Season of the No-Names
Is your house in order?

by Dedric Hubbard
April 23, 2011

After this pagan holiday that many have come to recognize because many are clueless to what God is speaking and who he is speaking to in this season by unction of the Holy Spirit, God wants to call those forth who understand the nature in the spirit in which he is operating in this season. He has dedicated the next 3 1/2 years to be the Season of the No-Names as many will begin to explode into a dimension of power, authority, revelation, and kingdom power that will only be compared to Pentecost and yet likened to Azusa Street. The difference is the discipline of Pentecost and the power of Azusa street but the spirit of Elijah that controls these fearless, nameless, faceless prophets that will begin to emerge. Thus likened to locusts they will destroy anything that God says to that has not been approved. Entering into their season there will be deaths of high-profile leaders which will signify they are coming after the heads of the strongmen of religion who teach gospel of circumstances and not the power of the throne. These Elijah prophets will be sure of who they are and what they possess. Their capabilities far exceed their expectations in which many will look at them as the common man but they will possess the power to turn an entire church upside down in conviction, offense, and authority. These are authoritative prophets in which their mission matches their message and their power matches their assignment. They operate in an “all or nothing” mentality which means some will preach holiness and some will preach hell and to find one who preaches both is to see a manifesting son who has the power to speak judgment on those churches that will not submit to the authority of the Bible.

They will force people to move outside their comfort zone to reach their:

Destination - Nehemiah. 1:8

Authorization - Baruch 4:2

Expectation - 3:6

In that these people will begin to make a violent cry as they begin to enter into an hour of repossession where God will use no-name, unknown individuals operating in kingdom authority to take his church back by force using kingdom revelations, understanding, knowledge, power, and authority. Matthew 10:34-39 will be put into place in this season where many will have to make three choices to put them in divine alignment to understand what God purpose is for his life:

God Choice: You will have to leave your father's house (ie. church, religion, state, friends, associates) to get full understanding of who you are in God. In that God will lead you to your connection to help you. All answers are being given outside of religion.

Family Choice: Those who are at the door of destiny God is already speaking to you about leaving a m/w you know is not your soulmate and who is not going to marry you; to leave those who are hindering you, church family is included, and move to the connection of those who operate in the Elijah anointing.

Common Sense Choice: Those who are at the gates and those who are in the door of destiny, you know that man/woman does not know who you are in the Spirit. You know they are putting unnecessary burdens on you to discourage you. God has a whole mass of Elijah prophets sitting in the Spirit watching, knowing, and waiting on you to connect with them in that many have the ability to give you the resources to start an Elijah church as soon as you cut the rings of religion. It's common sense you are different and yet waiting to be approved by people you are anointed to destroy.

Just as God's presence left the temple, God is relocating and putting the presence in his presents. God is already speaking to many of you to move to Atlanta, Georgia so he can present you with his presence as it is the designated city to start the pouring of his Glory out. Why not in the most perverted city in the world, we will use the most powerful people in his care. That's why you want to move to Atlanta; to cut the head off the spirit of perversion. This means there is as I type, a massive mindset of Relocation, Removal, and Redistribution of the Anointing in which many of your leaders are not operating in the spirit but in flesh. There is a harvest of people waiting on the presence of these Elijah prophets and God is waiting by the throne laughing because the world has never really experienced what these prophets will demonstrate: a true prophetic company of servants that are arising with the presence, power, and the purpose of what God intended. And "church" will never be the same again as they begin to build equipping, preaching, teaching, and pastoral companies that will not operate for money but for the harvest of souls. They will make one final sweep to preach the gospel again in the Spirit of which it was written before God comes for those who dare make a fool out of the death of his Son.

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