Beholding The Glory of God's Generations
Kingdoms and Kids

by Dedric Hubbard
July 25, 2010

Sitting next to the ruler of the universe in a spot I call “speechless,” whereas behind the throne of judgement you step into a place we know as “eternity” as I sit and look I remember the verse “I don't know whether I am in the body or not,” all I see is God's glory. And for the sake of non-believers if you have never sought the face of God you need to as being obedient to God he points out where he already knows who's not going to make it in the rapture, but will make it in the tribulation as the whole world unfolds in the past, present, and future in this realm of God. As we turn around he says “look that's how I called you.” God's feet are placed on the axis of the world in the spirit of his holiness and then he comes down as the person of his holiness and touches you and alerts you it's time to run the race. He does this all while sitting in a posture of relaxing on the floor. His throne then becomes the mat as he watches you transform into the image of him. Once you accept the call he then sits back on the throne and the place where he left become your place of refuge until you have eaten all the world can feed you. He then stands and brings you up before his throne and deals with you face to face. He then takes your spirit and puts it in a seat and the seat turns each way he turns his throne (this is the wheel within a wheel). He takes the attention off the making of his glory and we turn around and we see the kingdom of his glory as he states this is the future and as I look down I see his feet moving but we are going nowhere. It was then I really understand the meaning of “all things through Christ;” for God to be talking as a person in flesh and looking down I see his spiritual feet turning the earth; I am now 10 times more bold and confident.

He then turns around and we are back in the judgment hall and he sits on his throne and I sit in my chair he explains that for years that people have not understood the Bible in the way it was written and therefore, any revelations obtained or taught through these prideful people are not the mind and will of God and for that reason he is revealing all scriptures in the spirit. Men have built schools of falsehoods and people are elevating themselves up through man's knowledge and are entrapping the people of God with doctrines of devils, for the Bible was not written for flesh but spirit. And with that the Holy Spirit and Jesus walked in they begin to explain the four dimensions in which the Bible was written to make the 12 dimension of the creation of man. They explain the Bible has never contradicted itself, that was man's way of conforming the Bible to explain a revelation they received from a fallen spirit, for if the Bible contradicted itself that means God doesn't understand what he has done. The contradiction was actually a conviction by the Holy Spirit to tell the people they were wrong in their thinking, but instead of yielding they read until they found a scripture to balance it out. The bible is to be read in the volumes and levels it was created. You take one scripture and reason it between 3 spirits with you in mind, meaning it becomes you. Once it becomes you it is then to be read line by line meaning what part did which God head have in creating this scripture? After this you wait on the precept meaning you hear in the spirit for three voices: God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit which will give you instruction and then a revelation. The same way with the New Testament but you start with Jesus, Holy Spirit and then God because you are trying to get back to Eternity's den or ‘Eden’ as the Bible states.

To read and Old and New Testament scripture is only done to bring total deliverance and it has to be taught in the spirit. Also, any Bible book or scripture that is taught has spiritual authority and always brings healing and/or the conviction to be healed if read and interpreted by God's Spirit. With that said, God states that anyone who has conformed to the wisdom of and searched out teachers of religion, theology, and any other school that teaches subjects that has been taught in a cycle, you will not have access to end-time revelations. For to put man's wisdom into the Holy Spirit end-times movement will be tainting the flow of pure anointing that is coming to the remnant and the bridal ministries. If you have partaken of these schools of human wisdom you are to destroy any and all things concerning them by fire and call for repentance of the Holy Spirit. If not it will be considered blasphemy of the Holy Spirit because what you are saying is man is a better teacher than the one who wrote it. We are coming into an apostolic move and all books of magic will have to be burned at the apostles feet. Now you can think that this just a plain revelation and hold on but with a word comes a warning: if you do not repent you will become cursed monetarily for the Holy Spirit has come to proclaim his name as the Master Teacher and he breaths wisdom for you to read the testimony of the spirit of prophecy (10 judgment for not taking heed to a word spoken by his Holy Servants when Holy Spirit truths are revealed.)(Hebrews 10:26 for the unlearned of the spirit).

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