then will the remnant see some of their leaders for who they really are. If the remnant is not in place by the end of this summer many will see the true power of the Elijah anointing God is releasing this season and will witness true end-time prophets birthed out in the spirit of God operating with unlimited spiritual authority and power. All because God's love dictates the world needs to know he is God and will use whom he wills.

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