Understanding The Judgment of God

by Dedric Hubbard
July 23, 2010

Many people say only God can judge them and this is neither scriptural nor foundational. In order to understand what God means you have to know him in his spiritual nature, foundational nature, his Godly nature, and his nature as a person. You then must know and understand the structure of his heart in each of these natures, for inside these natures are two hearts to each nature, one for the good of man and one for the evil of man and when he judges a person he brings all these natures to the plumbline of each heart and everything good should line up anything evil is judged according to your nature. What Christians fail to understand is the reality that God is real, heaven is real, and anything that a person sees in heaven is real, but what happens is when the one who we think doesn't understand God is the one that he uses to break the mold we judge our relationship with Christ as being greater than that person's and in your spirit you develop the “I” mentality and judge a person's own relationship with God. It's the person who seeks God as an individual the way God tells him and not according to a leader who God shows himself mighty in and through. When you walk with the Lord and your body becomes his temple as stated in your Bibles God dwells within them when he needs to judge the flesh, world, and people. God is a fair God and he picks the vessels that overcame your situations and who walk holy and upright before him. That person becomes the standard for your walk with Christ, whether you want to accept it or not. Because whatever you have been through and that person overcame it if you are not able to overcome it with your holy, judgmental, self-righteous attitude this is because you don't believe, have doubt, or no knowledge of who God really is and thus you are judged according to the person who has the answers, but you still treat them as the person you first met with limited or no respect and thus the devil has you operating in respecter of persons which shows how weak your spiritual walk with God is.

The workings around God's throne is the basis for the plumbline. When normal people begin to tell you the workings behind the throne they are no more human but people who have made it past the heart of God into eternity which means they have raised the standards and it's no longer enough to just seek God's face, you must now also seek what's behind him. But because many have not witnessed or been to the kingdom of God they believe but yet they don't and therein lies why they will never see because they don't totally believe the Joshuas of this end-time generation that there are an entire race of people waiting on this world to end and their eternity to begin. So when a person has a relationship with God according to his standards and his rules that's all that matters because they have now seen what many have been searching for but yet were never able to describe because God saves his best description of his kingdom for last to renew our faith. You can only come to God in two ways as described in the way the bible was written: Greek (great ekklesia - when God calls you out to come in) or Hebrew (when he breaths wisdom to let you know what you are called to be). In between these workings is Jesus who decides whether you see the kingdom in vision and knowledge or one or the other. Meaning some can tell they are behind the throne and some can see it, but when the revelations come together it should paint a portrait in words and sights and you get the big picture of heaven. When the day comes when we all shall see him for who he is and those of us who are already lucky know without a shadow of doubt where we are going. So when a person comes back with the fruit of heaven and we begin to judge the workings of heaven you disqualify yourself from getting an increase with that revelation and thus you actually judge yourself with your attitude. The Spirit of God if dwelling in those vessels then judges you in the flesh, spirit, and soul instantly because there is no distance in the spirit and God knows when you reject a revelation of him and his kingdom you reject him and the person he allowed to release that revelation which means that the love you thought you had, you really have none.

But you have to know God's heart as a person to begin even to comprehend what I am saying. To some if it is to deep, you have no foundation in God. If it's to far to the left or right it means you have no foundation nor structure, but if you stand on what I am saying and look up it gives you a foundation, structure and the ability to want more of God. Thus increasing your faith and feeding your hunger to want to know more, so a pastor, prophet, apostle or anyone on this world can teach me or tell me nothing for I have been through all those phases and it profited me nothing. I owe no man, woman, or child anything for I built my own foundation to heaven and can go before all the heavenly places and learn whatever I need for my spiritual life and fleshly life until I help those who are assigned to me and one thing that we can give that no one else can is a foundation and revelation that God and his kingdom and the people are real and living. So when people have discovered there is a God and he teaches you and equips you outside of your organized religion, it was then that the church became defiled and ruled unfit to carry the weight of the Bride which is nothing more than God's glory in full measure upon each individual to be received of Jesus to himself. I have said it once and I will say it again: any and all prophecy that has been released through a religious structure was not of God for he removed the prophecy gift and spirit and placed it upon his remnant; that is why many of you have gotten huge increases in wisdom, knowledge, and power because it is now your responsibility to teach people the real standards of Christian living. In the bride there are no leaders, all are followers and speak in accordance to the authority and revelation God wants to release in that hour.

So to those who have no relationship with God according to his standards and haven't learned the bible from the Holy Spirit's teachings, you are sadly mistaken if you think a man can't judge you. The man that you think that can't judge you is a man in your eyes but a son of God in God's eyes which means they never have to say anything but the Spirit of God that resides in them is judging everything that you do in the flesh and thus when they speak it's all God's Spirit condemning your flesh right where you stand and for God's sake if you are in a prophetic atmosphere you'd better hope the Holy Spirit doesn't judge you for then when you even think “who is he?” the Holy Spirit will move and your friends will have to carry you out and burn your remains for God doesn't even want you inside his earth and if your friends won't burn you then they will drop dead too and then the prophet will set you afire himself. So people have to realize that God is not playing when it comes to his bride and his prophets so with that said the church is actually in hell because of them allowing worldly traditions to dictate the atmosphere of what use to be God's house, meaning now that some are in the secret place the plumbline and the water has risen to the first heaven which is the throne of the Holy Spirit and any church that wants to be considered a bridal church must have a Elijah prophet to explain the move of the Spirit; an end-time ministry must now be in training to know the workings of heaven by an Elijah prophet. Any individual who wants to know more about the workings of heaven must be taught by an Elijah prophet. Why is this mantle so strong in this season? Because Elijah is a direct descendent of Enoch, and Moses is a direct descendent of Seth. Moses and Elijah were the only ones who had future knowledge of God's plans because their blood remained pure despite their attitudes.

So now where am I sitting while releasing this revelation while hearing it at the same time in the river that flows from the throne for that is where God has moved the table to and we are sitting on the water not walking and there is Jesus, God, Holy Spirit, Elijah, Enoch, Moses, Daniel, Judas, and Me. The table is on the river because God is now officially releasing invitations for the bridal party so you have to catch the Spirit and find the prophet to release your anointing to allow Judas to turn the key to release your blessings. Selah

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