How to sow and reap in the building of the Bride
no religion involved

by Dedric Hubbard
July 23, 2010

Had an in-depth teaching with the Holy Spirit concerning how to sow and reap into an end-time prophet’s anointing because God is about to unveil his most potent warrior ever in full measure which he called Elijah Unleashed. Anything you conform to, he will also to demonstrate the power and the authority of God in unlimited measure. Now we have been taught by religion to sow where we are going. This is not foundational nor in complete scriptural context because according to the Holy Spirit the precept or insight was off because it was interpreted by flesh and thus it has been ineffective. Today we bring that to an end. In this bridal structure the Holy Spirit says that in order to receive the blessings of God you never sow to think that you are going to go in that person's path or where you are going. Your path is not that person's path, although you may have similar anointings. You never sow to receive a impartation of a person’s anointing or knowledge; this is sowing in coveting spirit, meaning you are trying to purchase anointing when yours is free. Since these were all religious foundational rules, the Holy Spirit has set them afire in the spirit. If you continue in them, you are in sin if you are or want to be a part of the bridal party.

You sow into an end-time prophets life along their foundation, which means their connection is God and their foundation is a prophet. One of their anointings may be in the knowledge of God and one may be in the power of God and then there is the one who holds the office of a prophet which means they have everything the lord has to offer spiritually. They may hold from 1 to now 4 offices in the spirit because the pastor position is not in the end-times bridal structure. What that means is if you through an act of God meet a person that appeals to you, we don't sow into their lives but the ones behind them for them. For example if a prophet meets a prophet and releases a prophetic word, they pray over that word to watch it manifest. The one that received the word then prays for the one who gave it. He connects and sees the destiny of that person in the spirit. That person becomes the spiritual armorbearer for the other because their weakness has been exposed to the one who received the prophetic word and thus he covers that area in prayer and pushes their strength in that area until they have become healed and strengthened. To receive a double portion anointing you sow in the beginning and in the end which means people become connected because of destiny. One follows to a certain point because of the Holy Spirit leading, meaning they meet and the build a foundation between them. If I introduce a friend to a friend who introduces me to a friend, I would sow into the latter to gain my knowledge of God. To sow into an established anointing means you are trying to bypass the process of being stripped for you have just become a respecter of persons in the spirit. You bypass a step on the ladder to get closer to God, meaning you skipped a step. Thus you never come to know who you are because you are simply following a man/woman.

The Bride has to learn to read the spirit language of God's creation. Consider that many prophets have been re-releasing books. If you are a prophet of God you should have read that as "there time is up" because their oil has run out. They now reproduce what they already have produced because God is not speaking through them anymore, and yet we run with money in tow to hear about a move that is "about to happen" but that is already happening. Because you have been controlled by religious spirits so much you can't read what you are a part of, meaning now you sow backwards. To receive knowledge you sow backwards and forward to receive an increase; or you just sow forward to receive power and because power without knowledge of it is short-lived, you end up being more fleshy in your anointing because you sowed for power only and not for both knowledge and power. This means you become unstable and double-minded. That is why when you run to your conferences, revivals, and gatherings you only get limited power and fleshly hype. It is because there is no foundational support or balance and thus you leave monetarily broke and three days later depressed, wondering why you have no spiritual growth despite having bought the cd's and books, and having taken notes. It's because that is not your anointing, it's there's. Find yourself and stop following people. When you are ready for an increase, sow backwards and forward not just one way. That's why the church hasn't moved, because you're sowing everything into a leader that is not moving spiritually.

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