Mountain Of Religion
mountain number 1

by Dedric Hubbard
May 27, 2010

Well, everyone who is on one accord in heaven is prepared for battle. Off to the left God has prepared a ready room. It's for the saint he says that he plans to use but they are not listening. It is in this room if people try to discredit a person, words, experience or fail to heed the sent one’s warning, God will cause you to have a near death experience and according to your posture in him whenever it happens you may or may not come back. It is also a place for those who have entered into bad covenant. If God has shown you the way out and you refuse to go then he will force you out according to the year, day, and time of your disobedience. As I look toward the chair where I was told to sit I can see the souls of the martyred ones. These will judge with death the any who touch the anointed ones in deeds, words, or spirit for they had to die for their cause. And the ones who he is sending have died to give you what you have been receiving. As I sit I notice the Lord has given me a new chair like a director’s chair for my spirit I understood but my flesh will not, for it is at this place the Lord has left a stack of work on my desk in my inbox labeled Come and in the outbox is full already labeled Rejected. It is now my personal Angel walks by with cabinets labeled Assignments, Miracles, Signs and Wonders, Unexpected Expectations. But as I was wondering where God has gone for I witness where the others are God throne is turned backward for the angel said he has gone to find the righteous ones with Michael and Gabriel and the others for God is angry at us for our failure to communicate and understand. As he is on his way to earth to judge for himself as many as he can and give them his blessings or curse firsthand.

Be careful of those in any authority for you may be speaking not to the angel, not to the Holy Spirit, nor Elijah, but to God firsthand. Your mouth and your thoughts will be your first place; quiet them to hear the Spirit of what God wants to say. For I the Lord am among creation once again. Why do you run from my loving power once again? For I am come to show you the way home as I did in earlier days but Adam was afraid when I came in like a cloud and spoke in the midst of the dark. For he hid behind creation in a posture of fear not face to face in the image of a king. He hid from the one who put the words in his mouth. It was not he who spoke to the animals but my spirit within to signify unity in my soul for creation has to answer when we all call it to be. For I am in a city in the southern hemisphere. They pride themselves on their religion and they drink from the cup of wrath that I poured on their shores. Now is there one who will pray like in Sodom’s days and stay the hand of my curse that I will perform? For my curse against you is of humor to me; it signifies the Gospel you preach. For you like pork and seafood to eat, but never want to hear the fresh meat I release. You idolize my Bible and that is God to me but you fail to recognize behind why it speaks. In 3 days I will speak to you from a high place on the ground. It will be quite simple if you are connected to me, if not I will speak from the creation to the seas.

The standard has been raised and as soon as Elijah touched down what he hits I will strike till I destroy the root. Now who are the ones who say they bring my Glory down? Three only who are capable for they have the keys. Which Glory are you referring to? There are four you see. Call for my Glory or speak falsehoods while I am in town and the Glory you call for will make you look like a clown. For you listen to people who are out of line, I speak to the cornerstone and he speaks to the servants and then they release. How dare you say you speak on my behalf and your foundations are weak and your so-called messages are full of hot air as the heat rises in this certain state that is my covering lifting off of you. So which city in the south shall I begin with? The one that failed to protect my friend! Get him out of jail, you have the key. Sanctify my name before the world Christians, let's see what you do. Who will blow the trumpet for one righteous soul? You went other places for the cause you believe with the heathens and such, did I not answer their prayers and their kids are free? So why did we desert our own in his time of need? Did he not teach the Gospel in your midst and you believe? Did he not set some of you free? Did he not speak his faith in front of the news? Did you not make a mockery of my name!!! Are they not laughing at your faith!!! Where is the power that my son left behind!! Free my son!!! Were they not in prayer and there was a knock on the door? For everyone who listened to my son and did not watch and pray I will judge you according to his days times 3 signifying his brothers unjust treatment of failing to watch and pray and also you for making a mockery of my name.

Why are they putting mud on oil you ask? Signifying I have come to bring judgment on the filth that you believe in. Now is there one who would come before the throne with filthy rags and proclaim my name? I thought so. As me and my Angels look and watch the south is where judgment starts. You idolize your religion in the body and I through faith. The spirits that are behind what you do stink in my nostrils and everyone who is associated with it too. We are on the mountain called religion deep in the south. Because your roots and traditions are deep I will swing the sword wide to cut your pride of religion down to size then and only then when your pride of religion is gone, I will build according to the specifications of my heavenly throne. Birmingham you are being judged, Elijah will come soon. I will relax on the Gulf and watch from the bay as I laugh at humans who try to make decisions on judgement day. Be careful of what you hear and say for my spirit covers you today? Now son I have a question for you today. To allow me to speak through you to announce the God news, who will you like for me to reveal to you and judge at my speed? For waiting on me to judge requires patience and you have overcome. But at last it is a surprise for the victory has been won. I will send angels in the church to let you know when it's your time. Be careful if you see them you may not know who I use. Sanctify me Birmingham or......... Selah

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