10-10-10 Prophecy Fulfilled
Elijah fires are burning

by Dedric Hubbard
Oct 25, 2010

As was stated in a previous revelation released on yesterday concerning 10 prophecies that will shake a nation, we see God has spoken in the manner he said he would speak when he led me by the Holy Spirit to see today’s event unfold before our very eyes. We see number 2 take effect for many have not realized the church and its spiritual leaders are being judged while they go on preaching a compromised gospel to an unknowing group of sheep. This also speaks of the need of God’s foundational gift to be placed in their position of authority or many will perish for lack of an accurate word of God and move of the spirit. This event also speaks of the 24 hour miracles that Elijah prophets are capable of and no less than 24 hours after releasing the revelation God speaks back to this world for his fury is increasing as the time is nearing. This event speaks to the relationship that true Elijah prophets have with God for they have a mandate and that is soulwinning at all cost. And although we still have those unbelievers this message will be revealed as was stated through numerical interpretation of key hidden messages in today’s event and as such this is for Elijah, remnants, and brides. Each piece of this mishap that God wishes to speak through is defined and then the Holy Spirit speaks to the cause and as a result Elijah fire is burning. 

Judges 2:10 - This scripture will point to the heritage of Elijah prophets for they were trained outside the works of religious ground but yet have knowledge of them. As I have stated before, many will suffer harsh rebukes from Elijah concerning everything they have learned from man and yet have doubts about God's chosen vessels.

 Prophetic completion – God will speak in a natural disaster concerning the severity of the rebuke he wishes the prophets to release. God states he will cause an uncommon disaster in an uncommon season, signifying that the churches foundation has not been grounded in God's established foundation. This disaster will be an earthquake in which once again the Issachar anointing will release the hidden messages of God.

Time 9:42

God states that it is time that his true church move on to perfection and in doing this they have to embrace the fruit of the spirit in its entirety, because the final showdown is about to emerge and before he destroys this world he wishes to release his people from the oppression of religion before his son appears like a thief in the night.

9 - Speaks of the fruit of the spirit, finality, divine completeness of the Lord

42- Speaks of Israel's oppression and the Lord’s Advent

Magnitude - Major 7.7 earthquake

God states that the majority of you have not sought him with your whole heart and you operate in an area of completeness that is foreign to his nature, image, and power. Elijah prophets are symbols of spiritual perfection for many of you are in cycles of sins and the anointing of Elijah has the power to deliver you from sin to salvation in which you will enter a cycle of success to move the kingdom in a major way.

7 speaks of completeness, spiritual perfection

Also added together for 14

14 speaks of deliverance and salvation

Shallow depth - 20.6 and 12.8

Many of you have fallen in shallow waters of revelation which has caused you to operate sin in which you need to be redeemed from the hand of the enemy for your faith has failed and you are relying on borrowed faith in which you look to a man more than you look to God. But nevertheless I the Lord care for you and I send my prophets in full governmental authority to perfect those things that concern me. Although Elijah speech is wicked and their voice is terrible there are those who don’t understand the new birth I have prepared for my end-time harvest. All creation will know that I am God form the Beginning until the End.

20 speaks of redemption

6 speaks of weakness of man

12 speaks of governmental perfection

8 speaks of new birth, creation, beginning

Area – 240 kilometers and 280

This is for my Elijah prophets. There is insufficiency in mine house, many are led astray by religions way. It has caused my power to be shortchanged in a major way and yet they praise my name day after day. My people need equipping and revelations of their future and yet they are reminded of their past by many prophets who have failed my tests and yet they continue to say “thus said the Lord” and prophecy in vain. These are familiar spirits trying to regain fame. As a result I released my mantle upon those who see my face and my anointing goes to those who like to plead my case, for Elijah comes from my very arms as I nurtured these individuals until they were full grown, now they are released in divine order to complete the work of the church. And how do you know that 10-10-10 prophecies are the way in which I the Lord like to speak? Simple, I just ask my son every time he goes to sleep. And to the false prophets who don’t believe I have changed my voices that I wish to speak for me, I the Lord made sure my son noticed the trademark of Elijah’s prophets state of mind. The same fire that I God used atop the Mt. Carmel then is available to the prophets of Elijah now. The next time you think of them as false in revelations, words, and deeds the same fire that I have circling the pastoral foundation to burn if they resist my move I will burn any prophet who dares to deny that I the Lord still speak.

200- Speaks of insufficiency

40 – Speaks of trials, probations, and testing

80- Speaks of salvation times divine order

Location- Indonesia sits on the pacific “ring of fire”

Ring of fire - speaks of the fire of Elijah atop Mt. Carmel

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