The Integrity of the Bride
Spirit and Truth

by Dedric Hubbard
June 3, 2010

As I slept God took me back to a dream not vision, of me climbing this mountain. I usually make it to the top but this time it took me awhile because when I stopped to think I made the wrong choice and walked back, but the place that had scared me was the place I saw I needed to be. So I began and made it almost to the top when a baby appeared and said “you don't know who I am” as he kept moving to block me from getting to the top. Once there I remember moving objects out the way and kicking them off the mountain and then the baby pushed me, but I did not fall. The face of God then appeared and where his eyes were there was just darkness and no life and then I awoke and as I sat up in the bed and God begin to speak. Some people are sealing their own fate because they don't know how to pray, what to say, or who to believe. He says before he allows his integrity, his Word, or his remnant to be destroyed, it will be the naysayers, false apostles/prophets, and leaders who will be the ones facing destruction. My advice speaking from my experience with God, if you don't know ask him yourself and base your conclusion on your relationship with God; in other words, work out your own salvation. God says that because so many have been deceived by inadequate revelations, they pray for what they know not. I was in my car driving and the Lord says, "listen to this." We heard the conversation of certain individuals concerning certain things Elijah speaks of and they drew their conclusion based on that. If you ever get there through faith, from God's throne runs the river of life. The revelations in this season are running through the river Hiddikel. Its name for this season in the spirit is: Hidden Mysteries. This river was polluted/tainted by the fallen angel Azazel with horoscopes, makeup, jewelry, and clothing; in other words, he is the decorator for Jezebel. God sent Ezekiel in this area of prophetic ministry because a prophet can never tell you what to do, they only suggest. Because being God's mouthpiece, he will always let you make the choice. This is why Ezekiel dealt in symbolism. He made a fool of himself to show the people their sins.

If you are in the flow of God and he is trying to bring you out of this river, he is doing it through revealing your past so he can heal you for your future. This means you will remember things that you thought you were 'over,' but had covered up the devil’s way rather than God's way. God is bringing them to the forefront to be cleansed in the river Hiddikel where they can stay hidden. Once you are cleansed of these hurts, God reveals to you truths about yourself as well as people behind and in front of you. This river is where God washes his prophets. Most have bypassed this river, but if to be used in the end-times they must come back and stay until the job is finished according to God's eyes. Don't let the devil trick you, this doesn't call for a 21 days fast and praying and all that. It only requires a pen and pad and asking "God why did this happen? Why did I say this? What must I do to make it right? What can I give to them to show my forgiveness? What can I give to show I was wrong? What did I learn? What do I need to learn? Who do I need to go to for help? Can you show me? Lord can they teach me you?" These 10 questions either take you to heaven or hell for they are conversations of the soul, for they give you the revelation of who needs to speak life into you. When you have a relationship with God the right way, he reveals the hidden secrets in this river for now you are light and nothing is hidden from a son of God, so what is the tithe? These are the 10 questions Jesus asked Abram after the battle of the kings, bread and wine. Within Abram's heart he wondered who had helped him and given him the revelation of how to defeat his enemies. He wanted to bless that person and Melchizedek (Jesus) appeared to him and he was taught by the Most High.

The integrity of the Bride is going to be built on two pillars: the Spirit and Truth of Apostle and Prophet. Jesus will set them there and God will cover them for the end-time remnant revelation and anointing is self-contained until the church is in order. Once this takes place, they then cover each other in unity and support and bring every assembly up to their level. No one may be above the other for everyone who is truly submissive to God is humble. No chiefs, masters, daddys, for this is how the devil kingdom is built upon structure and levels. So the three mountains God showed me is the three trials of ministry given by the trinity: Body (which is God's trial for he made you), Mind (for this is the Holy Spirit trial for he guides you), Soul (for this is Jesus trial for he died so that you may live). Now to some, well to most, they didn't know this because it is hidden until --- hold on, no new revelation; you only have access to these details when you get in God's face. The closer a prophet gets to God the more humble he becomes, because he releases more power to them to get the job done. God has us in a season where he has no time for weak sensitive Christians or prideful false prophets. He has a people to bring into destiny and deliverance, without distractions from people who don't understand. For one, he is trying to get you out of bondage so you can be delivered and thus start to help those assigned to you. So I said, “God where did your eyes go?” And God said, “the next person that doesn't understand something and conspires in agreement with someone to pray over someone who you think is wrong but who is right: you will be judged according to your ignorance. For you pray against the vessel but your soul agrees and therefore you are double-minded for you see not your ways. Therefore the prophet you pray with, I will receive their eyes and place them in the lake of fire and when they leave this place they will be joined together.”

Well we gave you a warning yesterday when someone complained about Elijah, now they are complaining about John the Baptist, today Dedric gives you a hint: if you are complaining you aren't dead yet, for there are no complaints in heaven. Meaning that spirit inside of you is uncomfortable because you see yourself for who you really are and you think God doesn't hear your conversations. He just had to find somebody dead enough to tell you THAT IF YOU STOP WHOREING AFTER OTHER GODS YOU WILL SEE THE REAL GOD.

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